The band in the country is a nice place to be
it's all of the things that look to me
and everything that's different is a place for them
everyone that goes to the [stay mose] of them
and all the things are all the trumpoes
that's what the music sings
and all their voices are a lot different
even people that is nice to them
even people
even animals have different voices
different animals like all the animals in the zoo and at a farm
and animals like pigs do oink oink
and all other ones like (horses)
giddyup like everyone, everyone today
and all they get
all the night
all the mice have a squeaky sound like this squeak squeak
or any animals in the zoo that has teeth can bite
but not ones that don't
every time they bite then you should leave them alone
let they alone
let they settle down in the bone
bone bone
bone tonight
that's half of the song tonight
every song you sing is different every day
because if you forget a song that would be sad
you wouldn't know the song any more
so you have to choose a different song
and remember what that's like
and every song you love to do
is a nice one that [this a boo]
that's the same noise but i don't know what noise
and if you count all the candles on the cake
that will be a bit funner
than making music or playing trumpo
when you're sad or if you're lonely
that's a funny song
a very funny song
a very funny song that i do
at the concert bong
at the concert bong