VJK has over 25 years experience in the music industry, DJ'ing and VJ'ing for some of Australia's premier nights and venues. He started his career playing pop dance music and now he has come through the ranks, his musical direction maturing to house and commercial dance music. VJK's style incorporates upfront, uplifting house music with soul and feel-good baselines.

He smoothly blends old and new music to create a modern twist on the dance floor, pleasing the old and new school eras simultaneously. VJK's current roster includes Dave Aude, Stonebridge, Moto Blanco, Freemasons, Cahill and heaps more, and he's always on the hunt for torch songs made new. His professionalism and lighting smarts behind the decks add value to the already exceptional DJ'ing skills he has honed.

In addition to his VJ credentials, VJK also has a passion for lighting and sound as a "Hobby", keeping himself busy innovating new and creative ways to bring a new twist to the fine art of music..



Check out the Mixcloud feed for latest mixes. These are rare presentations, usually every six months or so.

VJK has officially retired from the big club world, leaving the heavy  lifting of lights, lasers, laptops and the associated controllers behind. VJK started using desktop computers way back in 2000. A box with a handle attached, a screen and lots of crap to carry to gigs. This is also the beginning of the VJK music library. (Now 20 years in the making)

Back in 2000 a computer could barely play one track at a time, letalone play two at once, and be adjusted into a mixing environment. Today many DJs use laptops and controllers, but we looked ahead!! Mobile phones are now powerful devices, some with tonnes of storage space for music libraries and fully digital.

VJK now works with a software developer to build the first "phone based" DJ system. Compact, and with the help of a Mixfader, everything fits in the size of a headphone bag, all 6,000 tracks dating back to 1950!

Check out our two latest mixes. No errors fixed, we're bringing it to you bugs and all!! Click the Mixcloud text to the right, and have a listen.


(Excuse the mess!)


VJK Quick Stats

Name: Kym
Age: 46
Sex: Male
Style: Dance/House/Retro







The Mars Bar

Fowlers Live

Enigma Bar

Switch Adelaide

The Pearl Nightclub

Producers Bar

Top Of The Ark, Arkaba

The Queens Theatre

The Xchange Melbourne



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