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25th December, 2002
Thanks to Manuel "Gaelco" Abadia, we have some progress already on World Rally 2! Sadly, it's not fully playable and has some graphical problems, but Manuel hasn't given up yet!

24th December, 2002

Air Combat 22 (Namco Super System 22, 1995)
Thanks to mc-escher for the PCB loan.

Area 51 Site 4 (Atari, 1998, uses 2.5GB hard drive)
Thanks to Mr F.

Arrived and Dumped:
World Rally 2 (Gaelco, 1996)
Heh, actually "Arrived" is not correct. It's closer to "drove a 100km round trip to pick it up and bring it back for processing" ;-)
Thanks to Tony for the loan of the PCB.

I just received another package a few minutes ago. Hmmm, well, lemme look what's inside...
Last Bronx Ver. A (Sega, 1996, Model 2B-CRX, this one is for resale and a donation since it's already dumped).
Gumbo (Min Corporation, 1994)
An unknown board (possibly gambling themed)
Trogg II (Williams/Midway, 1990)
Thanks to Taucher for these.

Also, a BIG thanks to mamegrrl for sending me this nice Xmas present.

Hmmm, looks like Santa visited me early this year ;-)

9th December, 2002
Die Hard Arcade (STV cart)
Avengers In Galactic Storm
Sauro (bootleg)
Rohga (Alt. version)

Some of you may have noticed that Dreamcast emulation is coming along very nicely on the Icarus home page. These guys are really interested to take this one step further by attempting emulation of the Naomi arcade hardware (basically a more powerful version of the Dreamcast). Unfortunately, they need some dumps of the carts (only one is available) and a main board to get a dump of the BIOS (which I am able to dump for them when a main board is purchased). If you would like to help out, please visit their page and offer your support or help me by donating a Naomi main board, or funds to purchase one.
Update: Ok, we got ourselves a nice BIOS dump via another dumper. We still need some carts though... and a main board will assist with hardware analysis etc.

20th November, 2002
Zombie Raid (Sammy, 1995)
Thanks Pelle.

11th November, 2002
Received and dumped:
War Gods (Midway, 1996, including 420M hard drive)
Thanks Taucher.

9th November, 2002

Area 51 / Maximum Force Duo (Atari, 1998)
Thanks to Tony for the loan of the machine.

Hyper Athlete (Konami, 1996)
Thanks to Taucher.

San Francisco Rush (Atari, 1996, including 3.2GB HD)
Thanks to Mr. F.

3rd November, 2002

The next package from Japan arrived.....
In the H-U-G-E box we have 10 PCB's :-)

Avengers in Galactic Storm, Data East, 1996
Diet GoGo, Data East, 1993
Dunk Dream '95, Data East, 1995
Magical Drop +1!, Data East, 1995
Pocket Gal DX, Data East, 1992
Stadium Hero '96, Data East, 1996
World Cup Volley '95, Data East, 1995
Thanks to WTC.

Do Donpachi II, Cave, 2001
Strikers 1999, Psikyo, 1999
Thanks to R. Belmont.

Dragon Blaze, Psikyo, 2000

2nd November, 2002

Two more boards arrived....
Cyber Commando (Namco, 1995, System22, bought by me)
Back Fire! (Data East, 1995). Thanks Pelle

21st October, 2002

Tekken Ver. B (Namco, 1995, System 11)
Tekken Ver. C (Namco, 1995, System 11)
DOA was redumped and I redumped IC6 of Virtua Cop 2.
The Sega Model 2 Dump Status page is updated with some more pics.

19th October, 2002

Some more boards arrived....
Gunbarich (Psikyo, 2001, SH-2 hardware)
Ehrgeiz Ver. A (Namco, 1998, System 12)
Tekken 2 Ver. B (Namco, 1995, System 11)
Tekken Ver. B (Namco, 1995, System 11)
Soul Edge Ver. A (Namco, 1995, System 11)
Soul Edge Ver. II Ver. C (Namco, 1996, System 11)
Nostradamus (Face, 1993)
Note the System 11 ones all have PCB faults.
Thanks to Brian A. Troha for the loan of the boards. I fixed 2 out of the 4 System 11 boards. Not too bad :-))

Also arrived....
Indy 500 (Sega, 1995, Model 2B-CRX)
I forgot to mention... several weeks ago I also received a Die Hard Arcade STV cart.
Thanks to Malcolm McKay for the loan of these two boards.

12th October, 2002

Cyber Cycles (Namco, 1995, Super System 22).
HUGE thanks again to Tony for the loan of the boards from his working cabinet!
The Sega Model 2 Dump Status page is also updated with lots of pics and comments ;-)

26th September, 2002

I added a new page....
Sega Model 2 Dump Status
And, I just updated it again... check it out!

25th August, 2002
House Of The Dead (Sega, Model 2C-CRX)
Behind Enemy Lines (Sega, Model 2C-CRX

Check my M2 Dump Status Page for some early emulation  screenshots, plus info on other Model 2 games.

If you were ever thinking about donating Model 2B/2C PCB's or funds to go towards Model 2B/2C PCB's & dumps, now might be a good time to do so, thanks!
Also, if anyone happens to have access to info on the custom IC's used on Model 2 PCB's please let us know! In particular we need info on the Fujitsu TGP chips, we don't need info on SHARC (Model 2B) or TGP4X (Model 2C), just plain old TGP, used on Model 1, 2 & 2A (that's Fujitsu part number MB86233)

17th August, 2002

Rave Racer (Namco, 1995, World revision, System 22)
PCB Pic#1
PCB Pic#2
Thanks to an operator friend (G'day Tony!) for the loan of the PCB.
D.M. Note: Cost = $0.00

14th August, 2002
I received the next batch of PCBs from Japan.

"The Dumping Project" wishes to thank the people who have contributed funds towards these....

Gin, Amnios, Pelle, David Baltes, Gerald Coy, Renaud Dayen, Erik de Maeyer, Kevin Eshbach, Olivier Galibert, jmurjr, Luca Maggiolini, Will Perez, Theo Phillips, Bob Schultz, The Manuel, The Sil, Phil Stroffolino, sweettooth, Taucher0815, Brian A. Troha, Taylor Woll, ZeroKnightRaiden & Stefan Zimmermann

If you don't see your name on this list and it should be, or if you see your name on this list and it shouldn't be, or if you want to be known by your nick rather than your name or vice versa, we apologize. Let us know and we'll make the change.

Now for the boards that arrived....
Syougi (Alpha '82)
Syougi part 2 (Alpha '82)
Quiz Panikuru Fantasy (NMK '92)
Country Club (SNK '88)
Kamen Rider Club Battle Racer (Banpresto '93)
Hyper NeoGeo64 mother board

Carnevil (including 3.2GB hard drive)

12th August, 2002
Victory Lap (Namco, 1995, System 22)

Also, check this VERY PRELIMINARY screen shot......

Thanks to Phil Stroffolino :-)

7th August, 2002
WOW! LOADS of boards arrived over the last few days..
Gaiapolis, Winning Spike, Beastorizer, Rushing Heroes (all for re-dumping) and Strikers 1945 (for trojaning ;-)) Thanks to R. Belmont for these.
Crypt Killers (Konami 1995, Playstation hardware + 540M harddrive), which I bought for PCB-A-Holic.
RayStorm (Taito FX1, Sony ZN1 mobo + custom Taito top board), Eleven Beat (Aleck64 mobo and cart), Hoops (aka Dunk Dream 96, Data East MLC Cart, heh, but only half a cart, the game side only!), Thanks to Pelle for these.
Youma Ninpou Chou bootleg bought by Randy on Ebay
Plenty more on the way....
I need a Data East MLC main board (the side with the JAMMA connector on it). If anyone has one (or any other MLC carts) and would like to loan or donate it to me, please contact me. Thanks
Update: I got an MLC cart!

24th July, 2002
Two more boards arrived..
Fantasia II (Comad, 1997)
Golden Fire II
Thanks to Taucher!

21st July, 2002
I've been instructed to sell some PCBs that I have on loan. If anyone is interested in them, speak up now before I sell them elsewhere. The ones up for sale are....
Cyber Sled, Cross Shooter, Rad Rally, Gun Force 2, and two Neogeo Quiz Japanese carts
Quiz Daisousa Sen and Quiz Daisousa Sen Part 2
I'm also offering my Neogeo 1 Slot PCB and Metal Slug 2 cart to anyone that can supply any undumped Namco System22 or Super System22 PCBs to me. i.e. a straight swap. Be quick, it won't last ;-)

14th July, 2002

The 1st stage of the next Japan PCB Shop Raid has been completed.

Our Organisational Leader (Randy) says....

"The Dumping Project wishes to thank the people who have contributed funds or PCBs or dumps, or at least offered them, to the project so far:

David Baltes
Gerald Coy
Renaud Dayen
Erik de Maeyer
Kevin Eshbach
Olivier Galibert
Luca Maggiolini
Will Perez
Theo Phillips
Bob Schultz
The Sil
Phil Stroffolino
Brian A. Troha
Taylor Woll
Stefan Zimmermann
plus several anonymous donators as well as the dumpers and the numerous people who have provided informational and logistical support.
If you don't see your name on this list and it should be, or if you see your name on this list and it shouldn't be, or if you want to be known by your nick rather than your name or vice versa, we apologize. Let us know and we'll make the change."

ok, back to me now :-))
The PCBs that arrived and have been dumped are:
Lode Runner The Dig Fight (Ver. A, Psikyo 2000)
Robo Wres 2001 (Sega, 1986)
Victorious Nine (Taito, 1984)
Three Sega System 24 Quiz games
Change Air Blade (Sammy, 1999)
Pairs (System Ten Co. Ltd., 1989)

The next raid has already been completed and PCB's are on the way to me as we speak.
If you'd like to donate towards the continuation of this shop raid, see my donations page (link to the right)

24th June, 2002
Got some more PCBs in the post....
Battle Balls (Seibu, 1995), thanks to Naikrovek

Raiden Fighters (Seibu, 1996), thanks to Mr F.

SS Mission (Comad, 1992), thanks to Roy A.

Carnevil (Midway, 1999) & Buriki One (SNK, 1999, Hyper Neo Geo 64 cart), thanks to PCB-A-Holic

Bubble 2000 (Tuning, 1998)
Match It (Tamtex)
Triple Fun
Bouncing Balls (Comad)
Unknown IGS game (IGS PGM cart and main board with Chinese title that I can't read), thanks Taucher. UPDATE: It's called Dragon World 2.

A H-U-G-E thanks to all these people for their efforts :-)

REQUEST: I need a Hyper Neo Geo 64 main board as the main board will contain ROMs and they are not dumped yet. Can someone loan or donate one because I can't dump this cart until I get a main PCB also. Thanks!
UPDATE: Got one donated! Thanks Gin!

11th June, 2002
Just a bit of WIP news....
Remember that Tekken 2 PCB that arrived 1st June? Well, it turned out to be Version A (previously not dumped). So I dumped it a few hours ago, and here's the first emulation screenshot....

I also finally dumped Prop Cycle, and here's an early WIP screenshot courtesy of Phil Stroffolino.....

7th June, 2002
Another one arrived....
Behind Enemy Lines (Sega, 1998, running on Sega Model 2C CRX hardware)
Thanks to PCB-A-Holic!

Oh, and check these too....

Yep that's right, they're from Zinc. BTW, if you can help with donating/loaning any undumped Namco System 11 or System 12 PCB's, please contact me.

1st June, 2002
2 More PCBs received from Pelle. They are...
Osman (Mitchell Corp., 1996, running on Data East hardware with unknown CPU!)
Tekken 2 (Namco, 1995, world version)

15th May, 2002
I received a lot of things over the last few weeks but have been very busy (mostly re-dumping things) so I didn't update them here.
Thanks to Theo for donations of Speed Spin, Gigas Mark 3 and 9 Ball Shootout PCBs.
Thanks to Paul Sommers for a loan of his Taito Side Kicks PCB. Update: This is actually Kick Start Wheelie King.
Thanks to Knuckle for donation of a Raiden II PCB.
Thanks to R. Belmont for a loan of his Violent Storm and Mystic Warriors PCBs and the donation of a non-working (and undumped) golf PCB running on SSV hardware (called 'Eagle Shot Golf')
Lastly, H-U-G-E thanks to Malcolm McKay for a very nice loan of his wonderful STV cart collection including a main board and no less than 20 STV carts! Some much needed STV re-dumps coming soon!
I also fully dumped the Namco Super System 22 PCB that Pelle donated a while ago called Alpine Racer (containing a mega-pile of surface mounted ROMs and the first SS22 dump AFAIK), which has been confirmed a good dump and uses some hardware that is similar to Namco System 21.

25th March, 2002

Forgot to mention, about a week ago, I received a PCB from Quench. Which PCB? It's called 'Lode Runner The Dig Fight'. Runs on similar hardware to Gunbird 2, Strikers 1945 II etc. You might want to keep an eye out on the MAME WIP page.....

21st March, 2002
I can now accept donations via Paypal.
See the donations page (link on the right) if you wish to donate some funds for the next planned PCB Shop raid.

18th March, 2002
Wow, I'm having a good Monday, 2 packages arrived within two hours. One at 8am and one at 10am.
From Pelle we have....
Lethal Enforcers II (Konami GX type 2, 1994, dumped)

And from Taucher....
Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 (Kaneko, 1995, for a redump, current dump is very incomplete)


Received another package at 2pm today!
Raiden DX (Seibu, 1996, updated version, fully surface mounted tiny PCB)

3rd March, 2002
More arrivals...
Stone Ball (Art and Magic, 1994)
Racin' Force (Konami GX type 1, 1993)
Thanks to Pelle for sending the PCB's.

Super Real Mah-jong - parts 4, 5, 6, & 7 (4 PCB's, all by Seta)
Thanks to Gin (from Japan) for the donations.

11th February, 2002
Some more PCBs arrived... finally >:-\
I say "finally" because these boards are nearly 1 month late. That's thanks to the *morons* who run UPS (in Sydney) and an extra customs fee of $100 (presumably for the privilege of dealing with them), making the postage and fees total *more* than the cost of the PCB's.... Assholes!!
I paid the fees directly to their bank account, but it seems that "money in the bank" is not good enough for UPS, as they wanted fax confirmation from the bank aswell. That didn't happen, of course...Have you ever phoned a bank and got them to actually do something for you? ROTFL!
So after several phone calls, some very L-O-U-D shouting over the phone to the stupid female office chick at UPS in Sydney, and me almost having to take legal action against UPS, they finally released the package for delivery to me, about a month late.
Needless to say, I will NOT be using UPS in future, and if you value your sanity and your bank balance, you won't either. I've updated the customs page to reflect this added 'experience' so you should read that again if you plan to send me anything in future.

The boards that arrived are....
Desert War (Jaleco, 1995, Mega System 32)
Dunk Mania (Namco, 1995, System 11)
Huge thanks to djrosen and cricri_pingouin for getting the bucks together to buy these.

4th February, 2002
Some more PCBs arrived...

Prop Cycle (Namco, 1996, Super System22) thanks Phil Stroffolino
Tekken Tag Tournament (Namco, 1999, System12)

Squash (Gaelco, 1992 - unprotected!)
Thanks Taucher

J League Soccer V-Shoot (Namco, 1994, NB1)
Rapid Fire (Hanaho, 1998)
Thanks Pelle

30th January, 2002
I received a PCB to do a redump of a few ROMs two weeks ago. Thanks to Pelle for loaning me the board. Which board you ask? the thumbs to find out......

Remember, these are early emulation preview shots....

Special thanks to Bryan McPhail for the sneak preview.

4th January, 2002
HOLY COW! They *DO* exist!

Received and Dumped:
Gunforce II (Irem, 1994)
Thanks to PCB-A-Holic for sending the board.

4th January, 2002
Received some more PCBs, dump some more PCB's

Grand Striker (Human, 1993)
Some Sega Mega Tech carts (World Championship Soccer, Golden Axe, Super Monaco GP)
Alpine Racer (Namco, 1995)
An unknown game (Comad, 1991)
Thanks to Pelle for the boards.

Strikers 1945 II
Gunbird 2
GTI Club
Seibu Cup Soccer
Heated Barrel
V Goal Soccer
Monster Maulers
Legend of Silk Road
NBA Jam Extreme
Grand Striker
Unknown Comad Game

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