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08 September 2006


We started our umpteenth cold at the beginning of the week. On Wednesday Tilda started showing signs of conjunctivitis, so it was off to the doctor for eye drops. I put them in every 2 hours yesterday, and her eyes look much better today. She'll finally let me put them in properly.

Last night after dinner she started throwing up, which continued overnight and is still going strong. She was throwing up about every half hour during the night, and more after we got up. She just managed to have a nap for 2 hours, so I hoped that it was all done, but it wasn't.

The first couple episodes were horrific, but she soon got the hang of it, and learned to throw up neatly into a bucket and then go back to sleep. She's a very grown-up girl!

She just asked for some of the lime jello that we made last night before all this started. That should be vibrant on the way out.

I'm washing my hands a lot.