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17 September 2006

Down the Mornington Peninsula

Yesterday was David's last full day in Melbourne, and the weather was nice, so we drove down to the Mornington Peninsula. It took 5 years for me to get down there, and now it seems that I never leave.

The Saturday afternoon traffic along Springvale Road meant that Tilda did a lot of "Are we there yet?" on the way, so the first stop was the beach in Rosebud so that she could have some fun.

Here she is leading me along the beach. She managed to find Rob Sitch and his family; I think she was distracted by his kids, so she wasn't paying attention and almost ran over them.

Talking on the shell phone!

After the beach it was time for lunch. We tried to go to the cafe in Sorrento that has a view, but they were already piling the chairs on the tables at 3 PM. We ended up at a cafe along the strip in Sorrento, with a lovely view of a Range Rover. So many cafes in Australia have a view of the parking lot, I ranted.

I felt a bit silly when we went to the Sorrento back beach and noticed the tea room that overlooks the surf. At least we got some ice cream there. Tilda was sad when the last bit of her popsicle fell off, but I placated her by giving her the end of my drumstick.


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