Improved monkey bar skills at Wattle Park

Little monkey

Swimming, floating, and doing backwards somersaults in the water!

Composing at the keyboard, using a few Hi-5 tunes but her own interesting words   (lyrics)

Singing along to Hi-5 with her toothbrush microphone

Tilda and Phoebe dance while waiting for the carousel at the zoo

Tilda swims - one breath at a time

Tilda and Brad in the pool

Tilda tries a dance class

Tilda has learned to do a somersault

Tilda tells a story in the sandpit

Tilda and Elena do cartwheels in a dung-filled paddock

Tilda and Elena compose show tunes

Tilda rides her bike again

Tilda goes through her songbook

Tilda discusses peanut butter and being sick

Learning songs from the computer

Tilda and George play a game involving a broom

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