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25th December, 2001
In the last update I forgot to mention....
I received another board from PCB-A-Holic called GTI Club by Konami. Since the board is not JAMMA, there's no pics yet, but you can see some board pics on the "PCB's on loan" page. Well, there are pics, but I pinched them from heheh!
This is some serious arcade hardware. It uses a PowerPC chip, a 68000 and a truck load of 3D surface-mounted chips! Fortunately, the ROMs are pretty standard and easily dumped ;-)

Also, here's a sneak peek at an **ultra rare** prototype title from Data East called Lemmings, with emulation courtesy of Bryan McPhail. You could expect to see this emulated very soon. The board is wire-mod-city, and never made it to production, AFAIK. Brings back memories of the old Amiga, doesn't it.......
Thanks to Mike Dailly for making the board, info and ROMs available to me. Click the thumbs to see larger shots.

25th December, 2001 (was 18th December)
WOW! Received another PCB.... It feels just like Christmas....

Gunbird 2 (Psikyo, 1998)

I've updated the "PCB's on Loan" page to show screenshots of ALL the boards that have been sent to me over the past few months.....well, they are ALL listed anyway, and most of them have pics ;-)

*Update!* Hehehe! Looks like I forgot to upload the update on the 18th. Ah well, you're reading this now, and you get 2 updates on the same day, so relax and enjoy....

2nd December, 2001
Received 5 more PCB's!!

With a combined donation from ArcadeEd, djrosen & cricri_pingouin we have.....
The Legend of Silk Road (Unico, 1999)
Monster Maulers (Konami, 1993)

From Pelle we have...
Heated Barrel (TAD)
Seibu Cup Soccer (TAD)
V-Goal Soccer (Tecmo)

A  ** H-U-G-E ** thanks to these guys for their continuing support!

Also, here's a quick peek at Enforce, courtesy of David Graves

10th November, 2001
Received a few more PCB's.

Enforce (Taito Z hardware, dumped), thanks to R. Belmont for the donation.

NBA Jam Extreme (ZN1 hardware)
Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom (Sega 1982)
Metamoqester (another one!)
Air Gallet (Banpresto, dumped)

Also received......Acrobat Mission (UPL, dumped)
BIG thanks to Andie for donating the PCB, and Tormod for sending it to me.

I also dumped an alternative version of WGP and the Euro version of Run & Gun (Konami, 1993). I noticed that the current dumps of Run & Gun are incorrect, since 2 of the program ROMs (the common-to-all-versions Mask ROMs) are dumped as 4M when they are really 8M. These are program ROMs, so the emulation would go no-where without proper dumps. Hopefully that will excite someone enough to complete the emulation of it.

Also dumped an alternative version of Road Blasters, and I finally got around to dumping Boogie Wings. Whew!!!

16th September, 2001
Just received 4 more PCB's.

They are Strikers 1945 II (Psikyo 1997), Super Slam (Banpresto), Ninja Master - Metamoqester (Banpresto) and Ultraman Club (Banpresto, 1992). Check out the MAME Wip page for details on the last one ;-))

12th September, 2001
I received another PCB, a very rare Data East game called Boogie Wings. I'll dump it soon.
Thanks to Pelle for the donation.

I added a page for Visual Pinball / Visual Pinmame related development info and table pics for use with creating VP tables. If you're into Visual Pinball table development, take a look at some raw images from tables that I have (had) access to, which I'm making available *especially* for YOU ;-)

26th August, 2001
Dumped: B.Rap Boys, 1992, Kaneko
Thanks to Felicien for the donation.

I added a page for boards that have been loaned to be dumped. You might find some interesting pics of 'The Outfoxies' there....
(link on the main page).

22nd August, 2001
A couple more PCB's arrived from a PCB Shop.

Dumped: Dragon World, 1995, IGS
Dumped: Macross Plus, 1996, Banpresto

I've put some screenshots on the PCB Shop Raid #2 page (link on the main page).

20th August, 2001
WOW! Phil Stroffolino made some progress with two recently dumped games.
Here's a sneak preview. Remember, it's still early days yet but it's a start!
Click the thumbnails for larger pics.

Cyber Sled (Many aspects of the hardware not emulated yet)

Golly Ghost (MCU protection causing problems)

Looks good, doesn't it? That's all due to the generosity of donators. If you like what you see, please consider donating. For more info see the links on the main page.

19th August, 2001
I've had many people tell me they are interested in donating a PCB to be dumped, but just don't know what to buy. We have put together a page called "The Dumping Project". This is a listing of undumped PCB's that you can buy right now from various PCB shops around the world, which is being hosted and maintained by Randy Hoffman of MAME Targets. Many are fairly cheap. If you are thinking of donating a PCB to be dumped, take a look at the list and maybe buy one and send it to me to be dumped. Be sure to read the entire page. At the bottom is a listing of PCB's (Here-in-after called "The Shopping List"). We have taken a considerable amount of time to ensure that the shopping list is as accurate as possible. The list will be kept up-to-date (right Randy? ;-) and from time to time it may change, so please take a look if you desire to donate any PCB's, now or in the future.

Also, be aware that there are certain things that you need to do when posting the items to me. See in particular the links (1) & (3) on the right.

As you can see from the news and pics below, I'm not just taking your PCB and playing it in my arcade cabinet. Far from it. I'm making a serious effort to work with the other devs to get things happening. And it seems to be working well so far......

18th August, 2001
Update No. 2 today!
Here's a sneak preview of Rad Rally's preliminary emulation, thanks to R. Belmont.

18th August, 2001
Another PCB arrives, thanks again to Pelle !!
This time it's the **ULTRA-RARE** Outfoxies (Namco, 1994, NB-2) It has some surface-mounted ROMs on it, so it will take some time to dump it, but at least we now have the PCB. (No thanks to Customs and an extra AU$270 import duty bill)

On a related note, it looks like another PCB has arrived, however Australian Customs has grabbed it and is holding me to ransom. I'm working on *that*, and hopefully I'll get it next week.
The game? B Rap Boys, I think....

Very soon, there will be a listing posted of undumped and wanted PCBs that can be bought right now from various PCB shops around the world, compiled by several people, including me. If you are thinking of sending me a PCB in the future, look over the list and maybe donate one. But please email me first, so we can double check its needed and so I can offer some advice on how to avoid or minimize the customs problem.

The other dumped and unmentioned game that hasnt yet developed into a working driver is Golly Ghost (Namco, 1990-, System 2). That should be hopefully sorted out soon. Thanks again to Pelle for sending me the PCB.

Some of you may have heard rumours about me receiving a Jurassic Park PCB. Well, I did receive it, but unfortunately it was not Sega's Jurassic Park (system 32), so I sent it back. So Jurassic Park remains undumped, for now.

14th August, 2001
2 more PCBs arrived, thanks PCB-A-Holic!!
Dumped: Rad Rally (Sega, 1991, System 32)
Dumped: Cyber Sled (Namco, 1993, System 21)

6th August, 2001
2 more rare Namco System 2 PCBs arrived, thanks Pelle !

Before you get all excited, it doesn't work. It has similar problems to the other non-working System 2 games.
Whats the other one you ask? You'll just have to wait and see, won't you? I should have some early WIP s/shots soon.....

I also received a sneak preview screenshot of another *very early* WIP......

There's a heap more coming soon. So much to do, so little time to do it! [sigh]

29th July, 2001
Another rare PCB arrived....
Dumped: Night Slashers (Data East, 1993).
Special thanks to Bruce G. for the donation.
The big surpises are still to come.....

23rd July, 2001
Dumped: Dragonball Z 2 - Super Battle (Banpresto, 1994).
Special thanks to Keferen for sending me the PCB.
Special F.U's to the Australian Customs Department for holding up the package for a week.

Dumped: Cross Shooter (Seibu, 1987, possibly proto.)
Special thanks to PCB-A-Holic for buying and sending me the PCB.

Special thanks to PowerJaw & Sean Young for sending me 2 PCB donations (Sunset Riders and Haunted Castle), to be used to help with the emulation.

More *BIG* surprises are on the way, stay tuned !

14th June, 2001
Dumped: Don Den Lover (Dynax)

Thanks to r0ni, I now have my own space on a fast server, so I'll be releasing some of the dumps there in future.
(unfortunately, this didn't last long and is now dead)

13th June, 2001
Another Mirror for NCV2 added.

Some more PCB's arrived from the PCB Shop (Raid #2)
Dumped: Battle Bakraid (8ing, 1999)
Dumped: Guardian Storm (Afega, 1998
Dumped: GundHara (Banpresto, 1995)
Dumped: Sailor Moon, (Banpresto, 1995)
Dumped: Gallop Racer (Tecmo, 1996)

Shop Raid links on the left are updated with screenshots etc...

Wants to see more? Please donate, so I can keep buying undumped PCB's

10th June, 2001
Another Mirror for NCV2 added.
Update: Another Mirror for NCV2 added. thats 4 now.

9th June, 2001
Namco Classics Collection #2 is now dumped. Special thanks to Malcor for dumping the surface-mounted ROMs.
It's available here
Please mirror this archive somewhere and send me the links to post here, so everyone can download it, since the Geocities site will not last long.
Help me to keep doing this by donating some funds to the cause.

UPDATE: That link lasted about 30 seconds!

UPDATE #2: Mirrors removed. Sorry, Emuunlim's policy doesnt allow me to directly link to ROMs.

5th June, 2001
I received an Avengers PCB from Phil Stroffolino (a few days ago) which I've used to help him fix the emulation

Some PCB's arrived from the PCB Shop (Raid #2)
Dumped: Puckman Pokemon
Dumped: Multi Champ
Dumped: Zero Point (Unico 1998), virtually identical to Namco's Point Blank.....and guess what? ;-))

Yes, that's right, this is an emulation screenshot...... thanks to the very talented Luca Elia :-)

Ok, so who wants to keep this trend going by donating, so I can keep buying undumped PCB's?

27th May, 2001
I have updated the PCB Shop Raid pages (links on the right) to now show screenshots of all the PCB's purchased from Shop Raid #1.
Also added is a link to "Other PCB's" that have either been donated for dumping purposes, or ones that I purchased myself and dumped.
Many of the PCB's shown in these pages are still unemulated, and as such, have never been seen before by the human eye ;-)
In actual fact, they are net-virgin screenshots! Take a look.

Shop Raid #2 is still in progress, still waiting to receive the shipment....

Remember, most of these PCB's listed are for sale, so if you want to help me purchase more PCB's to dump, you can do so by buying one of them, and in the process you'll score yourself a rare PCB.

19th May, 2001
I've received the Namco Classics #2 PCB and have sent it off to a friend to be professionally dumped. Expect some more news on this in 2 weeks (or less)
If you're into arcade laser disc games and have one lying around but don't have one of the old LD players to make it work, take a look at this site....

Also, you might want to click the new links on the right (on the main page)......

15th May, 2001
As you may recall, I raided a PCB shop in Japan with the help of Team Japump in February, and purchased these 13 pcb's (Space Fighter X, Space Stranger, Cuby Pop, Tube It, Sadari, Super Cross II, Lady Killer, Drift Out 94, Mouja, Gun Nail, Amatelass, Double Wings, Prebillian) with my donation, which Team Japump have already dumped, several of which are already emulated.
Several other people have done the same thing and donated towards the purchase of PCB's that were bought and dumped by Team Japump, and this is still currently being done. It's a never-ending task.
There are literally thousands of pcb's that are undumped, and in risk of being lost or bought up by collectors who are not "Emulation Friendly".
I'm currently organising another PCB buy-up from a shop in Asia. I've ordered a couple of pcb's with some donations (by request). There are about 20 or 30 pcb's that are available at this shop that are quite rare and currently undumped. It would be nice to buy them and dump them so we can all enjoy them, but to do this I need donations. If you would like to donate some funds towards this PCB-Shop raid (my second one) with your credit card, then you can do so via a secure online web site. You can also donate cash or send an International Money Order. If you would like some more information on this, feel free to email me.

The raid has already started, so the more people who participate, the more PCB's can be dumped and preserved. I'll keep everyone informed on how this 2nd PCB-Shop raid goes.

11th May, 2001
Dumped: Vindicators (Atari, newer alternative version)
Dumped: Neck & Neck (Incredible Tech. 1992).

9th May, 2001
I now have enough donations to buy a Namco Classics #2 pcb. So if you emailled me and pledge and received a reply from me, you know what to do.....

3rd May, 2001
Dumped: Sega Rally (Sega 1995, Model 2A-CRX)
Dumped: Sonic Fighters (Sega 1996, Model 2B-CRX)

I've just got word that Namco Classics #1 (the one with Galaga, Mappy and Xevious) is just about ready for release in emulators and Namco Classics #2 runs in the same driver aswell, albeit with bad gfx because the gfx roms of #2 are not dumped yet. So, if you have this pcb (the one with Rally X and Pacman) and wish to donate or loan it for dumping, please contact me.

Update! : Please note, it's not a simple eprom that is required, they are already dumped. What is needed are 2 surface-mounted roms (used for gfx and sound). Not just soldered to the pcb, but Surface-Mounted-Devices, meaning it's a very specialised (and complicated) job to dump them.

Update! : I've located a NC#2 pcb. Unfortunately it will cost $1000 Australian (about US$500 including shipping and tax). ;-(
However all is not lost. Some people are willing to donate money to buy it, including myself. I have $200 pledged so far. So therefore, if you are willing to donate some money, please let me know.

25th February, 2001
Dumped: Mystic Warriors (Konami 1993)
I removed The Shanghai Kid WIP page, since now it's officially supported

20th January, 2001
Dumped: Mechanized Attack (SNK, 1989)
Extremely rare, I've heard. Well, not common anyway, and previously undumped, until now.....

6th January, 2001
The Shanghai Kid WIP page got another update with a new driver and some other *surprises*

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