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14th December, 2003
Some very early WIP shots......

3rd December, 2003
Arrived and dumped:
Speed Racer (Namco, 1995, System FL hardware)
Thanks Pelle!

25th November, 2003
Martial Masters (IGS, 2001, PGM cart)
Tournament Golf (Sega Mega-Tech cart)
Thanks to Taucher

3rd November, 2003
A H-U-G-E pile of stuff just arrived.....

Landing Gear (Taito, 1995, System JC)
Polystars (Konami, 1997, Konami M2 hardware)
Powerful Baseball 96 (Konami, 1996, Baby Phoenix hardware)
Sen Kyu (Seibu, SPI hardware)
Rabbit (Electronic Arts, 1997, SF2 rip-off)
Thanks to Pelle

See See Find Out (Icarus, 1999)
Thanks to Andrew Slorach

Punisher (bootleg)
Thanks to Arzeno Fabrice

Data I/O Unisite Rev 7.3 software (latest update)
Thanks to Gyrovision

Nightraid (Takumi, 2001, Taito GNet cart)
Psyvair Medium Unit (Success, 2000, Taito GNet cart)
Su-Chi-Pai3 (Jaleco, 1999, Sega Naomi ROM cart)
Dark Mist (Taito, 1986)
Panic Road (Taito, 1986)
Quiz 18-kin (EIM, 1992, Video-Systems hardware)
Cool Boarders : Arcade Jam (Tecmo, 1998, TPS hardware)
Angel Kiss (Jaleco Megasys32)
Gundam Ex Revue (Banpresto, 1994)
Renju Kizoku (Visco, 1994)
Kyuukyoku no Othello (Success, 1990)
Kyuukyoku no Striker (East Technology/Taito, 1989)
Thanks to the following people for their donations....
almightyjustin, CADweazle, David D., Kevin Eshbach, f205v, Galaxian, gregf, Guruchoc, mftm, Moebius, Frank Palazzolo, Thomas Rosner, B. S. Ruggeri, Scott, Eugene Sung, and several anonymous donators. Also special thanks to RocLobsta and the rest of the MAMEWorld gang.

19th October, 2003
The Model 3 Dump Status page is updated again.....

17th October, 2003
I received a Dangerous Dungeons PCB and dumped the 68705 microcontroller on it.
Thanks to Pelle for grabbing the PCB from EBay :)

Also note the Model 3 Dump Status page is updated.....

5th October, 2003
Received and dumped: Sega Rally Pro Drivin'.
Thanks to B. Simpson

I also dumped all the Naomi GDROMs I have. Each game dump is  1 Gigabyte so I can't possibly upload them to the DC/Naomi emulation guys on my crappy 56k modem. Anyone want to donate a DVD burner? :-))

12th September, 2003
I've been working on this today....

Finally completed the adapter to read the nasty Toshiba embedded ROM on US Championship V'Ball.
Still some work to do though, it's not quite giving us the correct read yet..... it's taken Jarek and I many hours over several months to get to this point, we're not far off now! :-)

2nd September, 2003
Two packages arrived today, seems I always get packages on a Tuesday :-)
Side By Side 2 (Taito, 1997, Taito JC hardware)
Surf Planet (Gaelco, 1997)
Radikal Bikers (Gaelco/Atari, 1998)
Super Eagle Shot Golf (Seta, 1994)
Super X (NTC/Dooyong, 1994)
Spawn (Capcom, 2000, NAOMI cart)
Aleck 64 Eleven Beat cart (Hudson Soft, 1998)
Last Fortress (Metro, 199?)
Huge thanks to Pelle for all that!

Bakuretsu Breakers (Kaneko, 1992)
Dragon World 3 (Alta Co/IGS., 1998, IGS PGM cart)

19th August, 2003
The Model 3 WIP page is updated. Now with full 3D textures and cars in Scud Race!
I also added a tutorial page on how to dump ROMs a couple of days ago, in case no-one noticed :-)

15th August, 2003
I received a DoctorV64jr 256M N64 backup unit (thanks to EFX) and purchased a Nintendo 64 console (I never thought I'd do that! hehe!). After 2 days of messing around, I managed to dump the Magical Tetris Challenge PCB. This means I can dump the Aleck64 carts too :-)

11th August, 2003
I've been fairly busy over the past week so didn't get chance to update here. However, this stuff arrived just recently thanks to  Mameworld contributions :-)
Taito G-Net motherboard
Shanghai Shouryu Sairin
Mayjin-Sen 2
Mogura Desse
Power Stone 2
Slash Out GDRom version
Capcom vs SNK : Millenium Fight 2000 Pro
The Ninja Master
Asura Blade
Fatal Fury Wild Ambition

Also picked up a Dreamcast Broadband Adapter. So hopefully there will be some NAOMI GDRom dumps coming soon :-))

In other news, I successfully dumped the MCU from Tiger Heli thanks to the Data IO Unisite Programmer which was recently acquired :-)

5th August, 2003

Added Model 3 Dump Status page to links in the left column.....

3rd August, 2003
Oops! I forgot to mention in the 20th July news....
Virtua Fighter 3 for redumping arrived as well! Thanks to R. Belmont for sending it :-)
Ok, I'm sure you have seen Model 3 Emulation is now a reality over at So if anyone has a Model 3 PCB they want to loan to me for dumping, or wants to buy/donate one for dumping, please contact me :-)

31st July, 2003
Two more PCB's arrived....
Lady Frog (Mondial Games, 1990)
Genix Family (Nix, 1994)
Thanks to Leandro

More good news! I have successfully used the Data I/O Unisite programmer to read the 68705 microcontroller on Pit N' Run. After some time, you should see progress on that here :-)

29th July, 2003
I've discovered that the main board of Magical Tetris featuring Mickey is virtually identical to the Aleck64 main board I had a while ago. It also turns out that the ROMs used on it are the same kind of serial PROMs that are used in the Aleck64 carts, which just happen to be identical to the ones used in standard N64 carts. Anyone happen to have a N64 backup unit that they want to loan or donate to me so I can dump these boards?

I've also got the Data IO Unisite working. The supplied software disks were all bad and the PC-side software was not included. I managed to get an old Rev 5.3 of the Unisite software but device support is seriously lacking. Here's two screenshots of the unit in action....

So... I'm looking for an updated (preferably the latest) version of the Data I/O Unisite software and algorithms. Can anyone help?
Update: I'm aware that Data I/O offer updated algorithms on their FTP (that's where I downloaded the V5.3 bootdisk & V5.3 algorithm floppies). However, it's not plainly clear which algorithms to get (for example I need support for MX27L1000 PLCC32 which was added at V5.4). But I'm not sure even having the algorithm is enough, I'm sure the updated boot disk would be needed also, and a full set of the latest boot software & algorithms with full support for the newest devices would be much nicer too ;-)

28th July, 2003

More stuff arrived!
Mr Driller 2 (Namco, 2000, Namco System 10)
Magical Tetris Challenge Featuring Mickey (Capcom, 1998)
Thanks to Pelle

Crystal of Kings (Brezzasoft, 2001, Crystal System)
Thanks to Taucher

20th July, 2003
I received a HUGE pile of stuff.....
Mr Driller (Namco, 1999, Namco System 12)
Aqua Rush (Namco, 1999, Namco System 12)
Paca Paca Passion Special (Produce, 1999, Namco System 12)
Super World Stadium '99 (Namco, 1999, Namco System 12)
Bonks Adventure (Kaneko, 1994)
Grand Striker 2 (Human, 1996)
Schmeizer Robo (Hot-B, 1993, Data East hardware)
Gaia Crusaders (Noise Factory, 1999)
Godzilla (Banpresto, 1993, Legionairre hardware)
All Japan Pro Wrestle 2 (Sega, 1999)
Dynamite Baseball Naomi (Sega, 1998)
Giant Gram 2000 (Sega, 2000)
Dynamite Baseball '99 (Sega, 1999)
Rival Schools 2 (Capcom, 2000)
Cosmic Smash (Sega, 2000)
Heavy Metal (Capcom, 2001)
Out Trigger (Sega, 1999)
Giga Wing 2 (Capcom, 2000)
Derby Owners Club (Sega, 1999)
Big thanks to Leonid81, Bob Schultz, jmurjr, f205v, Kevin Eshbach, and many MAMEWorld contributors.

Racin' Force, Sexy Parodius (version JAB), Slam Dunk 2, Ridge Racer (World rev) and Heavy Unit.
Thanks to R. Belmont for these.

Extra special HUGE thanks to Gyrovision for buying this for me from Ebay :-))

10th July, 2003
Arrived and dumped:
Winding Heat (Konami, 1996, PPC hardware)
Thanks to Andrew Slorach for the loan of the PCB

5th July, 2003
Received another package...
Power Instinct (Atlus, 1993, original PCB)
Hatch Catch (Semicom, 1995)
Thanks to Taucher

Update: I just picked this up cheap too, which will be used to dump NAOMI GDROMs (hopefully) :-)

25th June, 2003
I ran a trojan on the 'House of the Dead' PCB and ElSemi was able to fix most of the remaining problems. So now it's fully playable ;-))
Check the screenshots on my Model 2 Dump Status page.

20th June, 2003
Lots of stuff arrived!
Package #1:
Sega NAOMI GDROM system including Street Fighter Zero3 Upper, Sports Jam and Virtua Golf. See a pic here.
H-U-G-E thanks to Narendra Verma for the main system donation, additional parts from Gin and jmurjr and the software titles via donations from MAMEWorld :)

Package #2:
Outtrigger (Sega, 1999, NAOMI cart)
Landmaker (test/prototype version not using an F3 mainboard)
Dock Man (Taito, 1982, original version of Port Man)
Super Dogde Ball (for trojaning)
An unknown _very old_ PCB by Mirco Inc. (no CPU, no ROMs)
Update: The unknown PCB is probably Block Buster
Thanks to Taucher.

10th June, 2003
Zinc again :-)

All available system12 dumps are now emulated, there's more on the way though.....

8th June, 2003

More Zinc WIP.....

Sadly, Soul Calibur can't be fully emulated until the dump is complete. It's emulated and runs but all graphics are bad (showing only garbage and colored pixels) because 2 ROMs are not dumped yet. If you want to help out, see MAMEWorld for more info :)

7th June, 2003

More Zinc WIP.....

5th June, 2003

How about a bit of Zinc WIP? :-)))

4th June, 2003
Another developer request....
There is a strong possibility of being able to break the protection on the ZN1 boards with some hardware analysis and running some trojan code to probe the internals of the hardware ;-))
However to do that, we need a working ZN1 board that is supported in Zinc so we can test out the emulation in Zinc. Currently the protection in all the supported ZN1 games is just skipped because they don't make use of the encryption chip on the PCB. Once broken, this will lead to the emulation of all other ZN1 games (including Ray Storm and Brave Blade which are fully encrypted)
If anyone has any Zinc-supported ZN1 PCB (such as Street Fighter EX or EX2, Battle Arena Toshinden, Rival Schools, Star Gladiator 2, Strider 2 etc ) and they would like to loan or donate it to me, or would like to buy one and have it sent to me (many are fairly cheap and widely available) please contact me.

In other dumping news, I have now dumped Tekken 3, Prime Goal EX and another version of Tekken 2. I also updated the Namco System10/11/12 page.

25th May, 2003
Received some more PCB's from Japan.... :-)
Dragon Ball Z (Banpresto, 1993)
US Championship V'Ball (Technos, 1988)
Thanks to Karasu Tojo

Kyros No Yakata (Alpha Denshi, 1986)
Cosmo (TDS & Mints, 1979, modified Taito Space Invaders h/w)
Yachtsman (Esco/Sanritsu, 1982)
Thanks to Mameworld donations

Tekken 3 (Namco, 1997, System 12)
Thanks to Mr Faust and his "rare DVD auction" :-))

Note....I don't have a listing of every person who donated via Mameworld (because no-one told me), so I'll just say a H-U-G-E thanks to everyone who donated to the dumping project via Mameworld and continue to dig deep, this is only the tip of the iceberg :)

15th May, 2003
A coupla more PCB's arrived to cross off the list :-))
Fighting Layer (Namco, 1998, System 12)
Soul Calibur (Namco , 1998, System 12)
Thanks to Narendra Verma

11th May, 2003
While I wait for the next shipment of PCB's to arrive, I decided to add a new page to the site. Check the link in the right column or if you're lazy, click here. It's not completed yet, but it's a start :-)
Also arrived were 2 PCBs.....
Land Breaker (Eolith, version with all SMT ROMs), Thanks to Tim
Knuckle Bash (Toaplan), Thanks to Randy

14th April, 2003
Arrived: The final part of Shopraid #4, at last!
Vasara (Visco, 2000)
Skull Fang (Data East, 1996)
Big Bang (NMK, 1993)
SD Gundam Neo Battling (Banpresto, 1992)
Champion List II (IGS, 1996)
Tenkaigen (Dynax, 1991)

Also got a few boards from Taucher....
Goal '92
Catsbee (Uchida, 1984)
Blockbuster (Kiwako, 1983)

13th April, 2003
Scud Race (Sega, 1996, Model 3 Step 1.5)
Konami Open Golf Championship (Konami, 1994, System GX)
Golgo 13 (Namco/Raizing/8ing, 1999, System 12)

7th April, 2003
Street Fighter III New Generation (Capcom, 1997, CPS3)
KOF95 Neo Geo cart (for a redump)

30th March, 2003
I have a request from a few developers.....
There is some interest in emulating the Capcom CPS3 system. However, we don't yet have a complete dump of any CPS3 game. What we have is mostly incomplete due to the CPS3 cart (likely) containing some kind of BIOS ROM and possibly some surface mounted ROMs also. Please note that emulation could still be some time off due to encryption, but without a full dump and hardware info, we can't really start (and you gotta start somewhere....).
If anyone is interested to see CPS3 emulation/development and is willing to buy/donate/send a PCB to me for analysis and dumping, please contact me.

29th March, 2003
Check these early WIP pics.... Namco System 12 emulated...

in Zinc, of course. Still a few graphical problems caused by protection, but they'll be sorted out eventually. I think now might be a very good time to donate towards buying System 12 PCB's :-))

27th March, 2003

Heheh! Judging by the emails I got, it appears you're all wondering what this small PCB is for....
Well........ it's an adapter to dump the sound program from a Hitachi HD647180 Microcontroller, which just happens to be found on some Toaplan PCB's that have no sound when emulated. I'm not too confident it can be dumped though. It appears after some testing that either the MCU is read protected (very likely), or the schematic info we have obtained is wrong. Either way, it seems it's not dumpable so far :-(
It will require further testing and analysis with other Toaplan boards before I give up, however. There's also the chance that one of them is not read protected. I still have to extract the HD647180 MCU from the Teki Paki board I have, and try that.....
There's also the possibility to capture the data directly from the chip while it sits on a working board. But to do that will require special (and very expensive) equipment that I don't currently possess.
: The equipment is an 80 Channel Logic Analyzer that can sample at 400MHz (and has a pile of other features also). Prices start at around US$10,000. The ideal unit made by HP costs US$100,000 ;-)

25th March, 2003

PCB routing by Jarek, etching by Dox, wiring, assembly and surface mounting by Guru. Now it's finally complete.....

20th March, 2003

Thanks to all who donated to the Icarus project.
We added some spare Dumping Project funds to them and purchased a few NAOMI carts in Japan which just arrived....
Zombie Revenge (Sega, 1999)
Slash Out (Sega, 2000)
Capcom vs SNK - Millenium Fight 2000 (Capcom/SNK, 2000)
Samba de Amigo (Sega, 1999)
New Japan Pro Wrestling Toukon Retsuden 4 (Namco, 2000)
Virtua Striker 2000 (Sega, 1999)

We still need a NAOMI mainboard and GDROM unit for hardware analysis.
Donations for this specific purpose are always welcome :-)

We now have a new maximum capacity for NAOMI carts. The Namco one here has a maximum capacity of 3.2GBits (dump will be 400Megs!) Namco seem to have overtaken Sega in the high density surface-mount technology race :-)
The small PCB inside the cart is custom made by Namco, not a standard Sega ROM board as all the others seem to be. Dumping this sucker will be REAL interesting, I'm sure.

7th March, 2003

Thanks to Aaron Giles, it looks like we have another game to add to the "emulated" list :-))

The remainder of the games on this hardware should be fairly easily added, but we don't have the HARDDISKS. These are Mace: The Dark Age, California Speed, Vapor TRX and Road Burners, plus the original NFL Blitz and NFL Blitz 2000. If anyone has these and would like to donate/loan them to me or Aaron for dumping, or buy them from wherever and send them to me etc, please let me know.

A few other things arrived...
Golden Tee '99 PCB, Danger Zone PCB and Pinbot PC10 card.
A few Colecovision carts: Time Pilot, Pitstop and Ladybug and a 2600 cart for Asteroids (these are all dumped so I'll add them to my collection :-) thanks to Nemesis.
Grand Tour (IGS, 1993), Thanks to Brian Troha (who purchased the board from a New Zealand seller, which explains why it came from an unknown person in NZ :)

21st February, 2003

_Just_ arrived:

SHOPRAID #4 (part 5, part 4 still to be shipped)
In the H-U-G-E box we have.....

Rc De Go! GNet cart (Taito, 1999)
Rapid Hero (NMK, 1994)
Tatakae! Big Fighter (Nichibutsu, 1989)
Prebillian (Taito, 1986)
Heavy Smash (Data East, 1993)
Strike Bowling (Taito, 1982)
Moero Proyakyuu Home Run Kyousou (Jaleco, 1988)
Gradius 4 (Konami, 1998)
Golgo 13 (Namco/Raizing/8ing, 1999)
Mad Shark (Allumer, 1993)

An extra special "thankyou" to Gin (our Japanese contact) for making it all happen again :-)
The dumping project wishes to thank all the people who donated towards this particular raid, including Gin, slaanesh, gnoppi, Louis T., wtc4ever, Renaud D., phys32, R. Belmont, fiji, Amnios, and
an anonymous donator.

And a box from Taucher containing ....
Digger Man Neo Geo MVS cart (probably completed version)
Super Slam (for a redump)
SkyWolf (possibly different version?)

20th February, 2003
Here's a few pics of the preliminary emulation of Ground Effects from an early WIP driver by Bryan McPhail and David Graves

I also added a global index page to the right column, so you can easily find a particular game.
Also received a Strato Fighter PCB for trojaning, thanks to R. Belmont.

15th February, 2003


SHOPRAID #4 (parts 2 & 3)
Ground Effects (Taito, 1993)
Ultra Toukon Densetsu (Banpresto, 1993)
Dragon Master (Unico, 1994)
Head Panic (ESD/Fuuki, 2000)
Billiard Academy Real Break (Nikanihon/Dynax, 199x, pr0n)
Taiwan Chess Legend (Uniwang, 1995)
Guardians (Banpresto, 1995)
Powerful Baseball (Konami, 1998, System 573)
Mad Donna (Tuning, 1995, pr0n)
The Return of Lady Frog (Microhard, 1993, pr0n)
Maya (Promat, 1994, pr0n)
Vs Block Breaker (Kaneko, 1997, Super Kaneko Nova System)
These were purchased with funds from the sale of some PCBs I had, from the sale of some PCB's (which I sold) and with a sizable injection of funds from me personally :-)

I also got hold of Rev B of Time Crisis (program ROMs only, previous version is Rev A)
Thanks to Mr. F.

Also received Primal Rage II (ZN1 hardware with 1GB hard drive)
Thanks to Eric R.

The 4th part of Shopraid #4 is still to be shipped, the last part is in transit (via surface since 3 weeks ago) and should arrive soon.

5th February, 2003

Perestroikia Girls (Promat/Fuuki, 1993)
Dead Or Alive (Tecmo, 1996, Sega Model 2A version - for resale)
Kyukyoku Tiger (Taito, 1987 - for trojanizing the MCU)
Gigas (Sega, 1986)
Thanks Taucher

Time Crisis (Namco, 1996, Namco Super System 22)
Thanks to Olivier Galibert

SHOPRAID #4 (box1)
Teki Paki (Toaplan, 1991 - for reading the smt HD647180 MCU)
Prime Goal EX (Namco, 1996, Namco System11)
Konami's Open Golf Championship (Konami, 1994, System GX)
Final Lap 3 (Namco, 1992, Namco System 2)
The "Dumping Project" wishes to thank the following people for their contributions including Mike Fleischner, gnoppi, Amnios, kastellorizo, DDT, Moebius, sweettooth, f205v, ArcadEd, [FAR-Q], Cornishdavey, Aaron Giles, phys32, almightyjustin,
Kevin Eshbach, B. S. Ruggeri, uRebelScum, Dave France, Phil Stroffolino, and several anonymous donators.

28th January, 2003
Arrived and Dumped:
Power Stone (Capcom, 1999, Sega NAOMI cart)
Thanks Thierry Lescot

19th January, 2003

Arrived and Dumped:
Laser Ghost (Sega, 1990, System 18)
Thanks Pelle

12th January, 2003

Arrived and Dumped:
Dynamite Cop (Sega, 1996, Model 2A-CRX version)
Super Visual Soccer (Sega, 1994, System32)
Batman Forever (Acclaim, 1996, ST-V cart + extra sound board)
Daytona to the MAXX (Upgrade kit for Daytona)
Thanks to Malcolm McKay

Vasara 2 (Visco, 2001)
Lord of Gun (IGS, 1994)
Thanks to Brian Troha

5th January, 2003

There's been a significant update in Model 2C emulation.Check the 2C section of the status page for more info.

2nd January, 2003

Vamp 1/2 (Danbi, 1999). X Files (dgPIX Entertainment Inc, 1999)
Backfire! (Data East, 1995)

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