Use only the brake and the accelerator, to measure the technical capabilities of the foot

1.  Courage1. Courage

Chicken race.
We compete and how much can be stopped on the wall the last minute.
3 times measured.
"We put a sudden brake timing well, Whatever stop on the wall the last minute!"

2. Jump technology2. Jump technology

A moment of speed to jump out from the jump, you can compete whether brought closer how the specified speed.
3 times measured.
"The speed of exactly 150km / h, Regardless rush to jump!"

3.  Situation judgment3. Situation judgement

Iron ball has back and forth left and right of the bank at a constant rate.
Car is a destruction after colliding with the iron ball.
To adjust the car's speed, we aim at the goal while avoiding the iron ball.
"Adjust the speed exchange the iron ball to! And, Whatever quickly goal!"

4.  Power control capability4. Power control capability

We are traveling on the slope of the steep gradient.
The car has been surrounded by a beam that should not be in contact with each other.
This beam regardless of the angle of slope, and traveling at a constant speed at all times.
Player, so as not to touch the beam, the power control in accordance with the slope, you always try to be traveling at the same speed as the beam.
"Adjust the speed, event travel so as not to touch the beam!"

Five.  Reaction rate5. Reaction rate

Dharma's wind game fell.
only while the eye is closed, the game is traveling.
After the eye is closed, and how much immediately press the accelerator will be asked.
"We run only while the eyes are closed, and case quickly goal!"

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