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08 October 2006


Yvonne has started a new job in Brisbane, so Tilda and I went up for 2 weeks to help them get settled, and to look after Phoebe and Estella 3 days a week until Yvonne found a nanny.

My nannying days went quite smoothly; Tilda and Phoebe got along very well (usually!), and Estella was happy to follow them around.

I got Estella to nap once or twice each day. On this occasion she fell asleep on the floor while I sang to her from the shower I was having.

We spent a lot of time at New Farm playground, which was just a few blocks away. It's a great playground, built amongst huge Moreton Bay Fig trees. I spent my time trailing after Estella (who is 16 months old), and hoped that Tilda and Phoebe could take care of themselves. I did hear Tilda ask a much older boy, who had rudely hopped onto a piece of equipment that she had just got on, to please get off because she was having a turn. He did.

Tilda also got a chance to perfect her pole twirling manoeuvre.

When Yvonne was home, or when Estella was asleep, Tilda and Phoebe could swim in the pool directly across from Yvonne's unit. Tilda spent her time floating around, while Phoebe usually splashed water onto the edge (to kill the ants!) or dug in the gardens around the pool (she had very little faith in her floaties.) Estella would have been doing cannonballs into the water at the first oppportunity.

We also got to see Jon and Linda, as well as James (who's 4) and Lewis (who's 9 months.) Tilda and James played together immediately because they firmly believed themselves to be good friends, even if they couldn't remember much of seeing each other last year.

We did a bit of sightseeing - we had a few trips on the CityCat (the catamaran ferry that runs at great speed along the Brisbane river), and we went to the "pretend" beach at Southbank, where amongst other activities Tilda sang to herself and protected her food from the cheeky ibises.

We drove to the beach at Redcliffe on Friday. It was incredibly windy and we didn't feel much like getting into the ocean, but adjacent to the beach was another beach-like pool that just had to be tried out. Tilda had great fun walking in until it was too deep and then swimming towards the even deeper part, as I fretted on the side.

Then it was time to come back to Melbourne, and Phoebe gave Tilda a loving hug.

06 October 2006

Fun with Apple software

I wish I had PhotoBooth on my computer.

05 October 2006

Greetings from Brisbane!

We're in Brisbane for 2 more days, but I thought I'd post a quick picture now. Tilda has spent a lot of time in this pool (which is over her head, hence the floaties); Yvonne's unit is the one in the background.

21 September 2006


Some of the photos that Maurice took when Tilda went to the Mornington Peninsula with Elena.

17 September 2006

David's pictures

Down the Mornington Peninsula

Yesterday was David's last full day in Melbourne, and the weather was nice, so we drove down to the Mornington Peninsula. It took 5 years for me to get down there, and now it seems that I never leave.

The Saturday afternoon traffic along Springvale Road meant that Tilda did a lot of "Are we there yet?" on the way, so the first stop was the beach in Rosebud so that she could have some fun.

Here she is leading me along the beach. She managed to find Rob Sitch and his family; I think she was distracted by his kids, so she wasn't paying attention and almost ran over them.

Talking on the shell phone!

After the beach it was time for lunch. We tried to go to the cafe in Sorrento that has a view, but they were already piling the chairs on the tables at 3 PM. We ended up at a cafe along the strip in Sorrento, with a lovely view of a Range Rover. So many cafes in Australia have a view of the parking lot, I ranted.

I felt a bit silly when we went to the Sorrento back beach and noticed the tea room that overlooks the surf. At least we got some ice cream there. Tilda was sad when the last bit of her popsicle fell off, but I placated her by giving her the end of my drumstick.

15 September 2006

Big day in the city

Tilda is finally well, and was able to go to kinder this morning for the last session of Term 3. We followed this up with a very big day, doing touristy things in the city with David, who is visiting from Sydney.

We first went for lunch at the Observatory Cafe at the Botanic Gardens, which is in a lovely location even if the cafe inevitably annoys me. David went off to see the Picasso exhibition at the NGV, while Tilda and I went to the Children's Garden. It only got to 18 today, so I thought it would be too cold for Tilda to go in the water at the garden (if they even had it turned on), but it was quite warm in the sun. Fortunately I came prepared with extra clothes just in case.

Tilda had a great time sloshing through the water and playing in the fountains. I took some pictures of the two of us while trying not to press too close to soaking-wet Tilda.

We met up with David and tried to decide what to do next. We considered taking a ferry along the Yarra but the only one we could find would have spent 2 hours taking us to Williamstown and back, which seemed like a big commitment. We decided go to the Observation Deck at the Rialto instead, which at least involved a very brief trip on the Tilda-pleasing City Circle Tram.

Then it was time for an early dinner, and we tried to pick a cuisine that would suit Tilda's persnickety appetite. We ended up at a French bistro, which was an excellent choice, as she filled up on bread and butter, and fries and mayonnaise.