Mitch is my fifth laser, full RGB at 3.4 watts with a beautiful pure white. Wireless control and full SD card support so can also project logos or shows programmed to the SD card.
Wireless remote controlled on 2.4ghz link with a 433mhz emergency kill. Mitch is the brother to Faith.

600MW 532NM (Green) Diode
1000MW 650NM (Red) Diode
1500MW 450NM (Blue) Diode
40KPPS Galvos
Wireless DMX control (2.4ghz)
Safety Remote Kill (433mhz)



Luxi WiFi 1.4w Blue Laser
Faith WiFi 3.2w RGB Laser
Mitch WiFi 3.4w RGB Laser
DOC WiFi 1500w Strobe
A-Chu WiFi Club Fogger
Lily WiFi 469 LED RGB Mega-Moon
Spike WiFi LED RGBW Wheels
Moses WiFi LED RGBW Helicopter

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