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15 September 2006

Big day in the city

Tilda is finally well, and was able to go to kinder this morning for the last session of Term 3. We followed this up with a very big day, doing touristy things in the city with David, who is visiting from Sydney.

We first went for lunch at the Observatory Cafe at the Botanic Gardens, which is in a lovely location even if the cafe inevitably annoys me. David went off to see the Picasso exhibition at the NGV, while Tilda and I went to the Children's Garden. It only got to 18 today, so I thought it would be too cold for Tilda to go in the water at the garden (if they even had it turned on), but it was quite warm in the sun. Fortunately I came prepared with extra clothes just in case.

Tilda had a great time sloshing through the water and playing in the fountains. I took some pictures of the two of us while trying not to press too close to soaking-wet Tilda.

We met up with David and tried to decide what to do next. We considered taking a ferry along the Yarra but the only one we could find would have spent 2 hours taking us to Williamstown and back, which seemed like a big commitment. We decided go to the Observation Deck at the Rialto instead, which at least involved a very brief trip on the Tilda-pleasing City Circle Tram.

Then it was time for an early dinner, and we tried to pick a cuisine that would suit Tilda's persnickety appetite. We ended up at a French bistro, which was an excellent choice, as she filled up on bread and butter, and fries and mayonnaise.


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