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26th December, 2000
I dumped (and added) another Midway game called NBA Hangtime. This is the parent game of NBA Maximum Hangtime which drops very nicely drops in with very little effort. You may have already noticed this because some pics have *magically* appeared on the Official MAME WIP page.
I also re-dumped the colour prom from my Ghostmuncher PCB (about 1 week ago). Both those roms should be floating quite freely around the net by now. You should see those hopefully in the next release.

22nd December, 2000
The Shanghai Kid WIP got updated with a new driver and some technical info on the rom code.
I also dumped a Sega System 32 game called "Alien 3 The Gun" !

15th December, 2000
Here's a new WIP page for Shanghai Kid.
I also updated the lamer email section....

7th December, 2000
Well, well, look what happened to pop up in my inbox today....


Nothing playable yet, but it's getting there...
If anyone has a working Shanghai Kid PCB, or has GOOD memory of this game in the arcades, please contact me as more information is needed to progress further.

4th/5th December, 2000
I've been working with some devs to try to get Data East's Shanghai Kid up and running. I have a non-working pcb and it was necessary to open up the epoxy-encased protection module to see what was inside. I'm sure some of you will be curious aswell right? So, click here and here to see the mystery solved !
Incase you don't know what you're looking at, the epoxy block contains a small pcb with a few surface-mounted chips on it. The first pic shows (from right to left) a Z80 cpu, LS245 logic IC and the infamous battery-backed 8K static ram chip, among other smaller components such as resistors, capacitors and diodes. The reason the Shanghai Kid boards die is similar to CPS1 and CPS2 suicide. The battery dies, so the ram chip loses the program code, then the PCB is useless and can't be fixed. The reason the 2nd pic is not uncovered is because I can see the components and there's no ROM or MCU contained in the epoxy block, which was the reason for investigating in the first place, so I didn't bother to uncover that side.

I've also dumped a few more romsets including a hack of 1942 called '42 which is a straight rom swap for the original program roms running on original 1942 hardware, several Mortal Kombat 'rareish' romsets (Special thanks go to Chris Mader from for sending me them to dump), Golden Tee 97, Fighter's History (Alt), Skybase and a one armed bandit video machine called Cherry Master, where after you win, you get to play strip poker !

I've also been busy dumping pinball roms for WPCMame. You may notice that the next release of WPCMame has sound for almost all the pinball machines supported, including Indiana Jones, which I dumped. If you're into pinball, you really MUST check this out. It's amazing!

There's still a few sound roms needed, so if you have one of the pinball machines below, and are willing to help out, contact me.
The ones still needed are...
Who Dunnit
Dirty Harry
Ticket Tac Toe
League Champ
Strike Master
The last 3 are fairly rare bowling/baseball games. Remember, only the sound roms are needed. The program roms are dumped already. AFAIK, *all* the Williams pinball machines running on WPC hardware are supported in WPCMame.

24th September, 2000
Here's some *very early* WIP news for all you guys (and gals?)
I've redumped the bad roms for Chequered Flag. The entire dump is now good, but unfortunately, the graphics glitch is still present (though now only on the road). Oh well, I guess it's up to the devs to fix it ;-)

In case you don't realise, there's a Chequered Flag WIP driver in the source....but don't expect an official release any time soon. There's still some nasty protection issues to be sorted out, according to the dev. doing the driver.
A special thanks to Andrew Slorach for buying this pcb and sending it to me just so I could re-dump the bad roms.

I've also dumped the missing proms for AlphaxZ

and a nice guy named Mark Lawrence (who bought a Mission 660 pcb from Filtek Australia) dumped the proms that I missed when I dumped the pcb 8 months ago!
The WIP is pretty close to 100% according to the dev. Thanks to him, we might see Mission 660 and AlphaxZ soon...
I also dumped an alternative (possibly world) version of Street Smart.

3rd September, 2000
Would you like to play Dreamcast games on a real arcade machine? Yes? Take a look at these pics here and here
All you need is a Jamma arcade cabinet.
Want to buy one of these nice things? Email here. Tell 'em you read the news on Guru's web site, and you'll get a special deal.

New dumps: Virtua Cop2, ManxTT, Daytona USA, Sky Adventure (original version by Alpha Denshi) and Karate Tournament mask roms

6th August, 2000
With the help of some very nice people, I've managed to dump the twelve 42 pin mask roms (16 meg roms) of the Jackie Chan PCB. This is my first 42 pin mask rom dump, so if everything is OK, expect to see some more dumps in the near future. The entire dump of this game is a whopping 16,130,426 bytes !
Special thanks to Al Kossow, PowerJaw and Silvio for their invaluable help.
I also dumped an alternative version of Castle of Dragon taken from an original Seta PCB. This version appears to be an official version, and not a prototype (like the current version). It looks similar, but can't be rom-swapped with the current set.

31st July, 2000
I dumped some more roms, some of which are added in the latest release. They are...
Ghostmuncher (a Pacman clone running on Galaxian hardware)
Run & Gun (2 alt sets, Konami 1993)
Pit & Run (Taito)
Raiden DX (Seibu)
Stinger (alt, Seibu)
Terraforce (Alt, bootleg)
TMNT (alt, 2 player Oceania version)
an unknown SNK game
An unknown Kaneko game (Discovered to be Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master - (c) Kaneko 1995)
Karnov's i8751 MCU
Power Spikes (Alt)
Streetfight (Alt)
TX1 (Atari)
Volleyball (alt, Video systems)
Tecmo World Cup 90 (2 alt's, Tecmo)
Alpha Mission (Redump, previous dump was bad)

I managed to test the Mahjong pcb (by Homedata) that I dumped a few months ago. It turned out to be called Mahjong Clinic (C) Homedata 1988. It's another one of those "play mahjong and strip off the girls" Jap-animation type Mahjong games but the girls are dressed as nurses!

18th June, 2000
I redumped my Saiya Gouma Roku board. Hopefully that will resolve the current issues and allow this game to be added in soon.
I have the following (newly added) working arcade PCB's for sale. If interested, email here

New Rally X
Super Qix
Double Dragon II (2)
WWF Superstars
Double Dragon (3)
Street Fight
Kamikaze Cabbie
Pit & Run
Burnin' Rubber
Wonderboy in Monsterland
Penta (aka Pengo)
Time Pilot
Zippy Racer (2)
Green Beret
Mr Do (3)
Moon Patrol (2)
F1 Dream (2)
Ghosts & Goblins
Zig Zag
Smash TV
Golden Axe

Checkout my full list using the link in the left column, or click here

In case you were wondering, yes, they were from the Arcade Warehouse pile of non-working/untested pcb's, and I fixed all of these over a period of about 3 days.
If you are good at fixing pcb's, why not buy some and fix 'em yourself?
If so, you shouldn't wait 'cos I might fix it then it will be working and won't be cheap anymore. It's a pity the guy who asked about the Smash TV didn't follow it up and buy it. It was a simple fix. Unfortunately (for him) now it's a bit more expensive 'cos it's working. :)

28th May, 2000
I dumped 3 more romsets...
Raiden DX (Seibu)
Speed Up (Gaelco)
An unknown gambling game by Dyna Co. Ltd.

14th May, 2000
I've been very busy lately, but I still managed to dump some romsets including...
  • Psychic 5 (bootleg)
  • Saiya Gouma Roku (Technos)
  • Super Punchout (Nintendo, Alt)
  • Police Trainer (P&P Marketing)
  • Junior Pacman (All the needed proms)

Also, I have the following working PCB's for sale. If interested, email here.

  • Bad Dudes V's Dragon Ninja (DataEast)
  • Dragon Buster (Namco)
  • Kiki Kai Kai (Taito)
  • Life Force (Konami)
  • P.O.W (SNK)
  • Silk Worm (Tecmo)
  • Junior Pacman (Midway)
  • Kamikaze Cabbie (DataEast)
  • Caveman Ninja (DataEast)
  • SkyKid (Namco)
  • Arkanoid (Taito)
  • Midnight Resistance (DataEast)
  • Oscar (DataEast)
  • Robocop (DataEast)
  • Burnin' Rubber (DataEast)
  • Birdie Try (DataEast)

If you have some Nintendo Game & Watches, perhaps we can do a straight swap. If you're interested, email me

10th April, 2000
Updated ALL the untested PCB shelf text lists. Place your orders ASAP to avoid disappointment. Pics to follow soon Make sure you read the Untested PCB's Readme 1st text file before you ask any questions. To buy any PCB's, simply email and supply your credit card details and the items will be shipped immediately!

Dumped some more roms including...

  • Gun Force (Irem, Japan) (driver submitted by me)
  • another Street Fighter 2 bootleg
  • Galaga 3 (Namco, alt set 3) (driver submitted by me)
  • Private Teacher (Home Data)

1st April, 2000
More roms dumped including...

  • Cobra Command (older version), (DataEast,1984) Gladiator (Alt) (DataEast)
  • The Hand (Alt)
  • Killer Instinct (Alt) (Nintendo/Rare)
  • Legend of Kage bootleg (Alt) (Taito)
  • Legend of Hero Tonma Bootleg (Irem)
  • Star Blazer (Sega 1983)
  • Tournament Arkanoid (Taito 1987, Romstar License) This (fully working) PCB is for sale as well, email me if interested
  • Oscar (2 Alt. romsets) (DataEast)
  • Thundercade (Seta)
  • Battle Wings (DataEast)
  • Final Lap 3 (Alt) (Namco)
  • Track 'n Field Bootleg
  • Xevios Bootleg
  • 1942 Bootleg
13th March 2000
The big "surprise" turned out to be a non-event. I was sent a Surprise Attack (US) pcb, but its the same version as already archived (Japan version) oh well. On a brighter note, I dumped some more roms. This time it's GPBug, Dyger (Alt) which I've added myself (now with correct colors!), Fighting Fantasy (Alt), Liberation (Alt), Pound for Pound (Irem M85) and finally (possibly) the last remaining M72 game called Airduel

7th March 2000
I dumped an alternate version of Shootout and Act Fancer. I've got a couple of BIG surprises coming next week. Stay tuned.

4th March 2000
I plugged the roms for NBA Jam Rev 2.0 & NBA Jam Tournament Edition into the driver and guess what? A very early WIP running these games... I've sent the driver in so it can be fixed up and added officially ;-)
NOTE! The screenshots are from attract mode.... NBA Jam TE is not playable yet.

27th February 2000
Incase you didn't realise, Buzzard is a bootleg of Gyrodine. If you want to add it yourself and play with the source, download this.

I have dumped Mission 660, NBA Jam Rev 2.00 and NBA Jam TE, which is a ROM upgrade kit for NBA Jam. Plus another Mahjongg game, possibly by HomeData ??

Also added 2 more warehouse pics and another list with some more text info/manuals

23rd February 2000
Well how about that. Buzzard is now running! Took me all of about 30 seconds to get it going. Thanks to Thierry for the tips.

UPDATE ! Scratch that. The devs decided its only a graphics hack and won't add it. Bummer ! Oh well, you can look at the title screen here anyway...

22nd February 2000
I fixed the Char layer and now it looks much better. Still no title or bike gfx :(

21st February 2000
I added Suzuka 8 Hours 2 to the source but it won't get past the test mode. Vernon C. Brooks fixed some protection issues and now Suzuka 8 Hours 2 comes up, though it is far from working. No Title gfx, no bike gfx, no controls (like most of the non-working System 2 games). As well as that the roadway code is not implimented yet in all the system 2 driving/racing games. It's a start though...

19th February 2000
I dumped some more roms including Suzuka 8 Hours 2 (Namco system 2). Check the list to the right on the main page.

I've added some more warehouse pics and made a separate page with thumbnails. I also added a link direct to the working PCB's which gets updated each week so you can know exactly what's available at any time.

Have you wondered why there's no sound in Vimana yet? Take a look at this pic of the Z180 CPU :)

I need help in identifying the missing rom for Top Racer. Look at these pics here, here and here, then tell me where it is or at least what size it is and some approximate chip markings or pcb labels, then I'll dump it. 

Also, take a look at this Vimana PCB here . Can someone ID the rom that needs to be re-dumped?

12th February 2000
Incase you didn't notice, I've been busy dumping a few romsets from this warehouse too ! Check the list to the right. Btw, the working pcb list was taken straight from the warehouse web site but some have been sold before I even started the raid. I'm working on getting an updated list together including pics of each board. Be patient. You can try to buy some if you like, but be prepared for a reply saying "It's sold". As always, it's first come, first served.

11th February 2000
I have added some sections for the arcade warehouse. More to come soon! If you mailed me some dumb questions and didn't get a reply, check the updated Lamer-Mail section. :)

30th January 2000
AH! You like those pics I see, and want to know what's in that massive pile of pcb's don't you?....Don't worry, I'm currently making up a listing of everything, but it will take a while.

You might also be interested to know that everything you see is for sale, *cheap*.
Check back next week for a full listing.

28th January 2000
Check this gold mine of pcb's! here's a pic and here's another pic. (see warehouse pics link now) The pics were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 900 digital camera that I borrowed from a good friend. They're big (150k) but I'm sure you won't mind once you see them. Guess who has unrestricted access to all these and MORE for "historical dumping" purposes ? :))
More updates on this next week.

(Note previous news was not archived.)
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