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30 August 2006

Monika's photos, and a good review

Here are some of Monika's photos from the Mornington Peninsula trip:
The Shining, anyone?At Boneo Maze
At the Rye back beach
And our Saturday concert was reviewed in The Age today:
Mendelssohn's The First Walpurgis Night is a curiosity; the composer adapted his all-too-civilized genius to depicting Druidic spring-celebratory rites. The mind that created Elijah and St. Paul produced a tidy, elegantly colourful half-hour setting of Goethe's poem, and on Saturday it was handsomely accomplished by a string-light Melbourne Symphony Orchestra supporting soloists Deborah Humble, Andrew Brunsdon and Andrew Collis, but chief credit went to the Melbourne Chorale who sang with full-bodied gentility, the male lines particularly resonant and responsive to Oleg Caetani's efficient direction.

24 August 2006

Thursday at Robert Blackwood Hall

Tonight we had our general rehearsal for the Walpurgisnacht concert, at RBH at Monash. We do a performance at Monash tomorrow night, then at Hamer Hall on Saturday. The back-row altos of the Melbourne Chorale - Aleksandra, Siobhan, me, Nicole, and Catherine. We were all very pleased about the rehearsal ending at 9.

23 August 2006

The artist at work

She's started drawing water bottles with Sigg lids on them.

Dinosaurs are new - and they're very friendly-looking dinosaurs.

These pictures are from a story about a wedding.

"Everyone had to pay dollars for that. Everyone does at weddings, because weddings cost money."

21 August 2006

All stock must go!

At playgroup today. Going clockwise, it's Tilda, Oscar, Elena, Xavier, and Ishika. (Phoebe, Estella, and Harriet were missing, presumed sick.)

19 August 2006

Vegetarianism II

Tilda: Meat comes from animals, and they get the meat and they bring it to the shop so that people can buy it.
Me: And they have to kill the animals to get the meat ...
Tilda: Yep, so there's a nice little hole to get the meat out.

18 August 2006


While watching Bambi lose his mother to the hunters ...

Tilda: I'm never going to eat an animal!
Me: What do you think meat is?
Tilda: Yummy?

Picking up Tilda, and Snow White's unfortunate accident

I drove down to the Mornington Peninsula yesterday to pick up Tilda. I met up with them at the Arthur's Seat maze, which had a tiny petting zoo (one sheep, two ducks, and one goat, which tried to eat my jacket.) Tilda was very happy to see me and said that she'd missed me, but she and Elena had a great time together during their little holiday.

We were going to go for lunch at a winery near Red Hill, but decided their menu was a bit fancy given that Tilda was due for a post-reunion tantrum. (That didn't actually happen, but we did get a lot of baby talk.) So we drove to Monika and Maurice's favourite cafe in Flinders, and then to a playground in Sorrento, and back to the holiday house in Rye. And then Tilda and I drove home.

George turned 2 yesterday (his actual birthday is unknown, but it's around now, and August 17 was Oscar's birthday so it's easy for me to remember.) Today he celebrated by de-limbing Tilda's Snow White Barbie, which is the sort of thing he hasn't done for about a year. Tilda was quite upset, and I promised her we'd go get her a new Barbie after kinder. At Kmart she picked out a Barbie in a gorgeous long dress, despite my repeated requests for her to consider the younger, squatter Kelly doll.

Then she noticed the dressups. I told her she could choose between a Barbie or a dressup for herself, and she reasoned that her friend Ishika has lots of Barbies that she can play with when she visits. She ended up with a Sleeping Beauty dress.

15 August 2006

What to do, what to do

In a surprise move, Monika offered to take Tilda along for a few days when their family went on holiday to the Mornington Peninsula this week. All of a sudden I had to decide what I would do with myself - apart from rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday nights, of course.

Yesterday I went running with George (which I'm feeling today) and filled in some tax forms - woohoo! Today I managed to go into the City. I never go in, except for singing, so I felt like a tourist. It reminded me a lot of spending a day on my own in Toronto or Vancouver when I've visited - pre-Tilda, of course.

I had a hot chocolate at Koko Black, a very well-publicized chocolate 'salon'.

I bought a belt, and amazed the saleswoman by telling her that the belt I was wearing was purchased in 1985. She replied that she had just started walking at that point.

Then I walked over to Crown Casino to see Jindabyne, which was so good that (a) I didn't mind much that we'd all been assigned seats in a tiny clump in the middle of the theatre so that I had people on either side of me and (b) those people kept quiet throughout the movie. I would say that I'm turning into a grumpy old woman about people talking in movie theatres, except that it's usually the old women who are doing all the talking.

I love how Melbourne is lit up at night. And how it's apparently completely deserted!

You're all undoubtedly missing Tilda, so here's a movie of her dancing to Talking Heads in new pyjamas.

12 August 2006

Letter to Santa

11 August 2006

Princess Story Number 3 Book

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a kingdom.

In the kingdom, there was princesses but they were not there - they were somewhere else. Here was their bunk bed. Three princesses - one named Snow White, one named Cinderella, one named Sleeping Beauty.

And they had a couch that looked just like my couch.

And then, there was a little girl that was the princess' friend and her name was Sarah and she loved her toy boat. She loved the thing that she made for a river.

Here was one of their beds. This was Snow White's bed.

And here were the princesses, alone in their room.

Every day they went to the bathroom to brush their teeth with their favourite princess toothbrushes and toothpaste.

That was the end of the story I made. They went back to their castle to do other things, like me.

08 August 2006


It was a warm, windy day today, so I promised Tilda that we would go fly a kite. She got a kite for Christmas 2004 which her lazy parents had never actually taken her to use; of course, when I went to look for it, I couldn't find it anywhere. Either it was purged during the move, or I'll find it later.

We went to the toy store and had the choice between kites that cost $7.20 and $31 - I picked the $7.20 one. I had forgotten how hard it is to fly a kite that only has one string.

(I know that you can hardly see the kite in the movie, but you can at least see that the string goes up ... for a while.)

My other extravagance today was buying a banana for Tilda as a special treat. (Bananas have been expensive here since Cyclone Larry wiped out the banana crops, and Australia refuses to import them.) I think this is the first banana I've bought since prices went to about $12/kg, but Tilda enjoyed her $1.83 delight.

07 August 2006

Mixed feelings about the diving board

Tilda slept with her stuffed koala last night, and then this morning decided that the koala needed a gum tree. So she made one before heading off to school.

She got to jump off the diving board at her swimming lesson today. Once was enough, though. "Actually, no."

05 August 2006

What's the opposite of a polka-dot jersey?

I decided to go for a bike ride today, which I haven't done in ... I don't actually remember how long. I put Tilda in the child seat and we set off along the bike path, which is generally quite flat. Not flat enough for me, though, as I really suffered every time I had to go up a hill. I'll use the fact that I had a 4 year-old on the back of the bike as my excuse.

By the time I had to stop for my first rest, we were close enough to Hays Paddock that I stubbornly insisted on going all the way there, even though I had to go over an actual hill. Tilda couldn't play there very long because I worried about my ability to get us home before the sun set. Or at all.

But we made it back, 17 km and an hour of cycling later. I couldn't take the last tiny hill from the bike path up to our street, so Tilda had to get off and walk.

04 August 2006


Elena is sleeping over tonight. They're in bed now and I'm hoping that they'll fall asleep earlier than they did the last time Elena was here, when they fell asleep at 11 and still woke up at 7. They're both very tired, so they shouldn't last long, but I've already had to go in there twice ... make that 3 times ... Update: it's 9:25 and, after getting out of bed at 9 so that I could serve them toast and stony silence, they've just fallen asleep. In my bed.