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15 August 2006

What to do, what to do

In a surprise move, Monika offered to take Tilda along for a few days when their family went on holiday to the Mornington Peninsula this week. All of a sudden I had to decide what I would do with myself - apart from rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday nights, of course.

Yesterday I went running with George (which I'm feeling today) and filled in some tax forms - woohoo! Today I managed to go into the City. I never go in, except for singing, so I felt like a tourist. It reminded me a lot of spending a day on my own in Toronto or Vancouver when I've visited - pre-Tilda, of course.

I had a hot chocolate at Koko Black, a very well-publicized chocolate 'salon'.

I bought a belt, and amazed the saleswoman by telling her that the belt I was wearing was purchased in 1985. She replied that she had just started walking at that point.

Then I walked over to Crown Casino to see Jindabyne, which was so good that (a) I didn't mind much that we'd all been assigned seats in a tiny clump in the middle of the theatre so that I had people on either side of me and (b) those people kept quiet throughout the movie. I would say that I'm turning into a grumpy old woman about people talking in movie theatres, except that it's usually the old women who are doing all the talking.

I love how Melbourne is lit up at night. And how it's apparently completely deserted!

You're all undoubtedly missing Tilda, so here's a movie of her dancing to Talking Heads in new pyjamas.