Stern (1999-present)
Game Name Year Roms Manual VPM Table
Harley-Davidson 1999  
Striker Xtreme 2000-01  
Sharkey's Shootout 2000-09  
High Roller Casino 2001-01  
Austin Powers 2001-06  
Monopoly 2001-09  
NFL 2001-11  
Playboy 2002-01  

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2002-08  

Harley-Davidson (2nd Edition) 2002-11  
The Simpsons Pinball Party 2003-02  
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2003-06  
The Lord of the Rings 2003-12  
Ripley's Believe It or Not 2004-03    
Elvis 2004-08  
Grandprix 2005    
The Sopranos 2005-02    
Nascar 2005-08    
World Poker Tour 2006-02    
Pirates of the Caribbean 2006-02    
Black Spider-Man 2007    
Dale Jr 2007    
Family Guy 2007    
Spider-Man 2007-06    
Wheel Of Fortune 2007-10    
Good Morning America 2007-12    
Shrek 2008    
Indiana Jones 2008-04    
Batman 2008-07    
CSI 2008-11    
NBA 2009    
24 2009-02    
Lord Of The Rings LE 2009-12    
Iron Man 2010    
Big Buck Hunter Pro 2010-01    
Avatar 2010-08    
Avatar LE 2010-12    
Tron Legacy 2011    
The Rolling Stones 2011    
Transformers Pro 2011    
Transformers LE 2011    
ACDC Pro 2012    
Metallica 2012    
The Avengers LE 2012    
The Avengers Pro 2012    
The Avengers Hulk 2012    
ACDC Premium 2012-03    
ACDC Back In Black 2012-03    
ACDC Let There Be Rock 2012-03    
X-Men LE 2012-06    
X-Men Pro 2012-08    
Metallica Premium 2013    
Metallica Pro 2013    
Star Trek Enterprise LE 2013    
Star Trek Starfleet Pro 2013    
Harley Davidson 3rd Edition 2013    


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    I will NOT spend several hours scanning a manual for you for nothing. Low-lifes and tight-arses expecting everything for free should go elsewhere (i.e. Daniel Borg)
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7. Many manuals are re-scanned by me, so they are not the usual poor quality or incomplete crap generally found around the net, though some are still incomplete
    because I don't have them to re-scan.
8. If you would like to donate a pinball manual to this archive, or loan one for scanning, or donate funds via PAYPAL to buy some missing ones, please contact me.
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