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20th December, 2004
More packages arrived....

Championship Bowling (Romstar)
Popper (Hard Head bootleg)
Trivia Madness (World Games)
These were purchased by Randy some time ago on Ebay

Kabuki Z (Taito, 1988)
NY Captor (bootleg)
Cycle Shooting (Bootleg)
Riot (NMK, 1992)
Thanks to the good guys at the Italian Forum!

Also recieved this, which is dumped, and 3 carts, though it will not be released for some time (meaning many years).....I'm sure you know why.
Thanks to the (anonymous) donator.

29th November, 2004
More packages arrived....

Solar Warrior (Memetron, 1987, for 68705 trojaning)
2x Pro Golf (Data East, 198x, has some sort of custom CPU/epoxy block on it :-(
Jaleco Trivia (198?. Looks like a version of Trivia Master by 'Enerdyne Technologies', but it's running on a Jaleco Naughty Boy PCB??. Unfortunately there are missing ROMs so it's mostly useless :(
These were purchased by Randy on EBay a few months ago IIRC as mostly unknown stuff that went fairly cheaply.
Update: It turns out that the Trivia Master dump is complete, and is now emulated

Another package we picked up a few months back arrived recently too containing about 3 or 4 discrete PCBs. I remember seeing a Midway board. I forget the rest, I think most were unknown anyway. Unfortunately these will probably never see daylight again unless someone attempts the HUGE task of simulating the older discrete game boards, which is very unlikely to happen.
One of the other DEVs will be accepting all the discrete boards we pick up from now on. There's nothing to dump on them, so there's little point in them coming to me.

Also, we finally won one on Ebay!
Point Blank 2 (Namco, 1999, System11)

In other news, a few days ago I got hold of and dumped another Night Slashers PCB which turned out to be a different version (Japan version). Not particularly useful, but anyway.....  :-)

8th November, 2004
A few more bits arrived....

Raiden Fighters Jet (US version, Seibu, 1998)
Title Fight (US version, Sega, 1992)
Tokio (Taito, 1986) Unfortunately the 68705 on it is protected :(
There's still hope we can trojan it though.
Thanks to RB!

Also forgot to mention.... You've probably noticed in a certain arcade emulator that Woodpecker is now working. Here's a few pics of the protection module after I unearthed it ;-)
Pic 1  Pic 2  Pic 3
Actually... hehehe, 'unearthed' might give you a false impression. You could be mistaken for thinking that the mess on top of the PCB is sand. It's not though, it's epoxy resin. Though it seems like the manufacturer forgot to read the resin mixing instructions because several parts came off in BIG chunks. Also the resin didn't fully encase the PCB.... I guess they ran out of resin or something. Lucky for us! :-)

31st October, 2004
'Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore. The tables made were enough to determine how the decryption works.
So all that's left to do now is wait for more CPUs, and hope that some of them use the bits that the current ones don't.'

- Nicola Salmoria, 31st Oct, 2004

That's GREAT news! I've added a link to the left column listing all the known FD1094's and which ones we have. Some of this info is a bit sketchy and sparsely documented so if you can help with missing info or corrections, let me know. We need all the FD1094's to complete the decryption of all FD1094-encrypted games. If you can help out by buying/loaning some of them to us, speak up!

29th October
, 2004
A few more EBAY purchases arrived today....

Aqua Jack (for a redump)
Raiden Fighters Jet (Seibu/Tuning, 1998)

and two thanks to Dangspot....
Libero Grande (Namco 1997, System12)
Vandyke (Jaleco, 1991)

15th October, 2004
Received a HUGE box today. It contains...

Puzzle Club (Yun Sung, 2000)
Twin Brats (Elettronica Video-Games S.R.L, 1995)
Super Lup Lup Puzzle
Ping Pong Masters '93 (Electronic Devices, 1993)
Explosive Breaker (Kaneko, 1992)
Pop Bingo (Dooyong, 1996)
Hot Bubble (Afega)
Born To Fight
Gun Ball (Data East, 1992)
BC Story (Semicom, 1997)
Funny Strip (Microhard)
Mighty Warriors (Elettronica Video-Games S.R.L )

Special thanks to Reip, F205v and the good boys at the Italian Forum :-)

2nd October, 2004
I got a local loan of a Sega Title Fight PCB, World Version. You can see some pics of it emulated on Haze's WIP Page
It turns out the existing US dump is bad. Ughh!

27th September, 2004
A few bits and pieces from EBAY arrived...

Painted Lady (Gaelco, 1992)
Super Oriental Legend (IGS, 1998)
A _very_ interesting bootleg Fix Eight :-)

10th September, 2004
Finally got the next package from Japan.

Some Naomi GD-ROMs obtained very cheaply...
Mobile Suit Gundam Federation VS Zeon (Capcom, 2001)
Mobile Suit Gundam Federation VS Jion DX (Capcom, 2001)
Initial-D Arcade Stage (Sega, 2002)
Virtua Striker 3, (Sega, 2001)
Virtua Fighter 4 (Sega, 2001)

Some G-Net carts....
Usagi (Warashi, 2001)
Mahjong Oh (Warashi, 1999)
XII-Stag (Triangle Service, 2002)
Zoku Otenami Haiken (Success, 2000)
Chaos Heat (Taito, 1998)

And some PCBs...
Space Guerrilla (Omori, 1979?)
Sliver (Hollow Corp., 1996)
Mach Breakers (Namco, 1995)
Pac & Paint

Thanks to MAMEWorld donations and several anonymous (private/direct) donations.
There wasn't a lot in this package because the Space Guerilla PCB took up most of the box! It was also one of the most expensive PCB's we've bought so far!

Puzz Loop 2 (Mitchell, 2001)
Thanks to jmurjr

There's more on the way....

27th August, 2004
As an update to the previous news, there seems to be another way we can get at the data in the HD647180 MCU. Not directly, but we can side-step around it with this device, which allows us to snoop on what any chip is sending to any other chip, and what it receives from any other chip. It can be used to monitor and capture any data travelling to/from it's Data and Address lines. Even a Logic Analyser is no good because to capture all the data we need would require a Logic Analyser with a HUGE amount of on-board RAM (typical Analysers have only 512K or less RAM on-board which would allow capturing only a fraction of a second of data). We can't get a direct dump of the internals (we'll never get that), but the captured data will allow us to develop an accurate HLE of the chip's end functions. I believe this is similar/identical to the device that is being used to break the Hitachi FD1094's used on many Sega boards. I would guess that it can be used to snoop on many other Microcontrollers too, I'm sure. So probably this is the next gizmo we will look at buying.... :-)

25th August, 2004
I finally located the Teki Paki board and attempted to dump it's HD647180 QFP80 using the recently-arrived adapter. Bad news unfortunately, it's protected. So there's is virtually no hope of ever seeing sound emulated in those Toaplan games that use this chip. Adding to this dilemma, I swapped the Vimana chip with the Teki Paki one and the board had no sounds at all, which tells me the contents of each chip per game is different. Of course, when I put the chip back onto the correct PCB, it works fine :)

However...... I've been working with another dev and we've got a current release _private_ build playing Vimana with full sound which is almost indistinguishable from the original. This was achieved because I've sampled all the sounds from test mode and saved them as .wav files which are then played when the MCU asks. But unfortunately, unless the powers at Dev HQ change their minds, it won't be accepted for inclusion because the samples zip file is 60MB ;-)
However, if it is allowed, I can provide samples for other Toaplan games also :)

So probably unless someone wants to give some serious money to a Professional breaking company, or someone wants to donate around $5K for a logic analyser, I guess everyone should start getting used to the idea that there will never be sound in those Toaplan games in emulators :-(

In other (bad) news, I've also attempted a dump of the HD647180 PLCC84 chip on Gaelco's Masterboy. This is also protected. This is the main CPU code, so the game will not run at all without it. Masterboy is a pretty crap game anyway, so no loss there. haha.

p.p.s Yep, at that link above is a Dallas DS5002 breaker/reader also. It's _only_  $5000  ;-)

16th August, 2004
A few more adapters arrived today. "What does this mean?" you ask. Well, a full dump of Tenkaigen for starters ;-)
The other big news is in dumping the Tenkaigen MCU (A Toshiba TMP91P640N in SDIP64 package), we've realized that the sound MCU/CPU on the NMK games that use NMK004 is the same chip, just in a QFP44 package which I have support for in the programmers software! So I can dump those too, but unfortunately we'll need another adapter :-(
This means sound in GunNail, Mustang, Acrobat Mission, Vandyke, Black Heart and possibly others that use the NMK004 chip is possible once the chip is dumped.
If you can help me out with some much needed funds, please contact me :-)
Or donate directly via MAMEWorld or via my donations page

You can see a pic of the newly-arrived adapters on my Equipment page. It's currently the last pic showing the Hilo Programmer there....

Also, we decided to buy one of the needed PLCC EEPROMs, they're only around $8 new :-)

9th August, 2004
I found a few chips here, and a few other people contacted me, but none so far are suitable.
SSV39SF010 (found on Geforce AGP card, EEPROM, 5 Volts)
SSV39SF020 (found on Athlon m/b, EEPROM, 5 Volts)
AT49F020 (found on Netcomm modem, EEPROM, 5 Volts)
AM27C010 (EPROM, 5 Volts)
AM29F002 (EEPROM, 5 volts)

I've actually programmed the trojan into a SSV39SF010, but it doesn't boot. At first I couldn't understand why, but now I realize why.
All these are 5 Volt chips. After cross-referencing them, the pinouts match exactly but the one on the PCB is 3.3 Volts.
So any chip required needs to be something like 29LV010. The L denotes that it operates on low voltage (3.3 Volts)
So for now, I'm stuck!

8th August
, 2004
I need a little assistance..... I've run into a small problem with trojaning the Crystal System PCB. We have the trojan code ready and waiting to be run. I assumed the BIOS ROM on the Crystal System was an EEPROM, but it turned out to be just an EPROM... well actually it's an OTP (One Time Programmable) ROM. Since it's a PLCC32 chip, it's not easily swappable with another (blank) EPROM and the one on this PCB is not erasable. What I need is an old PC motherboard that has a flashable BIOS. The flashable BIOS on PC motherboards is just an EEPROM. I can then re-program that chip to run the trojan on the Crystal System to break the protection (which is absolutely necessary for in-game emulation).
Take a look at this pic....
Anyone have an old PC motherboard that has something similar on it and want to put it to a good use? Ignore this number since it's an EPROM. I need something either 29F010 or 28F010 or similar (020 and 040 are also ok) and it must be a PLCC32 chip like this one. It can be either socketed or soldered on. If socketed, it can be easily removed with a small screwdriver. If soldered, then send the whole board. If you have one, but not sure as to your chip type, just ask and I'll tell you if it's acceptable or not.
Please contact me if you can help. Thanks!

8th August, 2004
Here's some nice WIP shots of attract and game start in Crystal Of Kings, thanks to ElSemi :-)

Unfortunately, protection prevents in-game emulation working, but this is a great start!

1st August, 2004
Hmmm, well, the cart I mentioned 2 days ago isn't directly dumpable. Click the pic thumbnails to see why....
This is the top of the cart. It's called "Final Match Tennis", and runs on a systems called "Tour Vision"
The bottom of the cart.
With the bottom cover removed. Hmmm, blue resin..... my trusty heatgun should make short work of it.....
Yup! Crumbles like brittle toffee when heated. Removing the top white plastic cover reveals another plastic cover which seems to say on it 'HUCARD" and some Japanese text
Removing the 'HUCARD" cover and the rest of the blue resin reveals the truth. I've also removed the black resin from one of the IC's. It can be clearly seen that there are 2 embedded chips mounted here. What they are I can't say, they may be simple EPROMs, or something more complex such as a microcontroller with internal code, or even both EPROM and MCU. After discussing this with someone, it seems like it could be dumped from the edge connector (without the need to open it up) with some simple main board tracing (the connector isn't directly compatible so tracing is required to make an adapter), because it appears to be very similar to a TG-16 HuCard cart. Of course, I couldn't say that until after I opened up the epoxy block and discovered what was inside. And now that's not possible since this cart is no longer working. Either way, this thing can't be dumped. But if I got hold of another cart and the main board, it could get very interesting, now that we know what is inside is just a modified HuCard .....
And this is the mess left over after the deed is done...  :-)

30th July, 2004
No, I'm not dead, I'm just hibernating over the Winter ;-)
If you've been paying attention to recent emulation news, you would have noticed I've been busy (and still am busy) with some trojans for RB and Haze as well as updating a few sections of this site with some very subtle changes. I've also been very busy with some other top secret dumping stuff that I can't mention yet ;-)
As well as dumping several PCBs that were on my To-Do list, I also hooked-up and got running the Virtua Racing PCB's sent to me a few months back (see news 27th April 2004). While documenting these PCB's I realised there were 4 missing ROMs in the current dump, which I've now dumped. So hopefully that will solve the problems relating to the incomplete emulation of the road.

As usual another long-awaited package arrived too containing...
Master Boy (Gaelco)
Jumping Pop (ESD, 2001)
and a strange epoxy-encased cart called Final Match Tennis
Thanks to ClawGrip

Also arrived was a Puzzle Star PGM cart purchased by Randy on EBay. I've dumped it, but it will require trojaning to get the emulation working. We're working on it...... :-)

Unfortunately, this US$250 adapter needed for the final attempt at dumping the HD647180 MCU's on Toaplan PCBs seems to have been lost in the mail, which saddens me greatly :-(
Let's all pray with 1 minute silence for the poor adapter.

22nd May, 2004
Two updates in one day! Here's some exclusive pics of a seemingly rare ZN1 game..... fully emulated of course ;-)

Don't ask me about the game-play though! 

Also arrived was a _real_ Psychic Force EX PCB purchased by Randy on EBay. The one RB sent turned out to be another Psychic Force. Some of the ROMs to have been changed and the actual PCB says "Psychic Force EX", though the software is Psychic Force. Strange.

22nd May, 2004
Arrived on loan....
G Darius Ver.2 (Taito, ZN1 hardware, 1997)
Monster Farm Jump (Tecmo, ZN1 hardware, 2001)
English version of Dragon World 2 (IGS, 1997, PGM cart)
The Killing Blade (IGS, 1998, PGM cart)
Puzzli 2 (IGS, 2001, PGM cart)
B-I-G thanks to blastar!

Also finally got the Get Star PCB that Randy bought on eBay. Unfortunately it's a bootleg. There's no 68705 on it, so it's useless :(

20th May, 2004
More stuff arrived!
Heavens Gate (Atlus, ZN1 hardware). Thanks to Olivier Galibert
Psychic Force EX. Thanks to R. Belmont
ZNx Dump Status page updated. It seems like only the ZN2 sec. chips can't be brute forced (yet). The rest are now known thanks to Tournique/RB and co.

3rd May, 2004
More stuff arrived!
Street Fighter EX and Star Gladiator (to dump the security chips)
Bloody Roar 2
1945 III K
Gekitoride-Jong Space (Namco / Metro, 2001, System 10)
Panicuru Panekuru (Namco, 2002, System 10)
Thanks to Brian Troha

CP13 (security chip from Strider 2)
Thanks to Sheep

27th April, 2004
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!
Around the beginning of April, my previous ISP account expired so I decided to go ADSL. I had to swap Telcos to do that, which resulted in a _large_ delay in getting back online. Sadly the email account has died for some reason while I was offline taking with it about one months emails, which I'm not particularly happy about >:-/
So if anyone mailed me with something important in the last few weeks from April 2nd until now, please send me a PM (details are here) and I'll answer your email, and if required, give you some updated contact info :-)

The good news is I received about a million packages while I was offline. Well, a few anyway...  :-))

Box 1:
GP 500 (Namco, 1999, Super System 23)
Mr Driller G (Namco, 2001, System 10)
Thanks Pelle!

Box 2:
A huge pile of Model 1 boards including several Virtua Racing PCBs and a Virtua Fighter PCB, plus an undumped revision of Soul Edge.
Thanks to Justin Dawkins!

Box 3:
Wink (Midcoin, 198x)
Thanks Randy!

Box 4:
Alpine Surfer (Namco, 1996, Super System 22)
Thanks Randy and Vidpro1!

Box 5:
Shogun Warrior (Kaneko, 199x, to continue my trojaning exploits ;-)
Thanks Randy!

Box 6:
About 15 Sega Megaplay carts
Thanks to B. Simpson!

Box 7:
Go By RC! (english version of RC De Go, Taito, 1999, Taito GNET)
Thanks to poweremu!

Box 8:
Chuugoku Ryu 3 SP PGM cart
Mission Craft
Fire Hawk
Super World Stadium
Target Ball
Dyna Gears
Pachinko Gindama Shoubu
Pachinko Gindama Shoubu DX
Head On
Thanks to Randy, Gin and many Mameworld donators!

Box 9:
Racing Beat (Taito, 1991, Taito Z hardware)
Thanks to R. Belmont!

Box 10:
Thanks to daeven!

Plus I got a local loan of....
Harley Davidson (Sega, 1998, Model 3 Step 2)
Area 51 (Time Warner version)
which I've dumped already.
Thanks to Tony!

Probably one or two other things arrived too which I've forgotten!
If you sent something recently that I've missed here, feel free to remind me :-)

In the meantime, I'll get back to downloading the whole internet on my shiny new ADSL connection :-))

25th March, 2004
Final Lap R (Namco, 1993, System FL)
Dead Or Alive 2 Millenium (Tecmo, 2000, Sega NAOMI cart)
World Kicks (Namco, 2001, Sega NAOMI cart)
Tekken 3 (Namco, 1996, System12, TET3 Ver.A)
Dunk Mania (Namco, 1996, System11, DM2 Ver.C)
Thanks to Brian Troha

Vivid Dolls (Visco/Seta, 1998, Aleck 64 hardware)
F1 Grand Prix Star II (Jaleco, 1993)
Wink (Midcoin, 198x, sadly the battery (and PCB) is dead :(
Thanks to Randy

and some other stuff I forgot to mention.....
Gallop Racer 2 (Tecmo, 1997, ZN1, to dump Security chip)
Elevator Action Returns (Taito, 1989, F3 System, alt. region)

14th March, 2004
Arrived and dumped:
Raiden Fighters 2 - 2000 Operation Hell Dive (Seibu, 2000)

9th March, 2004
Here's a couple of early WIP pics from the MAME ZN1 driver.

Now that many of the ZN security chips are dumped, we're beginning to see some action on screen, but only in Gallop Racer so far. The majority of the remaining ZN1 games have further protection that prevents them from working right now. But the ones that run on the Capcom ZN1 hardware will work now. Unfortunately we only have the protection chip for Gallop Racer, so only this one can work at the moment. We really need the remaining ZN security chips to get further with the emulation of the other games. So if you have those game PCBs, or know someone who has them, or you want to help us to buy the needed ones, contact me so we can make some arrangements :-)
Check my ZNx Dump Status page for more info.

6th March, 2004
Updated the ZNx Dump Status page, plus added some pics to show how it's done :-)
If you have those remaining undumped ZN games and want to loan them for dumping, or want to donate towards the other completely undumped ZN1 games, contact me.

3rd March, 2004
Super Monaco GP (Sega, 1989, X Board hardware)
Demon Front (PGM cart)
Vs Net Soccer (Konami 1996, GX, redump required)
Thanks Pelle!

23rd February, 2004
Added a ZNx dump status page to the left column.....

15th January, 2004
The next package arrived from Japan. Don't get too excited though, there's not a lot in here which can be easily emulated, unfortunately :(
Space Fever - High Splitter / Space Launcher (Nintendo, 1979)
Pairs Love (Allumer, 1994, on Seta/Allumer hardware)
Denjin-Makai (Banpresto, 1994, on Legionairre hardware)
Calorie-kun vs Moguranian (Sega, 1986, on encrypted Z80 h/w)
Sega System24 Rough Racer (floppy + Hitachi encrypted 68K)
Souten-Ryu game cart (Taito, 2000, Gnet)
Densya de Go EX (Taito, 1997, System JC hardware)
Side By Side (Taito, 1996, System JC hardware)
Quiz Tou (Namco, 1995, NA2 hardware)
Great Sluggers (Namco, 1993, NB1 hardware)

But don't worry, there's already some rare stuff on the way which should be more easily emulated :)

11th January, 2004
Did someone say 'Emulate Sega Rally 2 and 'Virtua Fighter 3'? OK......

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