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08 October 2006


Yvonne has started a new job in Brisbane, so Tilda and I went up for 2 weeks to help them get settled, and to look after Phoebe and Estella 3 days a week until Yvonne found a nanny.

My nannying days went quite smoothly; Tilda and Phoebe got along very well (usually!), and Estella was happy to follow them around.

I got Estella to nap once or twice each day. On this occasion she fell asleep on the floor while I sang to her from the shower I was having.

We spent a lot of time at New Farm playground, which was just a few blocks away. It's a great playground, built amongst huge Moreton Bay Fig trees. I spent my time trailing after Estella (who is 16 months old), and hoped that Tilda and Phoebe could take care of themselves. I did hear Tilda ask a much older boy, who had rudely hopped onto a piece of equipment that she had just got on, to please get off because she was having a turn. He did.

Tilda also got a chance to perfect her pole twirling manoeuvre.

When Yvonne was home, or when Estella was asleep, Tilda and Phoebe could swim in the pool directly across from Yvonne's unit. Tilda spent her time floating around, while Phoebe usually splashed water onto the edge (to kill the ants!) or dug in the gardens around the pool (she had very little faith in her floaties.) Estella would have been doing cannonballs into the water at the first oppportunity.

We also got to see Jon and Linda, as well as James (who's 4) and Lewis (who's 9 months.) Tilda and James played together immediately because they firmly believed themselves to be good friends, even if they couldn't remember much of seeing each other last year.

We did a bit of sightseeing - we had a few trips on the CityCat (the catamaran ferry that runs at great speed along the Brisbane river), and we went to the "pretend" beach at Southbank, where amongst other activities Tilda sang to herself and protected her food from the cheeky ibises.

We drove to the beach at Redcliffe on Friday. It was incredibly windy and we didn't feel much like getting into the ocean, but adjacent to the beach was another beach-like pool that just had to be tried out. Tilda had great fun walking in until it was too deep and then swimming towards the even deeper part, as I fretted on the side.

Then it was time to come back to Melbourne, and Phoebe gave Tilda a loving hug.


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