Use all of the input device, to measure the practical technical capabilities

1.  Spin traveling1. Spin traveling

It will operate the car that was modified the rear wheels to freely caster as spin easily.
How without spin, you can compete if it can quickly goal.
"Manipulates the spin easy car, Whatever quickly goal!"

2.  Smooth running2. Smooth traveling

Travel by placing the "trough" of the liquid filled in on the roof.
And try to Zumuzu operation, it is a game that must be quickly transported to so as not to spill any liquid.
"The liquid on the roof, the case quickly transported to the goal!"

3.  Continuous intensive traveling3. Continuous intensive traveling

Flag has erected on the course.
Also won a lot of flag with a single, and yet, it is a game that must be quickly goal.
"We run while ramming the flag, the case quickly goal!"

4.  Thinking link traveling4. Thinking traveling

Calculation issues are questions one after another.
On the course, three numbers, including the correct answer will appear.
Players, answers by stick to the correct answer of numbers.
"To question the calculation problem.
 it plunged to the number of correct answers, quickly and goal case! "

Five.  Back running5. Back traveling

Traveling backwards, you compete and how quickly the goal while avoiding enemy cars.
"Backward to run. It pulled the enemy vehicles, the case quickly goal!"

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