Only the use handle, measure the technical capabilities of the hand (of the car speed will be automatically controlled.)

1.  Fast adaptability1. Fast adaptability

It will manipulate the car running at a high speed.
Quickly cut the handle to the left and right, it is a game spree pulled the enemy vehicles that appear one after another.
"I pulled the other car steering wheel operation, the case quickly goal!"

2.  Car width sense2. Car width sense

We are traveling on the narrow road that Gunegune.
On both sides of the road is standing pylon, it will be deducted as defeat this.
Subtle handle of judgment is required.
"It travels so as not to defeat the pylon, the case quickly goal!"

3.  Dynamic visual acuity3. Dynamic visual accuracy

It will run through the tunnel. It C mark (mark to be used for visual acuity test) is installed at regular intervals in the tunnel. C mark is linked to the handle to rotate linearly according to the amount the player has turned the handle.
By rotating the C mark in the quick operation, the game is going through the car gap part of the mark.
"Turn the C mark in the handle, the case is passed through the car to the gap!"

4.  Determination4. Determination

Branch will appear one after another.
On the left and right sides of the road that branches, it has been respectively installed signal yellow flashing state. When the car approaches, either one is red, the other will change to blue.
This is a deduction and proceed to the red light. Instantaneous judgment is required.
"We run while protecting the signal, Whatever quickly goal!"

Five.  Guide reflection5. Guide reflection

Huge ball will appear on the course.
This ball is a game to continue to dribble using the car.
And subtle handle operation, will be required to guess the reflection angle of the ball.
"The traveling while dribbling the ball Regardless quickly Goal!"

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