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Funds to buy undumped PCB's are always in short supply.
If you want to see more games added to MAME please buy something from this list.
Please read all of the fine print at least once to avoid wasting your time and my time. Thanks!

This is a list of PCBs I have stored on several racks for my own records so I can find things at any time.
Most of them are for sale.
Note I am NOT a collector, these PCBs were bought to be dumped for MAME and they are now sitting here doing nothing.
If you are looking for Apple IICi stuff click here or scroll down to the section 'Other Random Stuff'.
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I have made a big effort to make sure this list is current and up-to-date but occasionally there may be a dozen or so newly-acquired items not listed so just in case you can ask if you don't see it listed here. But don't expect that I will have one because as I said, there's normally only a handful of random PCBs not listed. Updates are done occasionally so check back here from time to time! Updates can and will be anywhere.... on any shelf or rack location.


In case you were wondering, Yes, I also do repairs. Here's a couple of examples....

26x Daytona USA sound boards repaired and working....
26x Daytona sound boards repaired and working!

16x Sega Model 3 Drive Feedback Boards repaired and working....
16x Sega Model 3 Drive Feedback Boards repaired and working!

3x Time Crisis II main boards and 11x Time Crisis II ROM boards repaired and working....
3x Time Crisis II main boards and 11x Time Crisis II ROM boards repaired and working!

There are many other examples of repairs shown on the main page of this site.

I'm not a repair business, I don't offer any guarantees that it can be fixed, although neither does any repair business for that matter ;-)
However, unlike a repair business that will charge you a fee for just looking at it, if I work on it and find it is not repairable you don't pay anything except return postage and if you don't want it returned you pay nothing.

There is no limit on what I can repair. In the past I have fixed thousands of Arcade PCBs (from the 1970's to 2000's and newer) including removing protection, de-suiciding and multigame hacks/multigame carts, arcade light guns and controllers (including Superguns), TVs, Monitors (including PVMs) but mostly older Commodore monitors, DVD/Bluray players (including multi-region hacks), Set-top boxes/PVRs, older and current generation PCs (including laptops), old retro computers and consoles from the 80's, 90's and 2000's including console mods and even random electronic stuff like bluetooth speakers, power supplies, fridges and microwaves.

I N Q U I R I E S   &   O R D E R S

I'm located in Australia on the West coast in the city Perth. For those of you located outside this great island continent, the timezone here is GMT +8 hours. If you email me between 7am and 11pm my time (GMT+8) I will usually reply immediately. If you email me outside of those times you may have to wait 8-12 hours for a reply if you are located in Europe/USA etc depending on when you send your email. Please be patient. If you want to speed things up slightly when inquiring, I can give you a postage estimate if you also list your country (for overseas people) or if in Australia, the state & postcode. The full address is not required until the order is completed and paid.

If you're interested in buying something AND you agree to the payment terms below, contact me.

For payment terms & shipping details, scroll to the bottom of the page or to jump there now click here.

S T O C K   L I S T
The most important thing to remember is when you buy something from me it generates funds that go towards purchasing more undumped PCBs that will eventually end up in MAME.

Stuff like this.....

Games that you can play for free in MAME forever. If you buy from somewhere else you get your item and nothing else. Supporting me by buying something from this list ensures there will always be a steady flow of new games added to MAME and as a bonus, you will own a piece of arcade history.
Just remember, I dedicated many years to doing this and spent probably tens of thousands of dollars (possibly even over one hundred thousand dollars) buying up rare and undumped PCBs to dump for MAME over the course of about 20 years and gave everything away so people (including you) could play those games in MAME for free. I don't think it's too much to ask that I try to recover that money by selling these PCBs at current market value. If you want cheap PCBs you are at least 20 years too late as the retro collector community has already determined the value of things based on supply and demand and PCBs are becoming harder to find as those collectors buy up stocks and hoard them. As time passes prices go up like anything else that is collectable. If you want to obtain a rare PCB for your collection this is probably one of the last few places where you can find it.... at least until sold out, so if you want something make an executive decision and buy it before it sells to someone else.
Thanks for your support!

LAST UPDATED: 18th October 2022

Area IDContents (click linked numbers to see pics)
ROOM A ROOM A is my game room. That means most of these items are in my collection and not really for sale *except* if you throw money at me. The bottom line is I really don't want to sell anything in this section. I am open to offers but you had better make it a *really* good one....

Gain Ground + floppy drive (Sega 1988) - new battery & extra external battery - SOLD 1 2 3
Lethal Enforcers (Konami 1992) 1 2 - SOLD
Primal Rage 2 (Atari 1996) - unreleased prototype 1  2  3     VIDEO (THIS ACTUAL PCB)
Killer Instinct (Rareware/Nintendo, 1994) - converted to use CF card 1 2
Killer Instinct 2 (Rareware/Nintendo, 1995) - converted to use CF card 1 2
Taito G-NET - converted to use a common Compact Flash card. Will run ALL G-Net
                       ZN2 games and also several ZN1 games   1   2   GAME-LIST
                       If you are looking for original Taito G-NET cards, check the list further down.
Taito Type X2 (Taito) - Complete in metal box & 28 game multi-game HDD - SOLD
Original Midway Pacman with Two Bit Score's 'Super ABC' upgrade kit (plays ~10 versions
                       of Pacman & Ms Pacman)
Battle Bakraid (Raizing/8ing) - SOLD
Point Blank (Namco)
Point Blank (Namco)
Point Blank (Namco)
Point Blank (Namco)
Point Blank (Namco)
Point Blank 2 (Namco) System 11
Point Blank 2 (Namco) System 11
Point Blank 2 (Namco) System 12
Point Blank 3 (Namco) System 10
Time Crisis II (Namco) - in metal box with I/O board & guns
Time Crisis II (Namco) - in metal box with I/O board & guns
Time Crisis 3 (Namco 2002, System 246B) - in metal box with I/O board & guns
Crisis Zone (Namco) - complete working dedicated cabinet
Crisis Zone (Namco)
Crisis Zone (Namco)
Crisis Zone (Namco)
Crisis Zone (Namco)
Dynamic Golf (Sega NAOMI) - in dedicated Astro City cab with GDROM unit, DIMM unit,
                       GDROM disc, protection chip, NAOMI mainboard in white plastic box, original
                       Dynamic Golf control panel and all wiring etc.
Warzaid (Konami Viper)
Lethal Enforcers 2 Gun Fighters (Konami) - SOLD
Strikers 1945 (Psikyo)
Strikers 1945 II (Psikyo)
NBA Jam TE (Midway T-Unit, 1993) - main board and sound board, working
NBA Jam (Midway T-Unit, 1993) - main board and sound board, working
Konami 80's Gallery (Konami System 573)
Mortal Kombat (Midway Y-Unit, 1992) - main board and sound board
Mortal Kombat II (Midway T-Unit, 1993) - main board and sound board, working
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Midway, 1994)
Mortal Kombat 4 (Midway Zeus, 1997)
Sega Rally 2 (Sega Model 3 Step 2) - Twin dedicated cabinet
Sega Rally 2 (Sega Model 3 Step 2) 1
Sega Rally 2 (Sega Model 3 Step 2)
Sega Rally 2 (Sega Model 3 Step 2)
Sega Rally 2 (Sega Model 3 Step 2)
Sega Rally 2 (Sega Model 3 Step 2)
Sega Rally 2 (Sega Model 3 Step 2)
Sega Rally 2 (Sega Model 3 Step 2)
Sega Rally 2 (Sega Model 3 Step 2)
Sega Rally 2 (Sega Model 3 Step 2)
Sega Rally 2 (Sega Model 3 Step 2)
Sega Rally 2 (Sega Model 3 Step 2)
Virtual On 2 : Oratorio Tangram ver 5.4 (Sega Model 3 Step 2)
Virtual On 2 : Oratorio Tangram ver 5.4 (Sega Model 3 Step 2) - SOLD
Virtual On 2 : Oratorio Tangram ver 5.4 (Sega Model 3 Step 2) - SOLD
Tetris The Grand Master (Arika/Capcom 1998, JAPAN 980710, ZN2) 1
Arkanoid (original Taito PCB and original Taito spinner)
Ray Storm (Taito ZN1)
Dragon Blaze (Psikyo)
Sega Tetris (NAOMI cart)
Neo Geo NEO-MVH MV1B (SNK 1996)
Metal Slug 5 (SNK Neo Geo cart) 1 2
Metal Slug X (SNK Neo Geo cart)
Daytona USA (Sega Model 2, 1993) - main board complete and working
Daytona USA sound PCBs (Sega Model 1 / Model 2) - working, about 10-15 available
Dead Or Alive (Sega Model 2A)
Dynamite Cop (Sega Model 2A)
Capcom CPS3 CPSIII main board and CPS3 multi-game cart
Capcom CPS3 CPSIII main board and CPS3 multi-game cart
Capcom CPS3 CPSIII main board and CPS3 multi-game cart

Small boards
Jail Break (Konami)
Multi-Champ DX (ESD)
Top Gunner / Jackal (Konami)
Bishou Jan (Subsino 1999)
Champion Wrestler (Taito)
4-in-1 multi-game (Frogger/Pacman/Space Invaders/Galaga)
48-in-1 multi-game
60-in-1 multi-game
Tube It (Taito L System)
Cuby Pop (Taito L System)
Target Panic (Konami 1996)
Dottori Kun (Sega)
Mogura Desse (Konami) - SOLD 1
Ms Pacman / Galaga 20th Reunion (Namco 2000)
Mini Vader (Taito)
Mario Roulette (Konami)

Namco System 10 PCBs
GAHAHA Ippatsu-dou
GAHAHA Ippatsu-dou 2
Gekitoride-Jong Space
Golgo-13 Juusei no Chinkonka (i.e. Golgo 13 Part 3) in Namco metal box
Mr Driller 2
Mr Driller G
Panicuru Panekuru
Point Blank 3
Seishun Quiz Colorful High School
Star Trigon
Taiko no Tatsujin 2
Taiko no Tatsujin 3
Taiko no Tatsujin 4
Taiko no Tatsujin 5
Taiko no Tatsujin 6
Tsukkomi Yousei Gips Nice Tsukkomi
Uchuu Daisakusen : Chocovader Contactee
Medal no Tatsujin

If you have read all of this section and are interested in something, you missed the bold text at the top, so now go back and read the bold text at the top of this section.
Note: This is mostly larger items, carts & some random loose items

Simpsons Bowling (Konami GV)
Tokimeki Memorial Oshiete Your Heart (Konami GV) - SOLD 1 2
Hyper Athlete (Konami GV)
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu '96 (Konami GV)
Let's Attack Crazy Cross (Konami GV)
Susume! Taisen Puzzle-Dama (Konami GV)
Beat the Champ (Konami GV)
Wedding Rhapsody (Konami GV)
Winter Olypmics in Nagano 98 (Konami GV)
Sega Rally Pro Drivin' ROM upgrade kit - fits on Sega Model 2A Sega Rally PCB
beatmania IIDX 5th Style (Konami) - HDD, 2 CD's and security card
Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Plus - Suits System 573, security cart only. Game code: GCA34JA
Missile Command (Atari)
Triforce (Namco/Sega/Nintendo) - Type 1 main unit
Beast Busters 2nd Nightmare (SNK, cart for Hyper Neo Geo 64) - SOLD
Buriki One (SNK, cart for Hyper Neo Geo 64) 1
Samurai Shodown 64 / Samurai Spirits 64 (SNK, cart for Hyper Neo Geo 64) - SOLD 1
Samurai Shodown: Warrior's Rage / Samurai Spirits 2 (SNK, cart for Hyper Neo Geo 64) - SOLD 1 2 3
Xtreme Rally / Off Beat Racer! (SNK, cart for Hyper Neo Geo 64) 1
Driver's Edge / Road's Edge (SNK, cart for Hyper Neo Geo 64) 1
Fatal Fury Wild Ambition (SNK, cart for Hyper Neo Geo 64) 1
Hyper Neo Geo 64 motherboard (SNK)
Hyper Neo Geo 64 motherboard (SNK)
Hyper Neo Geo 64 motherboard (SNK)
Hyper Neo Geo 64 motherboard (SNK)
Hyper Neo Geo 64 gun I/O board (suits Beast Busters 2nd Nightmare)
Taito JC filter board and metal frame (free with any Taito JC board purchase)
Cruisin USA (Midway) - faulty
Cruisin USA (Midway) - faulty
Golden Tee Classic (Incredible Technologies) - not working
Turbo (Sega 1981 original)
Turbo (Sega 1981 bootleg)
Heavy Barrel (Data East) - bootleg
Block Buster (Breakout clone by Mirko Games Inc, 1976) - SOLD
Steep Slope Sliders (Sega STV cart)
Soukyugurentai / Terra Diver (Sega STV cart)
Decathlete (Sega STV cart)
Astra Superstars (Sega STV cart) - SOLD
Virtua Fighter Remix (Sega STV cart)
Several photo booth carts (Sega STV cart)
Aleck 64 cart Tower & Shaft (Aruze 2003) - SOLD 1 2 3
Aleck 64 cart Hanabi de Doon! Don-chan Puzzle (Aruze 2003) 1 2 3
Aleck 64 cart Meyjinsen 3 (Seta 1999) - it needs mahjong panel to boot 1 2 3
Aleck 64 cart Hi Pai Paradise (Aruze 2003) - SOLD 1 2 3
Aleck 64 cart Super Real Mahjong VS (Seta 1999) - SOLD 1 2 3
Aleck 64 cart Vivid Dolls (Visco 1998) - SOLD 1 2 3
Aleck 64 cart Kuru Kuru Fever (Aruze 2003) 1 2
Flying Shark (Taito) - bootleg
Neo Geo MVS 6 slot motherboard (not working)
Midnight Resistance (Data East) - bootleg
Midnight Resistance (Data East) - bootleg
Neogeo NEO-MVH SLOT1 motherboard (SNK) - not working
Neogeo NEO-MVH SLOT1 motherboard (SNK) - not working
Neogeo NEO-MVH SLOT1 motherboard (SNK) - not working
Neogeo NEO-MVH SLOT1 motherboard (SNK) - working!
Gauntlet (Atari)
Gauntlet (Atari)
CPS2 top SIMM board for Capcom CPS2 games that use SIMMs
CPS2 top SIMM board for Capcom CPS2 games that use SIMMs
World Soccer Winning Eleven Arcade Game Style (Konami 2002) - in metal box with DIN dongle, CF card & Magicgate security cart
World Soccer Winning Eleven Arcade Game Style 2003 (Konami 2003) - main board, CF card & Magicgate security cart
Naomi filter board
Naomi filter board
Namco HSC PCB communication board for Namco System 12
Sega Model 3 filter board
Sega Model 3 filter board
Sega Model 3 filter board
Sega Hikaru filter board
Sega Hikaru filter board
Sega Model 1 communication board
Wheels (Midway 1975) - untested
CPS3 cart with multi-game mod - 3rd Strike case ALL CARTS
CPS3 cart multi-game mod - Warzard case
CPS3 cart multi-game mod - SFIII 2nd Impact case - SOLD
CPS3 cart multi-game mod - SFIII New Generation case
CPS3 cart multi-game mod - SFIII New Generation case
CPS3 cart multi-game mod - SFIII New Generation case - SOLD
CPS3 cart multi-game mod - Jojo case
CPS3 cart multi-game mod - Jojo Japan case
CPS3 cart multi-game mod - no case - SOLD
CPS3 cart multi-game mod - no case
CPS3 cart multi-game mod - no case
CPS3 cart multi-game mod - no case - SOLD
CPS3 cart multi-game mod - no case - SOLD
NetNucleus external HDD PCB & Konami PCMCIA cable (Konami) - in metal case, use with
      System 573 games such as Guitar Freaks or Drummania
Konami Firebeat back PCB with slots
Sega I/O board 834-6180-01 / 834-6180 - SOLD
Sega I/O board 834-6180-01 / 834-6180 - SOLD
Sega I/O board 834-6180-01 / 834-6180 - SOLD
Sega I/O board 834-6180 for trackball - suit System 16 (Dunk Shot) or System 32 (Sonic Hedgehog)
Sega I/O board 837-7536 - for wheel/pedals - suit System 32
Sega I/O board 837-7536 - for wheel/pedals - suit System 32
Sega I/O board 837-7536 - for wheel/pedals - suit System 32
Sega I/O board 839-0803 - suit ST-V
8Man (SNK Neo Geo cart) - SOLD
Art Of Fighting (SNK Neo Geo cart)
Cyber Lip (SNK Neo Geo cart) - SOLD
Fatal Fury 2 (SNK Neo Geo cart)
Gururin (SNK Neo Geo cart) - PCBs only, no cart case
Last Soldier (SNK Neo Geo cart)
Samurai Showdown 2 Japan (SNK Neo Geo cart) - PCBs only, no cart case
Samurai Showdown 4 Korea (SNK Neo Geo cart)
Super Sidekicks (SNK Neo Geo cart)
World Heroes (SNK Neo Geo cart) - PCBs only, no cart case
World Heroes (SNK Neo Geo cart) - PCBs only, no cart case
Tank (Atari/Kee 1974)
Tank (Atari/Kee 1974)
Green Beret (Konami, bootleg) - SOLD
Aqua Jack mainboard (Taito) - not working
Dragon Ninja (Data East) - bootleg
TX1 (Tatsumi)
TX1 (Atari)
Hard Drivin' (Atari) - donated by Guru to Jed Margolin (the engineer who designed it) :-)
Sprint 1 (Atari)
Primal Rage Japan version 2.3 (Atari 1994) 1 2 3
Battle Gear 2 (Taito Type Zero) - in original metal box
Battle Tryst (Konami M2) - in original metal box 1 2
Devil Zone (Universal 1980) - in original metal box - SOLD
Final Furlong (Namco Gorgon) - not working
Final Furlong (Namco Gorgon) - not working
Final Furlong (Namco Gorgon) - not working
Final Furlong (Namco Gorgon) - not working
Final Furlong (Namco Gorgon) - main board only, not working
Konami System 573 (Konami) - in black metal box with blue front
Konami System 573 (Konami) - in all silver metal box
Rolling Thunder (Namco System 86) 1
Tumble Pop (Data East) - bootleg
Strike Bowling (Taito)
Rolling Thunder (Namco System 86) - missing CUS130 chip but PCB is working ok otherwise - SOLD
Mahjong Fantastic Love (Dynax)
Boogie Wings (Data East) - works has small gfx fault, playable - SOLD 1 2
Rainbow Islands Extra (Taito) - not working - SOLD
Aleck 64 motherboard (working)
Wardener (Taito) - not working
Arkanoid (Taito) - bootleg
Passing Shot (Sega System 16B) - SOLD
Flying Shark (TP-007 Taito/Toaplan) - not working
Gals Panic 2 Quiz (Kaneko)
Gals Panic 2 (Kaneko)
Vasara 2 (SSV/Visco 2001) 1
ZN1 lower board CP01 Capcom - not working
ZN1 lower board CP01 Capcom - not working
Koro Koro Quest (Takumi 1999)
Gundam Final Shooting (SSV Sammy)
Doki Doki Penguin Land (Sega) 1 2 3
Ehrgeiz (Namco System 12)
Carrera (BS Electronics) - puzzle/picture matching
Triple Punch (K.K. International 1982) - bootleg of Amidar on unique PCB (not Scramble h/w)
IQ Block (IGS 1996) - like Columns but with numbers
Chocky Chocky (Semicom)
Mr Dig (Mr Driller clone) - SOLD
Crystal Castles (Atari)
Amatelass (Nichibutsu) - SOLD
Operation Thunderbolt (Taito) - SOLD 1 2
Operation Thunderbolt (Taito) - not working
Goal 92 (bootleg of Olympic Soccer '92 / Seibu Cup Soccer)
Knuckle Joe (Taito) - bootleg
Moeyo Gonta!! / Lady Killer (Metro) - not working
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles In Time (Konami) - SOLD
Country Club Golf (SNK)
Real Break Academy (Nakanihon)
Side By Side 2 (Taito JC) - not working
Shadow Force (Technos) - SOLD
Wonderboy III Monsterlair (Sega System 16A) - SOLD 1 2 3
Toki (TAD) - SOLD
Quiz Panikuru Fantasy (NMK)
9 Ball Shootout (E-Scape Bundra Games)
Prime Goal EX (PG1 Ver.A, Namco System 11)
Namco NA-2 mainboard only (working). Works with any NA-2 game - SOLD
Knuckle Bash (Toaplan) - faulty
Agress (Technos)
Block Out (Technos) - game is like Tetris but in 3D
Sky Lancer (Bordun International) - casino/reels, not working
Cadash (Taito) - not working
Meijinsen II (SNK)
Asura Buster (Fuuki) - SOLD
The Block Kazuki (Tecmo ZN1) - game is like Arkanoid
Ehrgeiz (Namco System 12)
Bonks Adventure (Kaneko) - SOLD
Super Bishi Bashi Champ (Konami) - SOLD
Live Quiz Show (Andamiro 1999)
Don Den Lover (Dynax)
Touch Down Fever II (SNK)
Terra Force (Nichibutsu) - bootleg
Tenkaigen (Dynax 1991)
Mutant Fighter (Data East) - faulty
Tiger Heli (Taito) - bootleg
Daikaiju no Gyakushu (Taito) - SOLD
Asura Blade (Fuuki) - SOLD
Super Mario World - small SNES-based Arcade JAMMA PCB
Psychic Force 2012 (Taito Wolf) - working
XTom 3D (Jamie System Development 1999)
Tour Vision + 2 carts (Formation Soccer, Tennis)
Nintendo Space Fever/High Splitter/Space Launcher (Nintendo 1979) 1
Space Fever Color (Nintendo 1979) - complete with 3 PCBs "TSF-CPU PI-500861","TSF-CL-I/O PI-500813","SOUND"
Nintendo 1979 Sound board marked "SOUND" - for all early Nintendo games including Space Fever and Space Fever Color
Zero Team (Seibu) - SOLD
Pasha Pasha Champ Mini Game Festival (Dongsung Wonder Park 1997)
Mahjong Cafe Break (Dynax)
Mahjong Tian Jiang Shen Bing (IGS 1997)
Mahjong Mysterious World (Dynax)
Donggul Donggul Haerong (Wonderboy clone on Crystal System, Danbi 2001) - SOLD 1
NBA JAM Tournament Edition (Midway) - no sound board, main board working fine 1 2
Mahjong Janshin Plus (Dynax)
Nandemo Seal Iinkai (Jaleco)
Birdie King 3 (Taito)
Strato Fighter (Tecmo) - not working
Where's Wally (Sega System 18) - not working - SOLD
Paca Paca Passion Special (Namco System 12)
Tetris (Sega System E)
Mr Driller (Namco System 12)
Super Real Mahjong Part 7 (Seta SSV)
Panic Road (Taito)
Chase Bombers (Taito) - SOLD
Beatmania (GQ753 Konami DJ-Main)
Ninja Baseball Bat Man (Irem M92, 4 player US region) - SOLD 1 2 3 4
Dangerous Dungeons - not working (this is a Double Dragon PCB conversion)
Stadium Hero (Data East) - SOLD
Winding Heat (Konami PPC) - GN678 ZR107 not working
Thundercade (Taito) - SOLD1 2
Space Invaders (Logitec) - SOLD
Field Combat (Jaleco)
Knuckle Bash 2 (Toaplan)
Mahjong G-Taste (Psikyo) - missing all ROMs, junk board
Mahjong G-Taste (Psikyo) - missing all ROMs, junk board
Heavens Gate (Atlus ZN1)
Slap Fight (Taito A77 JAMMA version) - SOLD 1
Empire City (Seibu) - not working
Joystand Private (Yuvo 1997)
Champion List II (IGS)
Super Real Mahjong Part 6 (Seta)
Kyuukyoku no Othello (Success)
Solar Warrior / Xain'D Sleena (Taito/Technos) - SOLD 1 2
Mortal Kombat (Midway) - bootleg
Viper main board (Konami) - not working
Viper main board (Konami) - not working
Shuttle Invader (Omori)
Mahjong Da Ban Cheng (IGS 1995)
Mahjong Zhong Hua Er Nu (Dynax)
Mahjong Tenkaigen Part 2 (Dynax 1991)
Mahjong The Mysterious Orient (Dynax 1992)
Mahjong The Dai Chuuka Ken (Dynax 1995)
Mahjong Hanafuda Hana Ginga (Dynax 1994)
Dong Fang Shenlong Oriental Dragon (BMC 1999)
Mahjong Long Hu Zheng Ba 2 (IGS)
Mahjong Shuang Long Qiang Zhu 2 (IGS 1998)
Tarzan / Taishan Chuang Tian Guan (IGS 1999) - gambling/reels
Hyper Bishi Bashi
Tekken (TE2 Ver.C Namco System 11) - SOLD
Thunderforce AC (Sega System C) - SOLD
Hidden Catch 2 (Eolith) - not working
Mahjong Dai Touyouken (Dynax)
Fun Cube 2 (Namco) - dead and missing parts
Fun Cube 3 (Namco) - dead and missing parts
Apachi 3 (Tatsumi) - SOLD
R-Type (Irem) - bootleg - SOLD
Marine Date (Taito) - SOLD
Return Of Sel Jan II (Dynax)
Street Fighter II - bootleg - SOLD
Mega Zone (Konami) - SOLD
Night Slashers (Data East) - SOLD
Thunder Dragon (Tecmo) - not working
Cool Riders (Sega) - not working
Fix Eight (Toaplan) - not working - SOLD
Rezon (Taito) - game is like R-Type/Gradius etc - SOLD
Ghostmuncher Galaxian - 2 games in 1, working - SOLD 1 2 3 4
Gigas MkII - bootleg not working
X-Files (adult) (dgPix Entertainment 1999) 1 2
Cool Boarders (Tecmo) - top board only fits any Tecmo ZN1 motherboard
Tokio/Scramble Formation (Taito) 1 2
Punk Shot (Konami)
Street Fighter 2 (Capcom CPS1) - SOLD
Street Fighter 2 CE (Capcom CPS1) - B+C board only
Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting (Capcom CPS1) B+C board only - SOLD
Street Fighter 2 World Warrior (Capcom CPS1) B+C board only
Tekken (Namco System 11) - SOLD
Slap Fight (Taito, A76 version, 22-way edge connector) - SOLD
Donkey King Jr. (Nintendo Donkey Kong Junior clone) - SOLD
Fighting Mania GX700 mainboard & security cart (Konami) - SOLD
10 Yard Fight (Irem)
Vimana (Toaplan) - faulty, boots and shows 'SOUND ERROR' - SOLD
Captain Commando (Capcom) B+C-Board only - SOLD
Toride II Bok Su Oi Jeon (Metro)
Battle Toads (Electronic Arts/Rare) - SOLD
Mortal Kombat (Midway) - bootleg
Mortal Kombat (Midway) - bootleg
Mortal Kombat (Midway) - bootleg
Hot Shots Tennis (Incredible Technologies)
Mahjong Cafe Paradise (Techno-Top 1999)
Area 51 Site 4 main board (Atari) - dead & missing parts
NAOMI 1 motherboard + filter board (Sega) - dead
Forgotten Worlds (Capcom CPS1) - ROM PCB only - SOLD
Power Instinct (Atlus) - bootleg
Outrunners (Sega System 32 Multi) - not working
Kyuukoyu no Striker (Taito/East Technology)
Final Blow (Taito) - not working
Miyasu Nonki no Quiz 18-Kin (EIM)
Densya de Go EX (Taito JC, rom board only)
Namco Classics Vol 1 (Namco) - faulty, boot sometimes with gfx fault, mostly N/W - SOLD
Dharma Doujou (Metro)
Grand Tour (IGS)
Mystic Warriors (Konami) - faulty - SOLD
The Ninja Master / Metamoqester (Banpresto) - SOLD 1 2
Dino Dino (slot machine/gambling by Astro)
Fruit Paradise (slot machine/gambling by IGS)
Mahjong Dunhuang (Spirit 1995) - SOLD
Mahjong Long Hu Bang (IGS 1995)
Mahjong Super Da Man Guan II (IGS 1997) - SOLD
Mahjong Electron Base Part 2 (Dynax 1993) - SOLD
NAOMI 2 motherboard and filter board (Sega) - not working
Sega Model 1 video board - SOLD
Sega Model 1 ROM board - SOLD
WWF Wrestlefest (Technos) - SOLD
Gals Panic II Special Edition (Kaneko) - not working
Fire Trap (Data East) - SOLD
Thunder Zone (Data East) - - SOLD
Rainbow Islands (Taito) - not working - SOLD
Hanafuda Hana Gokou Bangaihen (Dynax)
Crypt Killer (Konami) - PCB working, no HDD (needs 420MB 2.5" SCSI)
Crypt Killer (Konami) - SOLD
Sega System 16B main board - not working
Wonderboy III Monsterlair (Sega System 16B) - working! 1 2
Wonder League Star 96 (Semicom)
Witch Card (Video Klein)
Shadow Force (Technos) - SOLD
Prehistoric Isle in 1930s (SNK)
Angel Kids (Sega)
Robo Cop 2 (Data East)
Mahjong The Mysterious Universe (Dynax 1994)
Tetris (Sega System 16B) - SOLD
Golden Axe (Sega System 16B)
Area 51 (Atari) - faulty
Tenkomori Shooting (Namco System 12)
Bloody Roar 2 (ZN1 Raizing) - SOLD
Soul Calibur (SOC4 Ver.B Namco System 12) - SOLD
Ms. Pacman / Galaga 20th Anniversary Reunion (Namco) - not working
Bust A Move 2 ZN1 + hard drive (Tecmo ZN1) 1 2 3
Shinobi (Sega System 16A)
Shinobi (Sega System 16B) - SOLD
Hexa (Dr Korea) - like Columns
CPS1 14-in-1 multi-game (Capcom CPS1)
Head Panic (ESD)
Final Tetris (Jeil Computer System / Semicom)
Sakura Love (Subsino)
Soul Edge Ver. II (SO3 Ver.C, Namco System 11) - working
Hanafuda Hana Tenkaigen (Dynax)
Magical Tetris Challenge (Capcom)
Asura Blade (Fuuki) - ROM board only - SOLD
Fortress 2 Arcade (Eolith) - faulty
Mahjong Vegas (Dynax)
Bombs Away (Jaleco, unreleased prototype)
New Hidden Catch 98 (Eolith)
Space Stranger (Yachiyo Electronics, 1978) - rare & unusual version of Space Invaders 1
Baraduke (Namco) - SOLD
Rabbit (Electronic Arts/Rare) - SOLD
Cherry Master (Dyna 1992) - gambling/casino/cards/reels
Tutankham (Konami) - bootleg - SOLD 1 2 3
B-Rap Boys (Kaneko) faulty, boots to initial test screen but won't go into the game
Rapid Hero (NMK) - SOLD
Operation Thunder Hurricane (Konami PPC GN680 GN672 GN678) - not working
Neo Geo MVS 6 slot motherboard (SNK) - faulty, with 4 slots good - SOLD
Gondomania (Data East)
Run & Gun (Konami) - faulty
Return Of The Invaders (Taito) 1 2
Bomberman World/Dyna Blaster (Irem M99)
Mahjong Ougon no Pai (Dynax)
Space Battle Ship Gomorrah (NMK/UPL) - Game is like R-Type - SOLD 1 2
Rainbow Islands Extra (Taito) - SOLD
Big Fight (Tatsumi) - SOLD
Triple Hunt (Atari 1977) - untested but probably works
Space Encounter (3 PCBs using Midway L-Board hardware) - untested
Koi Koi Part 2 (Kiwako 1982)
Animal Land (Dynax)
Power Instinct Legends (Atlus) - SOLD
Power Instinct (Atlus 1993) game is like Street Fighter II etc 1 2
Gun Master (Metro)
Pasha Pasha 2 (x2) - SOLD
Acrobat Mission (Taito/UPL) - SOLD 1 2
Super Slams (Banpresto)
Racing Beat (Taito)
Varia Metal (Taito) - SOLD
Chain Reaction (Data East)
Arm Champs II (Jaleco)
Tuts Tomb (Island Design 1996, light gun shooter)
Ghost Hunter (Hanaho Games 1996, light gun shooter)
Mahjong Man Guan Cai Shen (IGS)
Don Den Lover (Dynax) - bootleg
Wing PCB with 6502, 6821 & 6845 (unknown)
Wing PCB as above & sub board containing 6502, EPROM and 16k SRAM (unknown)
Capcom CPS2 B-Board - all sockets empty, no case, no battery - SOLD 1
Kiki Kai Kai (Taito) - bootleg
Super League System 16B (Sega) - SOLD
Golden Axe System 16B (Sega) - SOLD
Maximum Force PCB + HDD (Atari) - boots but shows an error then resets
Megatech Megaplay Carts (Sega) - about 20, all SOLD
Ensoniq KT76 mainboard for midi keyboard
Ensoniq MR Rack mainboard for Ensoniq midi keyboard and 3 plug-in boards for extra sounds
Operation Wolf (Taito)
Power Instinct Gogetsuji Legends (Atlus 1995) - SOLD
Space Bugger (Game-a-Tron)
Bubble Bobble (Taito) - bootleg
Super Dodgeball (Technos) - bootleg, faulty
Super Real Mahjong Part 5 (Seta)
Golden Axe (Sega), bootleg - SOLD
Turtle Ship (Philko) - SOLD 1 2
Dragon Bowl (Tecmo)
18 Holes Pro Golf (Data East) - bootleg with logic instead of encryption module
Crazy Rally (Tecfri)
Battle Rangers (Data East) 1 2 3
Speed Racer (Namco)
Final Lap R (Namco)
Cow Boys Of Moo Mesa (Konami) SOLD 1 2
Lethal Enforcers (Konami) - small gfx issue sometimes, mostly works ok
Mystic Warriors (Konami) - SOLD
KOF 2003 (SNK, Single PCB version)
KOF 2003 (SNK, Single PCB version)
SNK VS Capcom SVC Chaos (SNK, Single PCB version)
Lead Angle (Seibu)
Super Poker Version 10.19S (Greyhound Electronics 1986)
Paca Paca Passion 2 (Namco System 12) - SOLD
The Lost Castle In Dark Mist (Taito) - SOLD
Woodpecker (Amenip) - dead
Poker / Black Jack [Model 7521] (Kramer Manufacturing 1987)
Super Triv III (Status Games)
System 573 Security Carts - ~30! - SOLD
Domino Block Ver.2 (Wonwoo System 1996)
Double Dragon 3 prototype (Technos)
Tekken Tag Tournament (TEG3 Ver C1 Namco System 12) - faulty
LA Girls (HotB) - Playgirls clone
GI Joe Konami - faulty, boots to test screen but won't boot into game - SOLD
Gals Panic Korea (Kaneko Expro-02)
Dai Dai Kakumei / Pachinko Gindama Shoubu DX (Nakanihon/Dynax 1998)
Logic Pro Adventure (ZN1 Tecmo TPS) - top board only, fits any Tecmo TPS main board
Mahjong The Mysterious Orient Part 2 (Dynax)
Street Fighter EX (Capcom ZN1, 961219 EURO)
Rival Schools United By Fate (Capcom ZN2, 971117 ASIA)
E-Jan Sakurasou (Seibu Kaihatsu 1999) - Mahjong mature
Guardian (Taito) - SOLD
Joshi Volley (Taito) - faulty - SOLD
WWF Superstars (Technos)
Soul Calibur (SOC11 Ver.A, Namco System 12)
Soul Calibur (SOC1 Ver.B, Namco System 12)
Soul Calibur (SOC1 Ver.C, Namco System 12)
Tekken 3 (TET1 Ver.E1, Namco System 12) - SOLD
Gigas (Sega) - bootleg, not working
Tatakae! Big Fighter (Nichibutsu) - SOLD 1 2
China Gate (Technos) - working with gfx faults
Crazy Fight (Subsino) - faulty - SOLD
Pac And Pal / Pacman & Chomp Chomp (Namco) - PCB good, missing CUS5902 chip
Kidi Niki (Irem) - middle PCB only M62-T-B
Don Den Lover (Dynax)
Track and Field (Konami) - GX361 top PCB only
Shuang Long Qiang Zhu (IGS)
Denjin Makai (Banpresto) - SOLD 1 2 3
Wyvern F-0 (Taito) - SOLD 1
Victorious Nine (Taito) - 1 2
Konami GX700 System 573 main board
Raiden Fighters (Seibu SP1) - SOLD
Polaris (Taito) - SOLD 1 2
Potten's Poker - casino/cards/gambling
Potten's Poker - casino/cards/gambling
Prebillian (Taito) 1 2 3
Great Swordsman (Taito) - not working
Aleck64 Motherboard (Nintendo/Seta) - not working
Commando (Capcom) - SOLD 1
Kyuuyoku Tiger (Taito) - SOLD
Tokio/Scramble Formation (Taito) 1 2
Street Fighter II (Capcom) - bootleg - SOLD
Street Fighter II (Capcom) - bootleg - SOLD
Taisen Hot Gimmick 4 Ever (Psikyo) - not working and missing parts
Mahjong Almond Pinky (Dynax)
Date Quiz Gogo Episode 2 (Semicom)
Avengers In Galactic Storm (Data East)
Golden Axe The Revenge of Death Adder (Sega System 32) - SOLD
Dunk Dream 95 (Data East)
Stadium Hero 96 (Data East)
Puzzlet (Unies Corporation/Metro)
Big 10 - small arcade PCB Keno game using MSX2 home computer chips
Mahjong Super Hana Paradise (Dynax)
Dynamite Bomber (Limenko) - not working
Mahjong Hana Gokou (Dynax)
Fishing Maniac 3 (Saero Entertainment)
1 On 1 Government (Tecmo TPS ZN1)
Super World Stadium 2000 (Namco System 12)
Super World Stadium 2001 (Namco System 12)
Touken Retsuden 3 (Namco System 12)
Kaiun Quiz (Namco System 12)
Office Yeo in Cheon Ha (Danbi, Crystal System) - SOLD
Crystal System main board - SOLD
Top Blade V ROM board for Crystal System PCB. Note this is the ROM board only - SOLD
Undercover Cops Alpha (Irem M92) - Korean made PCB - SOLD
Last Fighting (Subsino)
Hanafuda Hana Tengoku (Dynax)
Big Casino (Status Games 1984) - blackjack/casino - untested
Mahjong Tenkaigen (Dynax 1991) - bootleg
Beach Volleyball - bootleg
Heavy Smash (Data East) - SOLD
Firehawk (ESD)
World Cup Volley 95 (Data East)
Pocket Gal DX (Data East)
Rough Racer - (Sega 1990) - FD1094 + floppy + I/O PCB, for Sega System 24 - SOLD
Quiz Syukudai wo Wasuremashita (Sega) - FD1094 + Floppy, for Sega System 24 - SOLD
Quiz Mekuromeku Story (Sega) - ROM board + EPROMs, for Sega System 24 - SOLD
Quiz Rouka Ni Tattenasai (Sega) - ROM board + EPROMs, for Sega System 24 - SOLD
Bonze Adventure (Taito) - not working - SOLD
Dyna Gears (Sammy SSV)
Magical Drop+1 (Data East)
Diet Gogo (Data East)
Jolly Jogger (Taito) - SOLD
Grand Striker 2 (Human)
Funky Jet (Data East)
Eagle Shot Golf (Sammy/SSV) - ROM board only, fits any SSV main board
The Gladiator / Road of the Sword (IGS 2003) - SOLD
Espgaluda (Cave) - SOLD
Espgaluda II (Cave) - SOLD
Ketsui (Cave) - SOLD
Ibara (Cave) - SOLD
Spectral vs Generations (IGS) - SOLD
Metal Black (Taito) - SOLD
Dark Edge (Sega System 32) - with battery new/changed - SOLD
Choplifter (Sega) - bootleg
Dai San Wakusei Meteor (Sun Electronics 1979)
Jet Wave (Konami PPC) - GN715 GN678, not working
USAAF Mustang (UPL 1990) - SOLD
Road Runner (Midway L-Board) - top board only
Mahjong Summer Story (Video System 1989)
Cool Boarders (Tecmo TPS ZN1)
Cross Shooter (Taito) - works with some graphics problems
Sega Model 2B main board - not working & missing parts
Sega Model 2C main board - not working & missing parts
Simpsons Konami - works with gfx faults - SOLD
Mahjong Triple Wars (Nichibutsu) - bootleg
Cabal (TAD/Seibu) - trackball version, original - SOLD 1
Drum Mania 8 (Konami) - CD + security cart + DIN dongle - SOLD
Drum Mania 8 multi-session (Konami), CD only - SOLD
Guitar Freaks 9 (Konami) - CD + security cart + DIN dongle - SOLD
Funky Ball (DGPix)
Beatmania IIDX (Konami) - main PCBs 3-stack
Zun Zun Block (Taito 1979 TTL-based non-CPU game)
Kangaroo (Sun Electronics 1982) - bootleg working
Kangaroo (Sun Electronics 1982) - bootleg faulty
Kangaroo (Sun Electronics 1982) - bootleg faulty
Kangaroo (Sun Electronics 1982) - bootleg working
Sliver (Hollow Corp. 1996)
Shougi 1 (Alpha Denshi Co.)
Shougi 2 (Alpha Denshi Co.)
Gunpey (Banpresto)
Teki Paki (Toaplan) - faulty
Super High Impact (Midway 1991)
Hikaru main board (Sega) - for Star Wars Arcade/Nascar/Brave Fire Fighters/Planet Harriers
Monky Elf (bootleg of Avenging Spirit by Jaleco)
Black Touch (Yang Gi Co Ltd. 1994)
Black Touch 96 (D.G.R.M. 1996) - SOLD 1
Deroon Dero Dero (Tecmo) - not working
Vs Smash (Taito) - bootleg
Pairs Love (Athena 1991) - tile matching/mature
Tumble Pop (Data East)
Ehrgeiz (Namco System 12)
Best Of Best (Suna) - SOLD
Domino Block (Wonwoo System 1996)
Quiz Punch 2 (Space Computer)
Don Den Lover (Dynax)
Macho Mouse (Techstar) - not working
Miss Puzzle (Min Corporation 1994)
Mahjong Shinkirou Deja Vu (Dynax 1989)
Vamp x1/2 (Danbi System 1999) - SOLD 1
Xexex (Konami) - SOLD 1 2 3
Mahjong Hot Gimmick Integral (Psikyo SH2) - not working
Good E Jong Kachinuki Mahjong Syoukin Oh!! (Seibu Kaihatsu 1991)
Good E Jong Kachinuki Mahjong Syoukin Oh!! (Seibu Kaihatsu 1991)
Karate Champ (Data East) - bootleg
Karate Champ (Data East) 1-player Japan version (Karatedo)
Karate Champ (Data East) - SOLD
Rock N'Rage (Konami) - SOLD 1
Ninja Emaki (Nichibutsu) - bootleg - SOLD
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (Sega) - SOLD
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (Sega) - SOLD
Indian Battle (Taito) - SOLD
Tekken 2 (TES3 Ver.A, Namco System 11) - SOLD
Tekken (TE4 Ver.C, Namco System 11)
See See Find Out (Icarus 1999)
Noboranka (Data East) - SOLD
Heavens Gate (Atlus ZN1) - not working
Flame Gunner (Tecmo TPS ZN1)
Dunk Mania (DM2 Ver.C, Namco System 11)
World Rally (Gaelco) - SOLD
Super Real Mahjong Part IV (Seta SSV)
Nebulus Ray (Namco) - SOLD
Terra Cresta (Nichibutsu / bootleg) - SOLD 1
Fanuc System 6 PCBs (x3)
                - 256k Bubble Memory Board BMU 256-1 A87L-0001-0017 08G
                - ROM Board A20B-0008-0480
                - CRTC/Puncher Board A20B-0008-0430
Sega System 16B main board - not working - SOLD
Pachinko Gindama Shoubu (Nakanihon/Dynax 1998)
Target Ball (Yunsung 1995) - pool/nude strip
Grand Prix '98 (Romtec Co. Ltd) - slot machine/reels
Pacland (Namco) 1 2 3
Mr Kicker (SemiCom 2001) - not working
Vamp x1/2 (Danbi) - SOLD 1 2
Super Mario 3 - small SNES-based Arcade JAMMA PCB
Kkot Bi Nyu (Dynax 1997)
Happy Tour (Gav Company) - like Qix with adult pixxx
King Of Dynast Gear (EZ Graphics 1999, dgPix) 1 2
Police Trainer - not working
G-Darius (Taito ZN1) - SOLD
Monster Farm (Tecmo ZN1) - SOLD
Polystars (Konami M2) - SOLD 1 2 3
Violence Fight (Taito B System)
Libero Grande (Namco System 12)
Fire Shark (Toaplan) - starts to boot then shows 'SOUND ERROR' - SOLD
Sega NAOMI 2 motherboard - not working
Sega STV main board - not working
Witch / Pinball Champ '95 (Excellent System)
Stunt Cycle (Atari) - SOLD
Choplifter (Sega System 1) - SOLD
18 Holes Pro Golf (Data East) - original PCB
18 Holes Pro Golf (Data East) - original PCB
Yachtsman (Sanritsu / Esco 1982)
Psychic Force 2012 (Taito Wolf) - faulty
Dream World (Semicom)
Slipstream Sega System 32 - SOLD
Xain'd Sleena (Technos 1986) - bootleg not working
Space Invaders Part II (Taito) - top PCB only PVO70010
Lord Of Gun (IGS)
Grand Striker 2 (Human)
Hyper Pacman (Semicom)
Hammer (Andamiro)
Zero Point 2 (Unico) - not working
World Rally 2 (Gaelco) - SOLD
Mortal Kombat II (revision 3.1, Midway) - SOLD 1 2
Outzone (Toaplan) - SOLD
Note this shelf contains mostly junk boards only good for parts
Keyboardmania 3rd Mix MIDI board
Captain Commando - bootleg & missing parts
Nastar (Taito) - dead & missing parts
Power Instinct (Atlus) - bootleg missing all ROMs and other parts
Metal Slug 5 (SNK) - single PCB version, not working & missing parts
Wonderboy III (Sega) - bootleg
Soul Edge (Namco System 11) - missing parts. Fixed by Guru. No longer here.
Scramble bootleg top board x10
Scramble bootleg bottom board x6
Data I/O Unisite Waveform Board
Data I/O Unisite Mother Board
Real Battle Mahjong King (Game Men System Co. Ltd)
CPS1 bottom board missing parts
Tetris bootleg (Atari) - not working
Bandai Playdia mother board
Capcom 89125-A-2 PCB (I think this is Block Block) - missing parts
Capcom ZN1 top board from SFEX - not working and missing parts
Woodpecker (Amenip/Palcom Queen River) - not working
Simpsons (Konami) - dead/missing parts. Rebuilt and resurrected from the dead!! No longer here
Stadium Hero bootleg - top board
Big bootleg board with lots of logic, maybe bottom board from bootleg Stadium Hero
Sega System 16 motherboard - dead and missing parts
Mortal Kombat II - ROM board only, probably working
Bootleg Mahjong Tenkaigen - not working and missing parts
Kkot Bi Nyu Special (Dynax 1997) - not working and missing parts
Quiz Punch - not working
Scramble - bootleg not working
Scramble - bootleg working with bad/wrong colors
Capcom ZN-2 motherboard - not working
Namco System 12 motherboard - not working
Namco Tekken 3 (TET2 Ver.A, System 12) - mainboard only, not working
Namco System 11 top board - not working. Fixed by Guru no longer here
Namco System 11 top board - not working. Fixed by Guru no longer here
Namco System 11 top board and bottom board - not working
Capcom ZN-2 motherboard - not working
Cruis'n Exotica (Midway) - Bare board, no Roms
Speed Up (Gaelco/Namco) - Main board complete and extra ROM board
Galaxian Fever (Namco 2000, SH2 CPU, ROM code GXF1) - redemption/medal shooting 1
Shooting Paradise (Namco 2000, SH2 CPU, ROM code SPD1) - redemption/medal shooting 1
Happy Planet (Namco 2001, ROM code HP1) - redemption/medal shooting 1
Section Z (Capcom 1985) - bootleg, working with gfx and sound faults
Lovely Pop Mahjong Shimasho 2 (Sammy Seta Visco SSV)
Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 (Sammy Seta Visco SSV)
Galaga (bootleg) 1 2
Cosmo - prototype on modified Taito Space Invaders hardware
Godzilla (Banpresto) - SOLD 1 2
Mahjong Raijinhai DX (Dynax)
Van Dyke (NMK)
Schmeizer Robo (Data East)
Sonic The Fighters (Sega Model 2B) - SOLD
Wave Runner (Sega Model 2C)
Kid Nikki (Irem) - gfx fault
Head On (Irem M15)
Raiden Fighters Jet (Seibu) - top board only - SOLD
Pit'n Run (Taito)
NBA Jam Extreme (Acclaim, ZN hardware) - Complete & working 1 2
Home Run (Jaleco) - SOLD
Jackie Chan II (Kaneko) - not working - SOLD
Shogun Warriors (Kaneko)
Hatch Catch (Semicom)
Dragon World (IGS)
Gun Nail (NMK) - SOLD
Nintendo NSS (Nintendo Super System) & 3 Carts - SOLD
                 - Super Tennis NSS-01-ROM-A - SOLD
                 - Irem Skins Game NSS-01-ROM-C - SOLD
                 - NCAA Basketball NSS-01-ROM-C - SOLD

Skull Fang (Data East) - SOLD
Dunk Dream 96 (Data East)
Elevator Action (Taito SJ) - dead/not working - SOLD
Mission Craft (Sun) - SOLD
Dynamic Shooting (Jaleco)
Fanuc System 15(x5)
                 - A16B-2200-0131/03B
                 - A16B-2200-0131/03B (+ Option Board A16B-1600-0280/02A)
                 - A16B-2200-0150/02A (x2)
                 - A16B-2200-0160
GTI Club (Konami)
Space Invaders (Taito 3-board stack) - fully restored and working 1 2
Space Invaders (Taito 3-board stack) - fully restored and working 1 2
Wiz - bootleg - SOLD
Silkroad 2 (Unico) - SOLD
Mad Rider (Data East)
Zodiak (Orca) - bootleg
Dogyuun (Toaplan) - SOLD
Street Fighter 2 (Capcom CPS1) - SOLD
Street Fighter 2 (Capcom CPS1) - SOLD
Tank Busters (Tehkan)
Revolution X (Midway) - not working
Puzzle de Bowling (Nihon / Moss 1999) - SOLD
Elevator Action Returns (Taito F3) - mainboard & F3 game cart - SOLD
Side By Side 2 (Taito JC) - ROM PCB only
Taito Type Zero boardset (mainboard+daughterboard) - faulty
Taito Type Zero boardset (mainboard+daughterboard) - faulty
Landing Gear (Taito JC) - not working
Chanbara (Data East)
Route 16 (Sun Electronics) - original Sun version with MB8841 MCU
Nostradamus (Face) - SOLD
Kiki Kai Kai (Taito) - faulty, shows message 'PS4 ERROR' - SOLD
Ichi Ban Jyan (Excel 1991)
Crazy Dou Di Zhu II (Sealy 2005)
Meng Hong Lou (Sealy 2004)
Push Man (Comad)
Push Man (Comad)
Konami Open Golf Championship (Konami GX)
E-Jan Sakura Su (Seibu)
Attack Pla-Rail (Namco System 12)
Toride Korea (Metro)
Show Hand (Astro)
KOF 2003 SNK (SNK) - Single PCB version
SNK Vs Capcom SVC Chaos (SNK) - Single PCB version, not working
Raiden Fighters Jet 2000 (Seibu) - SOLD
Shanghai II (Sunsoft)
Crazy Dou Di Zhu (Sealy)
Lup Lup Puzzle (ESD)
Robo Wrestle 2001 (Sega)
Calorie-kun vs. Moguranian (Sega)
Pac N Paint
Kyros no Yakata (Alpha Denshi Co. Japan, 1986) - SOLD 1 2 3 4
Virtua Fighter (Sega Model 1) - partially works with graphic faults
Double Wings (Data East) - SOLD 1 2
Blade Master (Irem M92) - SOLD
Gunforce (Irem M92) - SOLD 1 2 3 4
Last Mission (Data East)
New Sinbad 7 - SOLD
Moon Alien/Galaxian combo - non-original Nichibutsu-style PCB (i.e. near identical copy)
Combat Tribes (Technos)
Midnight Resistance (Data East) - bootleg
PK Scramble (Cosmo Electronics 1993)
Heavy Barrel (Data East) - SOLD 1 2
Astro Ambush (Falcon / UEC 1981) - game is like Scramble but on single PCB
Klondike (Eolith)
Renju Kizoku
Dark Horse (bootleg of Jockey Club II)
Trivia (Jaleco)
Enigma II (Game Plan 1981) - SOLD 1 2
First Funky Fighter - SOLD
Cadash (Taito) - working, includes new Guru-made Taito TC0070RGB module :-) 1
Trivia (Hara Industries)
Rolling Extreme (Gaelco) - dead and missing parts
Smashing Drive (Gaelco) - dead and missing parts
Dark Horse Legend Konami System 573 CD+Security cart - SOLD
Snow Bros (Toaplan) - not working
Karate Tournament (Mitchell) - SOLD
Gradius (bubble version) Konami - faulty, powers on, starts loading won't boot into game - SOLD
Superman (Taito) - not working
Ninja Warriors (Taito) - SOLD
Ninja Spirit (Irem M72) - not working - SOLD
Bygone (Taito) - unreleased prototype - SOLD 1
Power Drift (Sega) 1 2
Suzuka 8 Hours 2 (Namco System 2) 1
Lucky & Wild (Namco System 2) - not working
Special Criminal Investigation (Taito 1989)
Ground Effects (Taito)
LED Storm Rally 2011 (Capcom) - serial# 00006 - SOLD
Pang (Capcom) Working + Suicide Battery Fix - SOLD
Aqua Jack (Taito) - SOLD
Super Game III
Final Furlong + I/O Board (Namco Gorgon) - working! Hard to find these working nowadays ;-)
Gals Panic SU (Kaneko) - Super Nova main board & cart
Space Guerrilla (Omori)
Sports Fishing 2 (Sega) - STV main board & cart
Aleck64 motherboard - not working
Hidden Catch 98 (Eolith)
DJ Boy (Kaneko) 1 2
Side By Side (Taito JC) - ROM board only
Number Crash (Hanshin Goraku 1983) - SOLD 1 2 3
Guardians of the Hood (Atari) - dead + missing parts
Sega Hikaru main board - not working
Sega Hikaru main board - dead and missing parts
Arcana Heart Full (Atrativa 2007)
Arcana Heart Full (Atrativa 2007)
World Station Poker series
World Station Poker series
Mahjong Super Dai Chuuka Ken (Dynax)
Waku Waku Doubutsu Land TonTon (Success)
Chuuka Taisen (Taito)
Extermination (Taito)
Mahjong Xtal 7 (Dynax)
Puckman Pokemon - not working
Gals Panic (Kaneko)
Pleiads (Tehkan/Centuri)
Midway L-board set for Shark (Main board+PCB 597-907C+SOUND GENERATOR 596-909C
Space Fighter MK II (Data East 1979) - factory upgrade on Astro Fighter hardware
Sony ZN1 Motherboard (working)
Se Gye Hweng Dan Ultra Champion Korea (Nakanihon)
Mahjong Gorgeous Night
Final Fight (Capcom CPS1) - SOLD
Quiz something on a Zero Team PCB (Seibu)
NAOMI 2 motherboard - not working
Mahjong Jong Tai (Dynax)
Tomahawk 777 (Data East) - very early 80's, RAM PCB x2 Data East PCB DE-0014B-4
Hide and Seek on Namco PCB BO-230C (parts board only)
Namco EVA2 PCB - maybe from Funcube? parts board only
Magicball Fighting (Semicom)
The Pit (Taito)
IPM Invaders (Irem) - not working - SOLD
Gunmania (Konami System 573) - mainboard and top board. This is a BB-gun game
Mahjong Magic Lamp (BMC)
Zhong Guo Chu Da D (IGS)
Black Tiger (Capcom, original and working!) - SOLD
Bloody Roar 2 - top board only (Raizing ZN1)
Mahjong Seiryu Densetsu
Mahjong Daimyojin
Ameridarts (Ameri) - working but missing TMS320C25 CPU
Wyvern Wings - SOLD
Mahjong Nenrikishu SP
Hana Jingi
Mahjong Yarou
Mahjong Tycoon
Mahjong Janshi
Mahjong Ryukobou
Zoar (Data East) - not working
Burger Time (Data East) - SOLD
Top Roller (Jaleco) - SOLD
TANK / TNK III (SNK/bootleg) 1 2
Air Attack (Comad) - SOLD
Koi Koi Shimasho (Visco)
Gallop Racer 3 top board (Tecmo)
Judge Dredd (Acclaim) - not working
Hidden Catch 3 (Eolith)
Tekken 3 (TET3 Ver.A, Namco System 12) - SOLD
Penguin Adventure (Konami)
Combat Hawk (Sega) prototype on original Sega PCB
Wonderleague Star (Semicom)
Winning Run Suzuka Grand Prix (Namco System 21) - SOLD
Semicom Quiz (Semicom)
Sichuan 1
Wink (Midcoin) - dead
Wink (Midcoin) - dead
Quizmaster (Coinmaster)
Search Eye Plus 2 (Yunsung)
Pipi & Bibi (Toaplan) - bootleg
Mahjong Gekisha Dynax
Sheriff (Nintendo 1979) - SOLD
Mahjong Tensinhai (Dynax)
Thunder Heroes (Primetek Investments Ltd) - SOLD
Fun Casino (Status Games)
SCI Special Criminal Investigation (Taito) - not working
Stagger 1 - bootleg
Bloody Roar - top board only (Raizing) - SOLD
The Real Ghostbusters (Data East) 1
Monkey Magic - SOLD
Hacha Mecha Fighter (NMK) - SOLD 1 2 3
Mahjong Raijinhai DX (Dynax)
Gals Panic 3 Korea (Kaneko)
Slap Fight (Taito A77 JAMMA version) - SOLD 1
Mahjong Electron Base (Dynax)
Date Quiz Go Go (Semicom)
Midnight Run (Konami)
Strike Bowling (Taito)
Mission 660 bootleg
Time Killers (Incredible Technologies) - not working
Sega System 16B ROM board 171-5358 Wonderboy III - SOLD
Sega System 16B ROM board 171-5521 Altered Beast - SOLD
Donkey King (Nintendo Donkey Kong clone) - SOLD
BnB Arcade (Eolith)
Slap Fight (Taito) - bootleg with 68705
SAR - Search and Rescue (SNK 1989) - walk-along vertical shooter - SOLD 1
Warriors Of Fate (Capcom) - bootleg not working
Mouse Trapper Ver 2.1 - redemption motherboard
Space Firebird (Nintendo)
Xevious (Namco) - bootleg
Mortal Kombat (Midway) - Original PCB complete with sound board - SOLD 1 2
Commando (Capcom) - original PCB, not working & missing top board
Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja (Data East) - SOLD 1 2
Mortal Kombat (Midway) - Original PCB complete with sound board - SOLD 1 2
Road Runner (Midway L-Board) - main board only
Space Invaders (Midway 1978 L-Board type) - working! - SOLD1 2 3
Super Pang (Capcom) - SOLD
Rush & Crash / Speed Rumbler (Capcom / bootleg)
F1 Dream (Capcom / bootleg)
Logger (Century Electronics 1982) - Nintendo Donkey Kong clone on Century CVS hardware
Crazy Kong
1942 (Capcom original) - SOLD 1 2
Master Of Weapon (Taito) - vertical shooter - SOLD 1 2
Bonanza/Pottens Poker
1943 - bootleg
Fighter's History (Data East) 1 2 3
Bubble Bobble (bootleg) - SOLD 1 2
Exerion - bootleg
Exerion (Jaleco original)
Gryzor/Contra (Konami/bootleg) - SOLD
Rally X (Namco 1980) - SOLD
1942 - bootleg
Raiden (Seibu) - minor graphics fault on title screen, plays ok in-game - SOLD
Batsugun (Toaplan) - SOLD
Crystal Castles (Atari) - SOLD
Twin Cobra - bootleg, working - SOLD 1 2
Shadow Warriors (Tecmo) - SOLD
Twin Cobra - bootleg, not working
Flying Shark - bootleg, not working
Aero Fighters Bootleg
F1 Exhaust Note twin link PCB (for joining 2x S32 PCBs together)
Elevator Action (Taito 1983) - SOLD 1 2
Moon Alien (original Nichibutsu AL-10A PCB)
Gaplus (Namco) - not working
Tekken II Ver.B (Namco System 11)
Halleys Comet (Taito) - not working
Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road (Leland Corp) - SOLD 1
Star Audition (Namco 1997)
Street Fighter EX Plus (Capcom, 970407 USA, ZN1 main board & top board) - also comes with spare ROM set to convert it to Street Fighter EX (see photo) 1
Rastan Saga (Taito 1987) - SOLD 1 2
Galaxian clone silver PCB (large board version, 1:1 clone of Midway board)
Moon Alien (original Nichibutsu AL-10A PCB)
Tekken (Namco, TE2 Ver.B)
CPS1 motherboard - working with sync fault - SOLD
Magic Sword (Capcom CPS1, A+B+C) not working - SOLD
Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting - B+C boards
Street Fighter II Rainbow Edition - A+B+C boards complete and working
CPS1 motherboard - working with graphics fault
CPS1 motherboard - working with graphics fault
CPS1 motherboard - working with graphics fault
CPS1 motherboard - working with graphics fault
CPS1 motherboard - working with graphics fault
Neo Geo 4-slot (SNK, 1990) - 2 slots working
Repulse / 99: The Last War (Sega) - bootleg - SOLD 1
Final Lap 3 (Namco System 2) 1 2
Red Hawk (Afega)
Wild Pilot (Jaleco 1992) - SOLD
Syvalion (Taito, 1988) - SOLD
Hyper Olympic (Konami) - bootleg, tested working
River Patrol - bootleg - SOLD 1
Captain Commando (Capcom CPS1 A+B+C) - with suicide battery fix - SOLD1 2
Bomb Jack (Tehkan 1984) 1 2 3 4
QBert (Gottleib/bootleg) 1 2 3
Tekken 2 (Namco System 11 TES3 Ver.A)
Gyruss (Konami) - bootleg SOLD
Gyruss (Konami) - bootleg
Neogeo NEO-MVH MV1FZS - working All 5 working PCBs
Neogeo NEO-MVH MV1FZS - working
Neogeo NEO-MVH MV1FZS - working
Neogeo NEO-MVH MV1FZS - working
Neogeo NEO-MVH MV1FZS - working
Neogeo NEO-MVH MV1FZS - faulty (Backup RAM error)
Neogeo NEO-MVH-MV1FS - partially working (bad sound / wrong sound)
IGS PGM Motherboard - not working
Sky Soldiers (SNK) - working with minor graphics fault
Space Intruder (Shoei 1980) 1 2 3
Double Dragon (Taito) - faulty (original board) boots up, goes to title with music then freezes, music keeps playing
Strikers 1945 II (Chinese clone board)
Fighting Fantasy (Data East)
Sega System 32 ROM board 837-7429-01
F1 Exhaust Note (Sega, System 32) - not working
Chase Bombers (Taito)
Stadium Cross (Sega System 32 Multi) - not working
Title Fight (Sega System 32 Multi) - working, no sound 1
Blue Shark (Midway, 1978) 8080 L-board type motherboard & sound board - not working
Guerilla War (SNK) - SOLD 1 2
Puzzle Bang Bang
Batman Forever (Sega STV) - SOLD
CPS1 14-in-1 multi-game (Capcom CPS1)
Gallop Racer 2 (Tecmo TPS, ZN1)
Rastan Saga (Taito 1987) - not working. SOLD
Arkanoid (original Taito white PCB)
Caliber 50 (Seta) - SOLD 1 2
P-47 The Freedom Fighter (Jaleco 1988, Mega System 1) 1 2 3
E-Swat (Sega System 16B, 1989) - SOLD
G-Net top board (Taito) - top board & PCMCIA sub-board only (fits Taito ZN2 mainboard)
Real Puncher (Taito 1994) - SOLD
Dark Seal (Data East 1990) 1
NBA Play By Play (Konami PPC, 1998) 1 2 3
Change Airblade (Sammy 1999) - SOLD
GI Joe (Konami) - SOLD
Soul Calibur (SOC13 Ver.B, Namco 1998)
Tekken (TE2 Ver.B, Namco 1995) - working, no sound, no inputs
A-Plan (Weashing H.K.) - gambling/poker 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Thrill Drive (Konami PPC) - GN676A GN676B GN676B 3-PCB stack, not working
Thrill Drive (Konami GN676B) - video board only, not working
Thrill Drive (Konami PPC / Hornet version) - working
NBA Play By Play (Konami PPC/ Hornet) - not working. Top GN715A bad, bottom GN715B ok
Teraburst (Konami PPC / Hornet) - Top gun board only GN680
Sega Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega System 32) - SOLD 1 2
Mad Rider (Data East) - only one of the PCBs DE-0078-1
Cabal (TAD 1989, joystick version) - SOLD 1
Skull Fang (Data East) - SOLD 1 2
Operation Wolf 3 (Taito 1994) - tested working 1
Jansou ROM board (fits any Royal Mahjong main board) board has a chip on it that will eventually be decapped
Soul Edge (Namco System 11, SO3 Ver.A)
Tekken (Namco System 11, TE2 VER.B)
Sprint 2 (Atari 1976) - faulty
Sprint 2 (Atari 1976) - faulty
Atari Video Pinball (Atari 1976) - untested
World Cup 90 (Tecmo)
Suzuka 8 Hours 2 (Namco System 2) - not working
Final Lap 2 (Namco System 2) 1 2
Final Lap 2 (Namco System 2) - not working, shows ram error and resetting
Chase HQ (Taito) - With new Guru-made TC0070RGB Module :-) - SOLD 1 2
Spiderman (Sega System 32) - SOLD
Water Match (Sega 1984) - SOLD
Sega Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega System 32) - SOLD 1 2
Chelnov (Data East) - SOLD 1 2
Tekken 2 (TES3 Ver.A, Namco 1995)
Tekken 2 (TES1 Ver.C, Namco 1995)
Steel Gunner 2 (Namco System 2) 1 2
Macross Plus (Banpresto, 1996) - SOLD
Tekken 3 (TET1 Ver.A, Namco System 12)
Capcom CPS2 A board (europe region / blue case, working)
Super Street Fighter II (Capcom CPS2 B-Board) - Europe region, blue case, unopened with original seal 1 2
Super Street Fighter II (Capcom CPS2 B-Board) - Asia region, grey case 1 2 3
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara (Capcom CPS2 B-Board) Asia region, grey case 1 2 3
Capcom CPS2 A board (asia region / grey case, working)
Gigawing (Capcom CPS2 B-board) - Asia region, grey case 1 2
Sega STV Motherboard with extra STV VIDEO BD on top
Sonic Wings Aero Fighters (Video System 1992) - not working
Konami fishing rod control panel (for fishing games Fishermans Bait, Bass Angler etc)
Atari 'Mini-Trak Ball(tm)' assembly, part# 035927-01
            - from cocktail Missile Command cabinet (with yellow ball 2 1/4" diameter)
Rygar (Tecmo / bootleg)
Aerosmith Quest For Fame (Namco System 12)
Namco Family Bowl (Namco 1998, System 11)
Taisen Mahjong Touryumon (Atrativa 2005)
Race On! (RO1 Ver.B, Namco Super System 23, in metal box with power supplies)
Techno Drive (Namco System 12)
Truck Kyosokyoku (Namco System 12)
Osman / Cannon Dancer (Mitchell / Data East, 1996) - SOLD
Genuine Street Fighter IV HDD - SOLD
Street Fighter IV security plug for Taito Type X2
Street Fighter IV security plug for Taito Type X2
Taito Type X2 multi-game kit (Taito) - HDD with 28 Type X/X2 games - SOLD
Taito Type X2 multi-game kit (Taito) - HDD with 28 Type X/X2 games
Triforce Type 3 (Sega/Namco/Nintendo) - with built-in DIMM & GDROM controller - SOLD
Triforce Type NAND main unit (Sega/Namco/Nintendo) - for NAND carts - SOLD
Mario Kart 'MK21' game cart (Namco/Nintendo) - for Triforce Type NAND, cart only - SOLD
Atomiswave main board
Demolish Fist cart
Demolish Fist cart
Dolphin Blue cart - SOLD
Dolphin Blue cart - SOLD
Guilty Gear Isuka cart
Knights Of Valour Seven Spirits cart
Maximum Speed cart
Neogeo Battle Colliseum cart
Neowave King Of Fighters cart
Neowave King Of Fighters cart
Neowave King Of Fighters cart
Salary Man Kintaro cart - SOLD
Salary Man Kintaro cart - SOLD
Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden cart - SOLD
The Rumble Fish 2 cart - SOLD
The Rumble Fish cart
Victory horse racing cart - SOLD
IGS PGM main board
Dragon World EX cart
Dragon World 3 (China) cart
Dragon World 3 (China) cart
Dragon World 2001 cart
Dragon World II cart
The Killing Blade cart - SOLD 1
Dragon World II (China) cart
Photo Y2K cart
Puzzli 2 cart
Oriental Legend Super cart
Martial Masters cart
Demon Front cart - SOLD
Puzzle Star cart
Do Don Pachi II Bee Storm cart
Do Don Pachi II Bee Storm (China region) cart
Note: Some Pong or Breakout type Discrete PCBs
2 boards printed 'Paddle Battle' with one having logo 'URL' and the other 'AL' logo
Large blue PCB 'Playtime' by Midway Manufacturing
Large green PCB printed 'Sports Center' with logo 'PE', probably 'Sports Center' by 'Forplay Manufacturing'
2 small boards unknown, possibly for one of the above games?
SS22 Note: Super System 22 boards. I have 1 or 2 metal boxes. The rest are just the individual PCB's. i.e CPU, DSP, Video, ROM
Alpine Racer
Alpine Racer 2
Alpine Surfer
Aqua Jet
Armadillo Racing - SOLD
Cyber Cycles
Dirt Dash
Prop Cycle - SOLD
Time Crisis (not for sale)
Tokyo Wars
Note: Games in Metal/Plastic Boxes. I will split these if required.
Time Crisis 4 (Namco, 2005) - in metal box. HDD - SOLD, Dongle and Super System 256 mainboard available
Megatouch Force 2006.5 (Merit) - Complete counter-top system 1 2
Silent Scope (Konami Hornet) - SOLD
House Of The Dead 2 (Sega NAOMI) - cart + NAOMI motherboard + gun I/O board (Sega)
Death Crimson OX (Sega NAOMI cart) - SOLD
Bloody Roar 3 (Namco System 246)
Planet Harriers (Sega Hikaru)
Brave Fire Fighters (Sega Hikaru)
Nascar Racing (Sega Hikaru)
Star Wars Racer Arcade (Sega Hikaru)
Air Trix (Sega Hikaru)
Jurassic Park 3 (Konami Viper) - Note most of the other Viper games are available
Gradius IV (Konami Hornet)
Winning Run (Namco System 21) - SOLD
Cyber Commando (Namco System 22) - SOLD
Druaga Online The Story Of AON (Namco System 246) - custom PC server and several CD's for the server software
Code One Dispatch (Konami Viper) - SOLD
Ridge Racer V (Namco System 246)
Wangan Midnight (Namco System 246)
Wangan Midnight R (Namco System 246)
Mahjong Fight Club PC-based custom server (Konami)
Mahjong Fight Club 7 PC-based custom server and 12 CD/DVD's(Konami)
Balance Try (Namco)
Abnormal Check (Namco ND1)
NAOMI mainboard (Sega) - in grey plastic case
NAOMI mainboard (Sega) - in white plastic case
NAOMI mainboard (Sega) - in white plastic case
NAOMI mainboard (Sega) - in white plastic case
NAOMI mainboard (Sega) - in large metal box for use with satellite terminal
Sega Lindbergh Red - SOLD
Sega Lindbergh multi-game HDD - SOLD
Sega Lindbergh Yellow - SOLD
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited (Namco System 369) - SOLD
Capcom VS. SNK Millenium Fight 2000
Club Kart European Sessions
Cosmic Smash
Crackin' DJ - SOLD
Dead Or Alive 2
Derby Owners Club II
Derby Owners Club
Dynamite Baseball '99
Dynamite Baseball
Ferrari F355
Giant Gram 2
Gigawing 2
Gun Survivor 2 Biohazard Code:Veronica
Gunspike - SOLD
Heavy Metal Geomatrix
Marvel VS Capcom 2 - SOLD 1 2 3
Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs Zeon
Moero! Justice Gakuen
Out Trigger
Power Stone
Power Stone 2 - SOLD 1 2 3
Puyo Puyo Da!
Sambo de Amigo 2000
Sambo de Amigo
Sega Marine Fishing
The Typing Of The Dead - SOLD
Toukon Retsuden 4
Virtua Fighter 4
Virtua NBA
Virtua Striker 2000
Virtua Tennis
WWF Royal Rumble - SOLD
Wild Riders - SOLD
World Kicks - not working
World Series '99
Zombie Revenge
Note: Unless otherwise specified, all discs come with protection chip.
NOTE: If you need a PIC for ANY NAOMI game I can supply it.

Beach Spikers GDS-0014 - SOLD
Beach Spikers GDS-0014 - disc and chip
Beach Spikers GDS-0014 - chip only
Capcom VS. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 GDL-0007A - SOLD
Capcom VS. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro GDL-0004 - SOLD
Chaos Field GDL-0025 - SOLD
Doki Doki Idol Star Seeker GDL-0005 - SOLD
Doki Doki Idol Star Seeker GDL-0005 - disc only - SOLD
Dynamic Golf GDS-0009A - SOLD
Guilty Gear XX GDL-0011 - SOLD
Initial D Arcade Stage GDS-0020B - SOLD
Initial D Arcade Stage GDS-0020B - disc and chip
Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.2 GDS-0026 - SOLD
Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.2 GDS-0026 - disc and chip
Moeru Kajinyo (Burning Casino) GDL-0013 - SOLD
Monkey Ball GDS-0008 - chip only
Musapie no Choco Mark GDL-0014A - SOLD
Shakka to Tambourine 2001 GDS-0013 - SOLD
Shikigami no Shiro II GDL-0021 - SOLD
Sports Jam GDS-0003 - SOLD
Sports Jam GDS-0003 - disc and chip
Sports Jam GDS-0003 - disc and chip
Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper GDL-0002 - chip only
Super Major League/World Series Baseball GDS-0010 - SOLD
Super Major League/World Series Baseball - chip only
Super Shanghai 2005 GDL-0031A - SOLD
Trizeal GDL-0026 - SOLD
Usagi Yasei no Topai - Yamashiro Mahjongg Compilation GDL-0022 - SOLD
Virtua Athlete GDS-0019 - SOLD
Virtua Fighter 4 GDS-0012 - SOLD
Virtua Fighter 4 GDS-0012C - SOLD
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution GDS-0024B - SOLD
Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned GDS-0036F - SOLD
Virtua Striker 3 GDS-0006 - SOLD
Virtua Striker 3 GDS-0006 - disc and chip - SOLD
Virtua Striker 3 GDS-0006 - disc and chip
Virtua Tennis GDS-0011 - SOLD
Note: All discs come with protection chip
Gekitou Proyakuu Mizushima Shinji Allstars VS Proyakyuu GDT-0008C
Virtua Striker 2002 GDT-0001
Virtua Striker 4 GDT-0013E
NAOMI Communication board
NAOMI Communication board
NAOMI Communication board
Chaos Heat
Flip Maze
Go by RC (English) G-Net card and official Taito RC hand controller
Mahjong OH
Night Raid
Otenami Haiken Final
Otenami Haiken
Psyvariar Revision
RC de Go! (this is 'Go by RC' Japan version)
Ray Crisis
Shanghai Sangokuhai Tougi
Shanghai Shoryu Sairin
Shikigami no Shiro
Space Invaders Anniversary
Super Puzzle Bobble - SOLD
Zoku Otenami Haiken
Note: Unless otherwise stated, these are security cart & CD/DVD disc only
Additonally, I can convert your unwanted dongle to a different game or change the country region. You need to send your old dongle to me and pay a conversion fee. Contact me for more info

Also note games marked with * are in my collection so generally not for sale unless your offer is _very_ good.....

Battle Gear 3 [Japan] (Taito, 2002) - HDD SOLD. Dongle available
Battle Gear 3 Tuned [Export] (Taito, 2003) - HDD SOLD. Dongle available
Bloody Roar 3 (Namco/8ing/Raizing, 2000) - in metal box complete with dongle
Capcom Fighting Jam / Capcom Fighting Evolution (Capcom, 2004)
Cobra: The Arcade (Namco, 2004, HDD & security cart) - SOLD
Dragon Chronicles (Namco, 2002)
Druaga Online The Story Of AON (Namco, 2004)
Gundam vs Gundam (Bandai / Capcom, 2008)
Gundam vs Gundam Next (Bandai / Capcom, 2009, security cart and HDD)
Fate / Unlimited Codes (Capcom / Type-Moon / Cavia / 8ing, 2008)
Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix (Banpresto, 2006)
Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2 (Banpresto, 2007)
Minna de Kitaeru Zenno Training (Namco, 2006)
Mobile Suit Z Gundam: A.E.U.G. vs. Titans (Capcom / Banpresto, 2003)
Mobile Suit Z Gundam: A.E.U.G. vs. Titans DX (Capcom / Banpresto, 2004)
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Federation Vs. Z.A.F.T. (Banpresto, 2005)
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Destiny Federation Vs. Z.A.F.T. II (Banpresto, 2006)
Netchuu Pro Yakyuu 2002 (Namco, 2002)
Pride GP 2003 (Capcom, 2003)
Quiz Mobile Suit Gundam: Tou Senshi (Banpresto, 2006)
Ridge Racer V Arcade Battle (Namco 2001, in metal frame with Namco S246 PCB, DVD drive etc)
Sengoku Basara X (Capcom / ARC System Works, 2007)
*Smash Court Pro Tournament (Namco, 2001)
*Soul Calibur II (Namco, 2002)
*Soul Calibur II ver.D (Namco, 2002)
*Soul Calibur III Arcade Edition (Namco, 2005)
Sukusuku Inufuku 2 / The Dog Luck 2 (Hampster, 2007)
Super Dragonball Z / Chou Dragonball Z (Banpresto, 2005)
Taiko no Tatsujin 9
Taiko no Tatsujin 10
Tekken 4 (Namco, 2001)
Tekken 4 (Namco, 2001)
Tekken 5 (Namco, 2004)
Tekken 5.1 (Namco, 2005)
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection (Namco, 2005)
Wangan Midnight [Japan](Namco, 2001)
Wangan Midnight R (Namco, 2002) - in metal box complete
Namco System 246 drive board (also used with other games i.e. Mario Kart & Max Tune 3)
Namco System 246 drive board (also used with other games i.e. Mario Kart & Max Tune 3)
Dragon's Lair (Cinematronics) laserdisc only - SOLD
Large quantity of new control panel buttons and microswitches
Square metal seat base from Sega Model 3 driving cabinet 1 - SOLD
NOS white seat back plastic (x2, no stickers, from Sega Rally 2 / suits other Sega driving cabs) - SOLD
Espgaluda II (Cave) genuine cardboard fold-out in perfect condition 1
Ibara (Cave) genuine control panel 'how-to-play' sticker in perfect condition 1
DoDonPachi DaiOuJou (Cave) 1
DoDonPachi DaiOuJou (Cave) 1
Note: If you are looking for pinball manual PDF's, check out the list on my Pinball Manual Page

Original Gottlieb pinball manuals: 1

1978 Parts Catalog Volume P
Amazon Hunt II
Service Manual 2nd Edition (System 1)
Big House
Big Hurt - SOLD
Bone Busters Inc - SOLD
Bounty Hunter
Car Hop
Charlie's Angels - SOLD
Chicago Triple Play
Cue Ball Wizard - SOLD
Diamond Lady
Dragon - SOLD
El Dorado City of Gold
Freddy A Nightmare On Elm Street
Ice Fever
Joker Poker - SOLD
Krull (video game)
Monte Carlo (full English manual)
Operation Thunder
Rack'em Up!
Raven - SOLD
Rocky - SOLD
Rescue 911 - SOLD
Rock Encore
Royal Flush Deluxe
Shaq - SOLD
Sinbad - SOLD
Street Fighter II - SOLD
Super Orbit
Teed Off
The Games - SOLD
Title Fight
Torch - SOLD
Totem - SOLD
Water World - SOLD
World Challenge Soccer

Original Data East pinball manuals:
Monday Night Football
Back To The Future
Phantom Of The Opera

Original Williams pinball manuals:
The Pinball Book (drawing sets for System 7 & 8)
No Fear Operator's Handbook $8
White Water WPC Schematic Manual
Firepower Operator's Handbook $8
Fish Tales
Fish Tales WPC Schematic
Bram Stoker's Dracula
WPC Schematic Manual revision May 17 1993

Original Bally pinball manuals:
Blackwater 100
Judge Dredd Operator's Handbook $8
Doctor Who Operator's Handbook $8
Bally Pinball 1979 Parts Catalog Electronic Pinball Games (covers Freedom, Night Rider, Black Jack, Mata Hari, Evel Knievel, Eight Ball, Lost World, Power Play, Strikes & Spares, Six Million Dollar Man)
Bally Pinball 1979-1 Parts Catalog Electronic Pinball Games (covers Playboy, Supersonic, Star Trek, Kiss, Paragon)
Bally Pinball 1980-1 Parts Catalog Electronic Pinball Games (covers Mystic, Hotdoggin', Viking, Skateball, Frontier, Xenon, Flash Gordon)
Attack From Mars
Black Rose WPC Schematic Manual
Doctor Who WPC Schematic Manual

Other original manuals:
Sega Maverick
Hankin Pinball schematics
Hankin Shark manual & schematics

Copied manuals:
Note: All copied manuals are $20 each

Sega Sports (redemption)
Gottlieb Ready Aim Fire
Gottlieb/Premier Strikes and Spares
Gottlieb/Premier Barb Wire
Gottlieb Jacks To Open
Gottlieb Mars God Of War
Gottlieb Amazon Hunt
Gottlieb El Dorado (EM)
Gottlieb/Premier Super Mario Bros Mushroom World
Sega Batman Forever
Sega Independence Day
Data East Last Action Hero
Williams Black Knight

Other Random Stuff Star Wars Force FX 'Darth Vader' Light Saber (uses 3x AA batteries) 1 2 3
Commodore Amiga A3070 SCSI Tape Drive - SOLD 1
Commodore Amiga Zorro II Ethernet Network card 'Quicknet 2000' (x 2) 1
Commodore Amiga Zorro II A2088 XT Bridgeboard NO LONGER AVAILABLE 1
Commodore Amiga Zorro II A2286 80286 Bridgeboard NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Commodore Amiga Zorro II A2090A autoboot DMA SCSI Controller - SOLD 1
Commodore Amiga Zorro II Multiface Card III by BSC (high speed serial/parallel)
Apple Macintosh IICi complete box (all parts available separately or complete) All
       -Apple ADB Keyboard (working) Keyboard
       -Case with lid and internal buttons/speaker holder/green LED tube Case
       -Power supply (new replacement and working) Power Supply
       -SCSI HDD 200MB Seagate ST11200N (working) - SOLD HDD
       -Apple 2MB FDD (Sony MP-F75W-21G) FDD
       -HDD/FDD plastic frame/bracket, metal HDD bracket and HDD power cable Bracket
       -IICi Motherboard (not working) Motherboard
       -Apple ADB Mouse (working) Mouse
       -Network card (Sonic Systems Nubus) Network
       -Any other individual part available including chips on motherboard. Just ask....
Apple II Mouse Card 570-0030 1
Pocket Dream Console 30-in-1 (new in box) 1 2 3
Starwars Saga Edition Chess set complete with box 1 2 3 4 5

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Please note many of these items are 20+ years old and may have been stored in boxes for anywhere between 3 years and 15 years and after that they were put in storage and generally not touched again. Most of them are in really good condition but some are not perfect. Some ROM stickers may be missing or partially removed (remember... all of this stuff was dumped for MAME and sometimes the ROM stickers had to be removed to identify the ROMs). Some items don't have any ROM stickers because they fell off years ago or never had any when it was acquired. Some PCBs have minor scratches or dirt and dust built up over time when it was running in some arcade somewhere. However most of the stuff is in fairly good condition considering the age and many items are in excellent condition. Just note you are buying old complicated electronics. There is no after-sales service and the warranty expired 20+ years ago. Please don't contact me if you expect NOS/factory-perfect items. Please don't contact me if you don't understand the BASICS of owning and maintaining old arcade PCBs. Please don't buy a 35-40 year old arcade PCB if you don't know how to maintain and repair 40 year old electronics..... spending countless hours/days/weeks or even years repairing some old arcade game that was working yesterday is part of the fun of owning and collecting old arcade games and is normal. You wouldn't buy a car if you didn't know how to drive, and likewise, if you don't want to put in the effort required to own and maintain old arcade games, don't buy them! Many items were tested but many were also not tested *recently*. If the game is JAMMA I will test it before selling it to you and confirm the working status, but I am not going to spend several hours making up a JAMMA to non-JAMMA harness just to test some old game. Remember these items were bought only for MAME dumps and many are extremely rare and impossible to find elsewhere. Buying something from here supports future MAME development and you can feel good about owning a piece of gaming history.

Please don't contact me if you don't agree to the payment terms below. Inquiries about the specific condition of any PCB are welcome and pics (if not shown here already) are available on request.

For anyone, but especially for overseas buyers, to reduce the shipping cost per item for you, it is better if you buy multiple items. That is also my preference because many items were shipped to me in bulk so I have over 500 items but I don't have 500 boxes to ship each item separately back in the opposite direction ;-)

Payment Terms and Conditions
(Please do yourself a favor and real ALL of this!)

Payment Methods
    For Australian Residents:
  • Bank Transfer (free using online banking)
  • Australia Post Money Order
  • Bank Cheque or Personal Cheque (items held until funds cleared at the bank)
  • Cash
    For The Rest Of The World:
  • International Bank Transfer (SWIFT/IBAN etc) - about 4 days to clear and the preferred method.
  • International Bank Check - about 3 weeks to clear including you posting out the check snail mail.
  • Western Union Wire Transfer - about 1 week to clear. One-off fee about $10 (varies by country). What they don't tell you is the currency conversion rate is *artificially adjusted* by WU and there are additional 'processing fees'. Remember Western Union is in the business ONLY to make money and they do that with fees, including fees that they don't tell you about. Be prepared to pay the agreed amount + ~$10 + more to cover their 'conversion' fees'..... generally about $50-$100 more than a standard international bank transfer.
  • MoneyGram - takes about 2-3 weeks to clear, with similar fee structure to the WU transfer.
  • Cash in an envelope.... send it REGISTERED MAIL and insure it for the full amount. I will accept any currency including AU$, US$, UK pounds, Euros, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan or whatever you have. Obviously the other currency will need to be converted to the amount I need to receive at the current exchange rate. If the amount is between note denominations please don't send coins, but instead round up to nearest whole note. Please send only notes and only send it REGISTERED and INSURED!
  • Some other similar wired or easily cash-able type transfer.
  • LASTLY, Paypal but ONLY for small transactions up to $50 and small packages less than 0.5kg
The reason I can't accept Paypal for everything is because my Paypal account is not linked to my bank account and I will not link it because I don't trust Paypal for large transactions (they ripped me off a few years ago). So I can not withdraw any Paypal funds as cash, I have to spend it online. This works fine for buying stuff at places like eBay but not for real life buying. The local post office requires real money, they won't take virtual cash like Paypal. So I would end up using my own money to cover postage. Since I (and 100 other people) was booted by the company I worked at for 30 years when the bastards moved to China (read the full story here), I decided to just retire and live on some investments. That means I'm on a fixed income now and there's no room for additional expenses. If 50 people buy something and postage is $50-$100 each that's $2500-$5000 of my own money I have to use for postage.... I might as well just toss everything in the bin and not bother. So please understand, payment needs to be real money only. If you don't like this then clearly you are not a serious collector who will do anything to achieve their dream of owning a piece of arcade history. In that case please save us both time and don't contact me because I really don't want to hear you whinge about the payment terms and associated bank transfer fees. There are also fees at my end too you know, and I accept it. Just remember, many of the items I have for sale are not available anywhere else....

For bank transfers, generally you can do the transfer yourself using your online banking, or you can go into the bank and they will do it for you. Most people who have never done an international bank transfer go into their bank and ask them to do it. When sending the amount, you need to send AUD. Also note there are fees at both ends of the transaction. The fees at both ends are always shown/stated. You don't need to worry about the fees at this end. The fees at your end are YOUR responsibility and you need to make allowances and include those amounts on top of the agreed amount. If you do not, I will not receive the agreed amount and I will not post out your items until the agreed amount is received. Note that international bank transfers can take up to 4 business days to clear the funds. This system works very well and there hasn't been any problems in 100's of real bank transfers so far.


All packages are sent via our Australian national postal service called 'Australia Post' (, which is very reliable and one of the best postal services in the world. Postage is calculated using the Australia Post online postage calculator and is by weight in 0.5kg increments, up to 20kg maximum (although 10-15kg is the realistic limit because 20kg would break my back ;-)
I weigh each PCB with digital scales and add the item(s) together with the box and packaging to obtain the total weight to the nearest 0.5kg and that is the price I give you for shipping. There's nothing I can do about postage costs, the amount is the amount and that's it. If you are located overseas and want to minimize postage costs, buy several items so postage is spread across them. Or get a group of people together and do a bulk order so the postage cost is spread across the group. I'm a patient man and I will wait a little longer while you sort things out at your end. Several people have done this and it works well. This is also my preference because I have over 500 items and I don't have 500 boxes to ship each item separately ;-)
Packages are sent out marked as 'gift' with a low value. I believe it's unfair that any government should profit from these 20-30 year old items, and based on some of the selling prices compared to what they were when new, they really are a gift ;-)

Also note if I get multiple inquiries for the same PCB(s) whoever pays first wins, and I will probably give preference to bulk orders first since that is my prefered method of moving these PCBs out the door. For example if I have 3 of a PCB (identical game) and one person wants to buy one and is haggling on the price, then another guy comes along and wants all 3 plus 2 other PCBs and accepts the price as-is no questions asked, guess who I'm going to sell them to....
In any case please decide what you want BEFORE you contact me and once the deal is completed pay for it as soon as you can. If you mess around umm'ing and ah'ing I'll have to move onto the next guy in line. I can wait a few days once you have confirmed the order but if you haven't confirmed I won't wait forever while you check if it's ok with your mates, wife or G/F. If someone comes along in the meantime and wants to buy it, I'll sell it. Be a man..... wear the pants in your household and just buy it and pay ;-)

All sales are final. Refunds are not possible. If you bought an item and paid for it and have decided you no longer want it that's tough luck. Next time don't buy something unless you are sure you want it.
If you bought and paid for an item then found another one at a cheaper rate a few days later that's also tough luck.... next time don't look for another identical item after you've already bought one ;-)

Full payment details for the bank transfer are available when you are ready to proceed.

Please note when orders become many I will freeze ordering for a few days until I am able to finalise the current ones and get things boxed and posted out. Otherwise it's not fair to the people who have confirmed and paid because their packages will be delayed while I deal with new orders. You can still inquire about items and even reserve them if you confirm you really want it (your name initials will be noted next to the items on the list) but no other orders will be taken or posted out until the 'Accepting New Orders' status = YES. The delay will only be for 3- 4 days and hopefully it doesn't happen too often. I'm just one man, not a PCB-packing and posting machine ;-)

Note about pickup and posting back items: If you bought something and want to pick it up that is fine, but please do so within the allotted time frame. Once that time frame has passed the item will be deemed 'abandoned' and I will sell it to recover the costs.
This also applies if you sent me something to dump or repair and want it returned. When I give you the repair cost or return postage cost you must pay within 60 days. If you do not pay within that time frame, the items will become 'abandoned' and I will sell the item(s) to recover my costs.

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