Bally Midway (1988-1999)
Game Name Year Roms Manual VPM Table
Ramp Warrior 1988-06    
Truck Stop 1988-12 Y
Atlantis 1989-04 Y
Transporter 1989-04 Y
Elvira and the Party Monsters 1989-10 Y
Mousin' Around 1989-12 Y
Game Show 1990-04 Y
Pool Sharks 1990-06 Y

Radical 1990-09 Y

Dr. Dude 1990-11 Y
Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball 1991-01 Y
Harley-Davidson 1991-02 Y
Gilligan's Island 1991-05 Y
Party Zone 1991-08 Y
The Addams Family 1992-03 Y
Black Rose 1992-07 Y
Doctor Who 1992-09 Y
Creature from the Black Lagoon 1992-12 Y
Twilight Zone 1993-04 Y
Judge Dredd 1993-09 Y
Popeye Saves the Earth 1994-02 Y
World Cup Soccer 1994-02 Y
Corvette 1994-08 Y
The Addams Family Special Collectors Edition 1994-10 Y
The Shadow 1994-11 Y
Theatre of Magic 1995-03 Y
Indianapolis 500 1995-06 Y
Who Dunnit 1995-09 Y  
Attack from Mars 1995-12 Y
Safe Cracker 1996-03 Y
Scared Stiff 1996-09 Y
NBA Fastbreak 1997-03 Y
Cirqus Voltaire 1997-10 Y
The Champion Pub 1998-04 Y
Cactus Canyon 1998-10 Y  
Revenge From Mars 1999-01 Y


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