Welcome to the quickly made, functional web space for Fiona and Tristan.

On the 30th of December, Tristan and Fiona tied the knot. Slowly as photos are developed they are being placed here. Please check this website regularly as for the next few weeks more will be added regularly.

If you would like to add some pictures, wedding or others,or would like to add a link, please feel free to email.

Tristan and Fiona

Getting Ready Slideshow Getting Ready Photo's
Before Ceremony Slideshow Before Ceremony Photo's
During Ceremony Slideshow Ceremony Photo's
After Ceremony Slideshow After Ceremony Photo's
On The Boat Slideshow On The Boat Photo's
Reception Slideshow Reception Photo's
Official photos (Richard Alaba) Claddagh
Thankyou's Businesses we used
New additions Wedding album

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