Welcome to my website, I'm Kym. I've built up a small collection of lasers & unique lights, built with a very small budget, over a lot of time, with a lot of profanities!
You'll note all my "kids" have names, this is because, well don't yours have names too?
My lights are probably the best maintained and babied lights in Australia. They are all controlled by a completely wireless controller. A custom modified Chauvet Obey 70 (The Chief). Data via a solid digital 2.4ghz link that will cover up to 400 meters and powered by a lithium battery pack that will run for over 8 hours on a charge! I love to get out on the dancefloor with the punters and interact, maybe ask their favourite colour, that magically and instantly appears on whatever light they choose.

I have a stand that can fit up to four lights on it, or existing rigging can be used. Everything is very fast to set up and pull out due to no data cabling to do, just plug things in and we're off!
For safety reasons, all three lasers are only supplied with an operator, included in the price.

I also have VJ (Video Jockey) gear of my own with around 15,000 tracks on file, ranging from 1960's to 2018, Urban, to House to Dance. A great controller, a DN-HC4500 that includes 24 bit audio, and a Behringer DDM-4000 digital mixer, just add speakers to suit your venue! I've been DJing in clubs since 1992 & working in radio since 1989. To answer your next question.... Yes I can DJ, and run my lights at the same time!



Luxi WiFi 1.4w Blue Laser
Faith WiFi 3.2w RGB Laser
Mitch WiFi 3.4w RGB Laser
DOC WiFi 1500w Strobe
A-Chu WiFi Club Fogger
Lily WiFi 469 LED RGB Mega-Moon
Spike WiFi LED RGBW Wheels
Moses WiFi LED RGBW Helicopter


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