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  1. Be sure to read the FAQ *BEFORE* you contact me with some dumb question or statement.
  2. In case you're thinking of sending me a piece of your mind, check out the Lamer E-Mail section.
  3. When contacting me, ensure your message is related to the following things...
    - Buying PCBs I have for sale.
    - Loaning or donating PCBs for dumping.
    - Donating funds or PCBs or other items (old computers/consoles/add-ons etc).
    - Other dumping-related things.
    - Inquiring about my repair service and an item you have that you want repaired (such as
       an arcade PCB/console/computer etc).
    - Requesting help with something that is in my area of expertise.

    You can contact me via email.....
  • xx.x.xxxx@yyyyy.zzz (yes, this is intentionally obfuscated)
    replace x's with mr t guru
    replace y's with gmail
    replace z's with com
    Note the dots between the x's are part of the email.

    You can also omit the dots (.) on the left side of @ and the email will also come through fine. This is because gmail ignores punctuation and treats it as the same email address. So "mrtguru" (to the same domain) also works.
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