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30th December, 2005
I was able to get a good read of the ROMs from the PCB shown below with a little creative heating from my heatgun. We still don't know the game name though, there's no title on screen. Anyway, Dox says it's now fully playable :-)
So that's another one saved from the grave yard :-)
Update: I got an email from Randy who says the PCB below is an original Omori board and there is a very high probability that it's Shuttle Invader or Shuttle Invader II.

29th December, 2005
A few weeks ago, I was sent a very old 8080-based PCB that was thought to be Omori Shuttle Invader. I've just dumped it and I still don't know what it is, and probably never will. According to Dox, some of the ROMs contain just garbage, the data has been eaten away by time. Check the PCB pic below, maybe it was a real Omori Shuttle Invader?

I also just dumped an original Power Instinct and Power Instinct Legends. It's hard to believe that a dump of the original Power Instinct has eluded us for so long. But now that's history. Lots more surprises coming soon.

28th December, 2005
I repaired my Grand Tour PCB and pointed out a few things that were not correct to Dox, which he promptly fixed :-)

A few days ago, we got a shipment of Korean stuff from our Korean contact. All of it went to Brian T, who dumped the easy stuff straight away. You can probably see some of those emulated on various dev web pages around the net. The hard stuff will have to come to me to be processed.
The full list includes....
Go 2000, a Korean card type game
98 Grand Prix
Quiz 6000 Academy, SunA quiz game
Mad Ball, now emulated
Garo-kun Sero-yang, now emulated
MuHanSeungBu, SemiCom Baseball, emulated
Don Den Lover (bootleg, dead PCB)
Puzzle Bang Bang, needs smt ROMs dumping
Search Eye Plus ver2.00, ditto
Clone Dike+, Simple solitary game by Eolith
Super Model - Unknown Comad game
Monkey Elf

We also picked up a few other nice PCBs from mostly eBay sellers. Some of those will also come to me at the same time and some are HUGE and will come later by surface mail.

I'm also on holiday for a month, so expect to see a LOT of dumps completed and released. I'm up to about 20 new dumps this week (so far)

13th November, 2005
I received a very new Eolith PCB called Balloon & Balloon (a Bomberman rip-off), thanks to Apollo69. This is the first arcade PCB I've seen that uses a 256MBit NAND FlashROM. The hardware is ARM-based and also uses the familiar sound hardware used on Eolith games, currently unemulated QDSP sound chips :(

5th November, 2005
Hmmm, just found it's way into MAME 101u5, but anyway, better late than never I suppose.....
I got hold of a dump of Daytona 2 Power Edition, thanks to "m-3h" for dumping it from his machine, which was then passed onto the team and plugged into MAME by Ville. As an added bonus, this set also fixes a bad dump in the regular Daytona 2 ROMset.

16th October, 2005
Unfortunately a bit of bad news now...
Regarding the news below about Model 2/3 dumps, Tokyo Bangaichi turned out to be just another Last Bronx Export (i.e useless)
Over Rev sound ROMs are dumped at half size. I have checked with the supplier and was told the Over Rev ROMset was dumped many years ago and is not available now.
I didn't dump any of that Model 2/3 stuff listed (was sent to me on a CD), so these matters are out of my control. No loss anyway, it cost $0. So we lose $0.

Also forgot to mention that a Vegas 4-in-1 PCB by Entertainment Enterprises, 1983, arrived about a week or two ago, purchased by Randy on Ebay several months ago. Dox has it running, but currently with bad colours.

15th October, 2005
A small but HILARIOUS update to my Lamer Email page. Hahahahahhhaaaaa

13th October, 2005
A few early s/shots of Jaleco's Over Rev, thanks to ElSemi. Yep, it does really exist

Also, I forgot to mention a few things that arrived a few days ago...

Japanese version of Tenkomori Shooting, thanks to Mr T.

Unknown Mahjong by IGS, and Real Battle Mahjong King (Game Master System), thanks to bnathan

Donkey Kong 3 (I think) on Galaxian h/w and a Taito Marine Date PCB, but is supposed to have a game on it called "Alligator" or something, thanks to Tingoes

10th October, 2005
Oh yeah, the Dumping Project is just run by a 'bunch of clowns'..... (link)
I don't think so buddy.

Some stuff just arrived.
Let's take a look.....
Box 1 (from Japan, sourced and purchased by the Dumping Project Team):
SSV Lovely Pop Mahjong Janjan Shimasho 2
Joshi Volleyball
CPS2 Choukou
Gouketsuji Ichizoku (Power Instinct JP)
Gouketsuji Ichizoku Saikyou Densetsu (Power Instinct Legend)
MACS Yu-Jan cart (for analysis of MACS system by Dox)
Joy Stand Private

Box 2 (With Dumping Project guidance, thanks to our NEW Korean contact):
ST-V carts:
DaeJeon! SanJeonSuJeon
BoMulEul Chajara
Critter Crusher EXP
Name Club ver.3

MVS cart:
The Last Soldier (korean version of The Last Blade)

Office YeoInCheonHa 1.2
New Hidden Catch
Hidden Catch 2
Hidden Catch 3
Pasha Pasha Champ
Pasha Pasha Champ 2
Power Instinct 3
Nakshi Mania 3
Live Quiz Show
Date Quiz GoGo
Fortress 2 Blue
Tant-R, Korean version, bootleg
Flying Shark, Japanese version, bootleg

Top Packet contains a working Gaelco World Rally to be sent off for analysis/trojaning. Thanks to Tingoes.

Also arrived earlier this morning in a 'Top-Secret' local deal .....

DDR 1st mix (black cd) 845JAB02
DDR 1st mix (purple cd) 845JBA02
DDR 1st mix (jade cd) 845AAA02
DDR Solo 2000 (black cd) 905JAA02
DDR Solo Bass Mix (black cd) 894JAA02
DDR 3rd mix (black cd) 887JAA02
DDR 3rd mix (violet cd) 887KAA02
DDR 3rd mix (violet cd) 887KBA02
DDR 3rd mix (pink cd) 887AAA02
DDR 3rd mix plus (black cd) A22JAA02
DDR 4th mix plus (black cd) A34JAA02
DDR 5th mix (black cd) A27JAA02
DDR 6th mix-Max (black cd) B19JAA02
DDR 7th mix-Max2 (black cd) B20JAA02
Dancing Stage feat. True Kiss Destination (jade cd) 884JAA02
Martial Beat (black cd) B47JAB02
Dance Maniax 2 append J paradise (black cd) A38JAA02
Punch Mania (red cd) 918JAB02
Punch Mania 2 (Black cd) A09JAA02
Evil Night/Hell Night 810UBA02 - M2 System
Total Vice 639AAB01 - M2 system
Overrev (Jaleco/Sega Model 2b)
Fighting Vipers 2 (Sega Model 3)
Scud Race Plus (Sega Model 3)
Get Bass (Sega Model 3)
Tokyo Bangaichi (Sega Model 2b)

All of this last list was for free, of course, in a top secret local deal ;-))

There's A LOT more to come. Do yourself a favour, don't listen to extremely pessimistic nay-sayers who are simply trying to damage the flawless reputation of 'The Dumping Project' and really have no idea about the facts or reality.
Stick a sock in it buddy!
Oh yeah, and remember, NEVER bite the hand that feeds.

2nd October, 2005
Small update on the Dumping Project pages. The Bad Dumps / No Dumps list is now 100% accurate thanks to it now being auto-generated. Everything is nearing completion :-)

30th September, 2005
Twisty set me up with a forum to help with discussion about the Dumping Project. Please use it if you are concerned about anything Dumping Project related.
Link in the right column, 3rd one down :-)

27th September, 2005
I was asked by a serious collector last week for stuff we need and I couldn't give him an accurate answer. So I'm taking matters into my own hands.
There's a permanent link here too, 2nd one down, right column :-)
If there's something that needs to be updated on those pages, let me know and I'll do it immediately.

I forgot to mention, also arrived a couple of days ago were .....
Mahjong G-Taste, Psikyo 2002
Gals Panic 2 Quiz, Kaneko 1995
Thanks to alien_mame

15th September, 2005
The 4 Sega System 24 games I have are now for sale. That includes only the upgrade kits, not the main PCB (I don't own that). So that means the following are now available.....
Rough Racer (FD1094 + Floppy + Analog Controls PCB)
Quiz Syukudai wo Wasuremashita (FD1094 + Floppy)
Quiz Mekuromeku Story (ROM board + EPROMs)
Quiz Rouka Ni Tattenasai (ROM board + EPROMs)
I forget who wanted them, but in any case, if it was you, contact me now before the rush.

12th September, 2005

Holy COW! Jackpot!

I haven't opened them all yet, but as far as I can tell, here's what has arrived.....
Konami "Thunder Hurricane", thanks to R. Belmont
Psikyo "Taisen Hot Gimmick 4 Ever", thanks to alien_mame
"Minigame Cool Collection" & "Columns III", thanks to f205v
"Tiger Heli" & "Slap Fight" (with 68705s), thanks to Tingoes
Konami "NBA Play By Play", purchase on eBay by Randy

8th September, 2005
As you can see, I've migrated over to Mameworld. So update your bookmarks now if you haven't done so already.

22nd August, 2005
I've just finished a tricky surface mount dumping job......

And here's a pic of the tiny custom adapter used to dump the nasty surface mounted ROMs......

There were 7 used on the PCB and each one had to be removed from the PCB and mounted onto this adapter, dumped, then removed and remounted onto the PCB. Luckily I'm a patient man!

I also received a package from the good boys at the Italian Forum containing.....
Pong Pong Car
King of Dynast Gear
Dream World (for trojaning)
Lup Lup Puzzle

13th July, 2005
Received a box with a pile of Dynax Mahjong games in it. I'm sure _everyone_ will be really overjoyed about that ;-)
Anyway, in the box is.....
Mahjong Chuukanejyo (Zhonghua Ernv in Chinese, Dynax 1995)
Mahjong Electron Base (bootleg, Dynax, 1993)
Mahjong Ougon No Pai (Dynax, 1991)
Mahjong Reach (Dynax, 1994)
Mahjong Tenkaigen (Original)
Mahjong Tenkaigen (Taiwan, Dynax, 1993)
Unknown Mahjong (Dynax, 199?)
Big thanks to 'bnathan' for these.

I also added another H-U-G-E update to my Lamer Email page. Gee, some people just don't get it do they?

3rd July, 2005

Not really much to report (yet)
I received a Great Swordsman PCB which was hoped to be an English version, but it turned out the dump from it was the same as the existing dump.
I also added a small (but very funny) update to my Lamer Email page. Hahahahaaaa

17th June, 2005
I'm sure everyone is anxiously waiting for the HUGE pile of stuff that I have to be dumped. There is of course a reason why no dumps have been coming from me recently.... Up to this point I was looking to buy a house....I've bought one now and soon I'll be organising moving and many other related things. After that is sorted out, regular dumping will resume. So please bear with me for approx. 1-2 months while I get my sh*t together ;-)

In other news, a few PCBs arrived that were bought on Ebay by Randy, and the next large box from Japan also arrived with a mega-pile of stuff, but I have no time to even open them up.... there's no point really because I am actively boxing up everything for the move.. So it will all just have to wait :-)
Just to wet your appetite.... this is what's in the Japan package....

Indian Battle, Jolly Jogger, Tetris GM 2, Tetris GM 2+, Paca Paca Passion SP, Paca Paca Passion 2, The First Funky Fighter, Dark Horse Legend CDROM + cart, Tokimeki Your Heart CDROM + cart, Another Soul Calibur PCB, Flame Gunner

17th May, 2005
Just a small reminder to everyone, if you're going to contact me, PLEASE make sure you use a return email address that works if you want a reply!

14th May, 2005
Arrived and dumped...
Varia Metal (Excellent System Ltd, 1995)
This was purchased by Randy on eBay several months ago.

29th April, 2005
I was waiting for RB to post some pics, but it hasn't happened yet, so sorry RB, smf wins ;-))

20th April, 2005
The next package from Japan arrived.....

HNG64 Samurai Showdown Asura Zanmaden ROM cart
Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 (SSV ROM board + motherboard)
Psychic Force 2012 (Taito Wolf System, faulty)
Where's Wally (Sega System 18, 317-0197B)
Space Ship Gomorrah (JP ver of UPL's Bioship Paladin)
MACs mother board (no ROMs on it, no idea what this is??)
Koi Koi 2 (a Kiwako table cards game)
A Sega System E PCB (probably Fantasy Zone II, not working)
Passing Shot (Sega System 16B, 317-0070)
Slipstream (Capcom/Sega System32)

Plus a couple of other packages.....
HNG64 Extreme Rally Cart + Mainboard
Multi Champ Deluxe (ESD)
Purchased by Randy on eBay

Now a couple of requests.....
- B Simpson, please contact me regarding those 2 Mega Tech carts you sent recently.

- I'm looking for an old PC motherboard from 1997....
Elite Group P5TX-LA
It's a Socket 7 motherboard, for use with Pentium 1 CPU's up to 233MHz.
It looks a bit like this.... (not exactly but very close)

The exact model I'm looking for has less parts on it. The full manual for the exact motherboard is here.
If someone has one and wants to donate it, please contact me.
This motherboard is used on the above listed Taito Psychic Force 2012.

16th April, 2005
More stuff arrived!!
Choky Choky (Semicom)
Animal Land (Dynax)
Birdie King 3 (Taito, for 68705 dumping)
These were purchased by Randy on eBay several months ago.

Hyper Crash (Konami)
Hot Mind (Playmark)
An unknown 8080-based PCB (same as Midway's L-Board type)
Legend Of Heroes (Limenko, 2000)
Alcon (with 68705P5, unfortunately it's protected!)
Thanks to the good boys at the Italian Forum

A couple of Sega Megatech carts, Great Golf & Tetris
Thanks to B. Simpson

14th April, 2005
As part of our never ending shopraids, another package arrived from Hong Kong containing a couple of cheap skill-based gambling games....
Dai Ban City (Dynax)
and.......... an EXTREMELY rare......
Battle Tryst (Konami, 1998, M2 hardware)

7th April, 2005
I've been offline for just over a week swapping ISPs again. Now on 8000/1000 ADSL for $20/month less than I was paying on the other ISP with double the GB limit!
A few packages arrived while that happened.....
Flying Tiger (Dooyong)
Maze Hunter (Data East)
Hot Memory (Tuning/IT, 1994)
Bombs Away (Jaleco, 1988)
New Dyna Blaster Global Quest (Irem, 1992)
All of these were purchased from two private sellers by Randy.

Tenkomori Shooting (Namco, 1998, System12 hardware)
Raiden Fighters 2 (Seibu, 1997, SPI hardware, required for a ROM check/redump of the surface mounted ROMs)
Thanks to R. Belmont!

You may also notice some other changes around the site, I'll let you wander around to discover those ;-)

27th March, 2005
Nothing spectacular to report, I've just dumped a few PCBs including...
Tekken 3 (version TET2 Ver.A)
Ehrgeiz (version EG2 Ver.A)
Soul Edge (SO3 Ver.C)
Sega MegaTech carts: Tetris, Super Hang On
Sega MegaPlay carts: Bio Hazard Battle, Streets of Rage 2

Treasure Hunt (Sega/ Deniam, 1997, STV cart)
I plugged the ROMs in and they appear to be OK :-)

21st March, 2005
Tekken 3 (version TET2 Ver.A)
Ehrgeiz (version EG2 Ver.A)
Quizmaster (Coinmaster, 1984)
Purchased by Randy privately

18th March, 2005
Arrived and dumped...
Winning Run (Namco, 1988, System21 Hardware)
Purchased by Randy on eBay

Also arrived and dumped...
Mazin Wars, Grand Slam (Mega Play carts)
Alien Syndrome (Mega Tech cart)
Thanks to Kevin Eshbach

4th March, 2005
More stuff arrived!
Tecmo World Cup Millennium (Tecmo, 2000)
Pipeline (Daehyun Electronics, 1990)
Tour Vision PCB and two carts (Final Match Tennis & Formation Soccer, Human, 1990)
Thanks to the good boys at the Italian Forum.

Also 3 more packages.....
USB adapter board for Sega System 24 FD-dumping
Thanks to Charles MacDonald

2 special chips required for the above USB adapter board
Thanks to Jordan Rom

Sichuan 1 PCB
Super High Impact Proto PCB
Purchased by Randy on eBay

25th February, 2005
Holy COW-RACE. Another box arrived today!
Photo Y2K2 (IGS cart)
Exotic Dream
Mysterious Universe
Gate In / Cow Race
Purchased by Randy from a PCB Shop. Thanks to the donators for keeping up the support!
Everyone may have noticed the nice stuff that arrived over the last few days. Please remember, this is ONLY due to us having large sums of money to purchase PCBs. We have our eyes on MANY PCBs, but without funds, they can not be 'preserved', so keep supporting the cause regularly. And those of you that play with emulators and have not donated yet, you know what to do :-D

24th February, 2005
Ack! Seems Randy spilled the beans and spoiled my fun!
Ok no problems. See if you can figure out what this next package contains....  ;-))


Hahaha.. ok, ok, here's the list....

Jackie Chan II
Gals Panic (Extended version)
Gals Panic 2 SE
Last Fighting
Deroon Dero Dero
Nintendo Super System & 3 carts
Alpine Racer downgrade kit (with extra program PCB)
Raiden Fighters Jet (single board version)

Most of this was purchased by Randy on ebay, AFAIK. Thanks to all that chipped-in for donations and thanks to Brian Troha for his help in getting this lot to me :)

22nd February, 2005
Just arrived!!! I don't have a lot of time right now for a full list, so I'll just leave you with these teaser pics ;-)

Full list is.....
SNK Hyper Neo Geo 64 driving-style main board
Namco System 10 Star Trigon
Toaplan Ghox
Power Ball
Konami Bishi Bashi (unfortunately, this is Daisu-Kiss)
Seta Aleck64 Star Soldier cart
Sega ST-V Treasure Hunt cart for a redump
Sega MegaTech carts: Tetris, Afterburner, Super Hang On, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Space Harrier II, Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sega MegaPlay carts: Bio Hazard Battle, Streets of Rage 2, Tecmo World Cup
Taito GNet carts: XII-Stag, Night Raid, Super Puzzle Bobble, Ray Crisis, Psyvariar Revision
Auscom Host Invaders CD
Gaelco Speed Up
Tehkan Tank Buster for redump and hardware analysis
Fabtek(?) Gotcha and Yun Sung Shocking for version checking
Eolith Racoon World for dump verification
Namco System 23 Time Crisis 2
Nintendo Super System motherboard and carts: Super Mario World, Super Tennis, Amazing Tennis, Lethal Weapon, Super Soccer, Act Raiser, F-Zero, Robocop 3, Contra 3, Addams Family, NCAA Basketball, Irem Skins Game
and 2 NES or SNES Multi-game carts.

18th February, 2005
The next package from Japan arrived from our new 'top secret /anonymous' contact. The package contains....
Time Attacker
The Pit
A couple is dis-used NAOMI games including Sega Marine Fishing Naomi cart (for around US$21!) and Guilty Gear XX Naomi cart (for a *measly* US$9.50!)
Gun Master
Space Fighter I PCB+ Rom Upgrade for Space Fighter II
Funky Jet
Perfect Billiards
EPROM downgrade kit from one of Jaleco's music games
Arm Champs II
Gundam Final Shooting
PK Scramble
Krokoro Quest
Total value of this box including shipping is around 160000 JPY (US$1500)
BIG thanks to all those involved.

The next box (containing a similar number of items) has already been packed up and will ship soon :-)

Also arrived was a Taito vs Hot Smash PCB purchased by Randy on eBay some months ago. It would have arrived sooner, but unfortunately the seller is a [l]user.
Fortunately the effort was not wasted, the 68705 is now dumped :-))

7th February
, 2005
Arrived and dumped...
Tuts Tomb
Ghost Hunter
Pushman (Comad, x2)
Purchased by Randy on eBay.

31st January, 2005
Arrived and dumped...
Rezon (with Taito License, 1992)
Purchased by Randy on eBay.

A special thanks from me to all those who continue to donate funds so we can do our thing and snap us stuff like this. We have a lot planned for eBay (even now we're watching more than half-a-dozen auctions), but be aware that the money we have won't last forever.... we can't buy them without funds. So keep up the good work! :-))

29th January, 2005
A small message from Randy.....

On behalf of 'The Dumping Project Team', comprising myself, Guru and our Japanese contact, I'd like to thank all of the people who have contributed to the Dumping Project from November 2003 through today. This includes not only people who have contributed money but also those who have contributed boards, dumps, information, and any and all other assistance. I can't individually thank everyone who has ever contacted us or posted helpful info on the boards, and I don't have information about all those who have worked primarily with Guru or our Japanese contact, but here's an attempt to thank those who have either ponied up funds or worked closely with me personally. This list is based on many emails that were in my inbox for almost 14 months and isn't exhaustive, but I've certainly tried to finger all of the suspects; if I missed you, I apologize, and if you remind me I'll make sure to mention you on the next go-round.
   That having been said, our heartfelt appreciation goes out to: gregf, Brian Troha, Joe Magiera, Tim, Gerald Coy, chaneman, Dazzer, ClawGrip, Geoff G., Brian M., Chack'n, Dave Widel, Rob Walmsley, Bill C., Mark Frizbie, bassjezus, Arzeno Fabrice, mOa mOa, gamegearfan, Sophitia, jAsOn, f205v, Reip, the Italian Forum, mal, info, Bj�rn Esser, wtc4ever, nightmaretony, dolamant, Mevi, Twisty, RocLobsta, MAMEWorld and all of its staff and contributors, Michiel Tiller, CADweazle, Lokki, The Bigshot Nobody, T. Leblanc, Jamie Dragich, Bugfinder, Kunio-Kun, Mr. Do, Michael Higdon, TJ, Fausto D'ken, LeiEn, spidey007, davv, Billybagobagels, Bas Oort, Krick, Stuart Morton, The B1sh0p, Capn' Crunch,, 69shelby, B. S. Ruggeri, Gilby of the .tzx vault, Thomas Rosner, Loonybin, Poweremu & Ben, LeVeL 7, gnoppi, Fabrizio Pedrazzini, hack_mole, TT, zdzec, Glen McBride, "Oh! My Car!", Jody Ricker, almightyjustin, Moebius, Don Maeby, Kevin Eshbach, DESTRUCTOCON, R. Scherzer, Taucher, blastar, xoopx, Steve Hutchins, Pocketz, DDT, bmoto, dyq, Birkoft, "Anonymous from Pointe-Aux-Troubles, Canada" and two dozen other anonymous contributors, and a special high-five to MiniYoda for the regular-as-clockwork donations of what would otherwise have been his beer money for months. :-)



14th January, 2005
2 packages arrived, purchased on Ebay....
Beast Busters - Second Nightmare (SNK, 1998, HNG64)
Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 USA (Kaneko, 1995)

Also some nice WIP from a game I just dumped.....

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