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Download version 1.1.1 now - It's Free.

Procreate is a protein visualisation tool that is written using the .NET Framework.  It aims to provide a powerful, extensible environment in which users can easily customise the program to view the data exactly how they want.  Some of the features include:
  • Highly optimised 3D rendering engine using DirectX
  • Suite of display modes including space fill, ball & stick, sticks, cartoon, wireframe, backbone and more
  • Suite of colouring modes including element, group, structure, ordinal, chain, electrostatic and more
  • Suite of post-process effects to alter the appearance of the scene such as depth of field, depth visualisation and more
  • Suite of overlays to display extra details such as hydrogen bonds between residues, label entities and more
  • Ability to combine display modes for individual atoms/bonds in the protein
  • Processing framework to modify the protein's structure such as the ability to add hydrogen atoms automatically and more
  • Powerful API for writing extensions
  • Completely FREE!
Check out the screenshots section for a look at some of these features in action, or head to the download section and try it now!

Please take the time to submit feedback, bugs and especially feature requests to the author via email

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