System 1 (1977 - 1980)

Game Name Year Roms Manual VP Table
Cleopatra 1977 Y
Sinbad 1978 Y
Joker Poker 1978 Y
Close Encounters 1978 Y
Dragon 1978 Y
Charlie's Angels 1978 Y
Solar Ride 1979 Y
Count Down 1979  Y

Pinball Pool 1979  Y

Incredible Hulk 1979 Y
Totem 1979  Y
Genie 1979  Y
Buck Rogers 1980 Y
Roller Disco 1980 Y
Asteroid Annie 1980 Y
Torch 1980 Y
Service Manual 2nd Edition 1978 N/A N/A

System 80 (1980 - 1982)
Game Name Year Roms Manual VPM Table
The Amazing Spiderman 1980 Y
Circus 1980 Y
Panthera 1980 Y
Counterforce 1980 Y
James Bond 1980 Y
Star Race 1980 Y
Time Line 1980 Y
Force II 1981 Y
Mars God of War 1981 Y
Pink Panther 1981 Y
Volcano 1981 Y
Black Hole 1981 Y
Eclipse 1982 Y
Haunted House 1982 Y
System 80 Service Manual 1980 N/A N/A
System 80 Bench Test Fixture Procedures   N/A N/A


System 80a (1982 - 1985)
Game Name Year Roms Manual VPM Table
Devils Dare 1982 Y
Caveman 1982 Y
Rocky 1982 Y
Spirit 1982 Y
Striker 1982 Y
Punk 1982 Y Got It!
Goin' Nuts 1983 Y Got It!
Krull 1983 Y Some Pages
Q*Bert's Quest 1983 Y
Super Orbit 1983 Y
Royal Flush Deluxe 1983 Y Got it!
Amazon Hunt 1983 Y Got it!
Rack 'Em Up 1983 Y Got It!
Ready...Aim...Fire! 1983 Y Got It!
Jacks To Open 1984 Y Got it!
Alien Star 1984 Y
The Games 1984 Y
Touchdown 1984 Y Got It!
El Dorado 1984 Y Got it!
Ice Fever 1985 Y Got It!

System 80b (1985 - 1989)
Game Name Year Roms Manual VPM Table
Chicago Cubs Triple Play 1985 Y Got It!
Bounty Hunter 1985 Y Got It!
Tag-Team Pinball 1985 Y Got It!
Rock 1985 Y Got It!
Raven 1986 Y
Rock Encore 1986   Got it!  
Hollywood Heat 1986 Y
Genesis 1986 Y Got It!
Gold Wings 1986 Y
Monte Carlo (1) 1987 Y
Spring Break 1987 Y
Amazon Hunt II 1987   Got It!  
Arena 1987 Y Got it!
Victory 1987 Y
Diamond Lady 1988 Y Got It!
TX-Sector 1988 Y
Amazon Hunt III (kit) 1988    
Robo-War 1988 Y Got it!
Bad Girls 1988 Y
Excalibur 1988 Y Got it!
Big House 1989 Y Got It!
Hot Shots 1989 Y Got it!
Bone Busters Inc. 1989 Y
Night Moves 1989  
(1) German manual AND English manual are available.

System 3 (1989 - 1996)
Game Name Year Roms Manual VPM Table
Lights, Camera, Action 1989 Y
Silver Slugger 1990 Y
Vegas 1990 Y Got it!
Deadly Weapon 1990 Y
Title Fight 1990 Y Got it!
Bell Ringer/Nudge It 1990 Y Got It!
Car Hop 1991 Y Got it!
Hoops 1991 Got it!
Cactus Jack's 1991 Y
Class of 1812 1991 Y
Surf'n Safari 1991 Y
Operation: Thunder 1992 Y Got it!
Super Mario Bros. 1992 Y
Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World 1992 Y Got It!
Cue Ball Wizard 1992 Y
Streetfighter II 1993 Y
Tee'd Off 1993 Y
Wipe Out 1993 Y
Gladiators 1993 Y
World Challenge Soccer 1994 Y Got It!
Rescue 911 1994 Y
Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street 1994 Y Got It!
Shaq Attaq 1995 Y
Stargate 1995 Y
Big Hurt 1995 Y
Strikes 'N Spares 1995 Y Got It!
Waterworld 1995 Y
Mario Andretti 1995 Y
Barb Wire 1996 Y Got it!
Brooks & Dunn 1996 Game ROM only  


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