Some distributors that might prove to be good sources of arcade PCBs include:

   50th State Coin Op (Hawaii, USA)
   All Tech Vending (New York, USA, very small inventory)
   Arcade Heaven (UK -- no, not *that* Arcade [ROM]Heaven...)
   Arcade Warehouse (W. Yorks, UK)
   Arcadeconnection (UK, historically infrequent site updates)
   Coin Op Express (in Hong Kong. Huge inventory)
   Cosmic Amusement Machine Co. (Hong Kong -- these guys are great!)
   Datamat (Spain, site is in Spanish, small inventory)
   Eldorado (California, USA -- see Note 1 below)
   Fillmore Games (Japan, site is in English and they're willing to export, small inventory though)
   Great Western Trading (USA, good inventory, take PayPal)
   Grupo CreIdeas (Spain, site is in Spanish, small inventory)
   Highway Entertainment (Australia)
   M. D. Game Sales (USA)
   Raven Games (London, UK, small inventory)
   Swallow Amusement Machines (UK, small inventory)
   Tovar Amusements (Spain, site is in Spanish)
   Video Connection (California, USA)
   Videotronics (Manchester, UK; inventory list on their site tends to get outdated, ask them for the current one)
   VSA (Switzerland -- Web site requires a recent version of Macromedia Flash to view)

     Unsurprisingly, the Japanese PCB shops are often the best places to find Japanese games. Unfortunately, most of these shops don't(a) post inventories in English, (b) take credit cards, or (c) ship overseas. (This is why our Japanese contact is invaluable.) So unless you read Japanese and/or live in Japan, these might not be all that helpful for you:

   Game Shop Sangokushi
   Kansai Denshi
   Kanaya Syoukai, no email, phone (011) (81) 6-6395-0272, fax (011) (81) 6-6395-0243
   Mak Japan
   Milky Way
   PCB Kyouwakoku
   Sun Company
   Tessin Create