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29th December, 2006
Here's a very early WIP of something that is coming soon to a MAME near you :-)
Yes that's right, graphical DIP Switches :-)
I did not add the code to MAME for this but I came up with the idea, so I can claim some of the credit for it :-)

28th November, 2006
Some good news! Regarding the PCB mentioned below, we have located another one from a different place. We are organising the deal now and I will keep you posted about it's progress :-)
Also, a B-I-G thanks to all of the generous people who donated towards acquiring it.

19th November, 2006
I have located one of the rarest early 80's Taito games ever made, which has become available from a collector. But as you're aware, rare always means expensive. The Dumping Project has been actively purchasing PCBs for dumping for a long time and all of our money has been completely exhausted. This means we are unable to come up with the purchase price of US$1300. I can't mention the name of the game yet, but the fact that it is EXTREMELY expensive, one of the Most Wanted Taito games out there and is EXTREMELY rare should give you some idea of the importance of securing this PCB now.
I'm hoping everyone who enjoys MAME will donate a few bucks towards it so we can preserve this rare PCB for everyone.

I've made it very easy, just click the PAYPAL donate button to the right to donate directly to the Dumping Project's Financial Controller.
Alternatively, you can donate to Mameworld via their PAYPAL link, stating your donation is for The Dumping Project. Every little bit counts so please help us out if you can. Thanks!!

Update: The delays in collecting the required total and delays in withdrawing the money from Paypal to a bank account (5 days required by the bank to clear funds) resulted in us not achieving the target in time and now the PCB is no longer available. A vote was put out there and we have decided to hold all collected money until such time as something else comes along that is rare and available. Please continue to donate if you can, all money will go towards purchasing something (or several) as soon as it becomes available. I'm also looking at possibly obtaining the same game from an alternate location.

25th September, 2006
The latest PCB shipment from Japan arrived a few days ago.....

Mahjong Mysterious Orient
Mahjong Almond Pinky
Mahjong Shinkirou Deja-vu
Hana Ginga
Hana Tengoku
E-Jan Sakura Sou
Seishun Colorful Highschool
Bishou Jan (Smiling Jan)
Super Hana Paradise
CP2 Jangokushi B board
Doki Doki Penguin Land
Dynamic Shoot Kyousou
Thunder Heroes

Thanks to Dyq and BNathan for the funds used to purchase most of the Mahjong games.

23rd August, 2006
This PCB arrived.....
Astro Ambush
Unfortunately I forget what it is or who sent it! Please contact me if it was you :-)
Update: Mystery solved. Thanks to Tony for the PCB.
He thought it to be a rare Omori PCB. Looking at the PCB markings, it's obviously not. It's a somewhat rare-ish version of Scramble called Astro Ambush running on a PCB made by Falcon. Here's a couple of early shots courtesy of Dox....
Astro Ambush Astro Ambush

28th July, 2006
2 HUGE boxes just arrived containing....
Gun Fight (Midway, 1975)
Triple Hunt including artwork/bezels (Atari, 1977)
Space Encounters- main, sub and sound PCBs (Midway, 1980)
Top Gunner (Konami, 1986)
Space Bugger (Game-A-Tron, 1981)
Devil Zone (Universal, 1980)
Zodiack (Orca, 1983)
Sega System 16 Monster Lair with 317-0085 CPU
Field Combat (Jaleco, 1985, maybe bootleg?)
I think most of these are just for fixing issues in MAME (snd/gfx etc)
Big Thanks to Tingoes

13th July, 2006
I received another PCB that Brian T. bought on eBay several months ago. The game is called Rolling Extreme by Gaelco. Unfortunately, I won't be dumping it. Here's why....
It's a powerful beast using some 3D hardware comprising TMS 320C82 DSP, Chip Express D3PLUS-4 Graphics Generator, 2 FPGA's, a large amount of RAM and a few high-capacity maskROMs... and of course, everything is surface mounted. I believe the hardware could be emulated. Most of the ROMs I can dump but there's a couple of SSOP70 ROMs (similar to what is used in the newer neogeo carts like MS5 and SVC and newer Playmore PCBs) which are 256Mbit or 512Mbit ROMs with 70 legs.
These probably hold the graphics, which are connected to the [documented] TMS320C82 DSP. There is only 1 programmer that has support for those ROMs and unfortunately it's not one of mine.
To fully dump this board would require purchasing that specific programmer (AU$1350) and the adapter (AU$350). That's
probably too much to justify for one fairly average 3d skateboarding game, although there are probably more PCBs in the future that would use these similar ROMs. I certainly can't justify that myself for just one game that is unlikely to be emulated anyway (or at least emulated at a playable speed), so it will probably remain undumped forever unless someone wants to donate about au$1800 specifically for this purpose :-(
Bear in mind that as I mentioned above, the newer Neogeo carts and Playmore single board games also use the same SSOP70 ROMs. So if purchased, this hardware could be used to dump most of the newer original Neogeo/Playmore games, if the Dumping Project were to acquire them :-)
Here's a few pics of the unit and PCB.....
Rolling Extreme Rolling Extreme

Oh, almost forgot to mention, in case you were wondering, the PCB is dead. There's a small plastic fan in the housing (similar to the crappy fans used on cheap PC 3D video cards) that has seized and the poor PCB cooked itself. The top of the large graphics chip is scorched and under the PCB, the green is a brownish-green colour directly under that chip too.... tell-tale signs of over-heating.
That would have happened while the game was being operated on-site, so I'm sure the eBay scumbag who sold it as 'untested and sold as-is' would have known that too..... hmmmm

6th June, 2006
A large box arrived from Korea today containing the following PCBs.....
Pasha Pasha 2 (Dong Sung Wonder Park 1999) to fix the bad dump currently in MAME
Bobble Bobble (Taito 1986) bootleg
Big Fight (Tatsumi 1992)
Tetris (Atari Games 1988) bootleg
Midnight Resistance (Dataeast 1989) bootleg
KiKi KaiKai (Taito 1986) bootleg (I dumped the MCU on it :-)
Dharma Doujou (Metro 1994) Title & language is Korean
Hexa (D.R. Korea 199?) different music
Thanks to gp-lee

12th May, 2006
A few packages arrived today.....
Package 1 from Japan has mostly things that are passing through me (except the last 3 items), they're not specifically undumped/needed games, but I will dump and document them anyway.
The package contains.....
18 Hole Pro Golf (Data East)
Top Roller (Jaleco)
Daikaizyuu no Gyakusyuu (Taito, 1986)
Angel Kids (Sega)
Robo Cop 2 (Data East)
Blade Master (Irem)
WWF Wrestle Fest (Technos)
Bonze Adventure (Taito)
Mahjong Crystal 7 (Dynax)
Mahjong Tenjinpai (Dynax)
Mahjong Raijinpai DX (Dynax)

The last 3 are thanks to BNathan

Package 2 thanks to Glen M. contains a Color Sheriff PCB for PROM dumping.

Package 3 thanks to Andrew S. contains an original (and undumped) Data East Mad Rider PCB.

I also finally got my home arcade sorted out. Here's a pic....
With lights on.....
My Arcade

and with lights off :-)
My Arcade

From left to right..... small 20" cab running Konami 80's Classics, small 20" cab running Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, 26" Neo Geo cab running Sega Tetris (System16B), Sega Rally 2 Twin, Taito Egret II cab with 29" WG D9200 monitor running Atomis Wave Dolphin Blue. A 20" Hankin cocktail is next to that (powered off in the pic)

30th March, 2006
I hooked this up today. It's fully working, not bad for 100 bucks! :-)
Rapid River
I don't think the previous owner will be too sad about the low price though.....
Rapid River

18th March, 2006
Another box from Japan arrived late yesterday. In it is some very interesing stuff....

Mahjong Fight Club (Konami Viper, complete set of 8 identical units! We got this for 1000 Yen total!... about USD10 !!)
Top Blade V (Crystal System hardware)
An unknown System 10 ROM board (possibly Taiko no Tatsujin 3)
E-Jan Sakura-sou
Tougenkyou / Gladiator 2003 / The Road of Sword
Spectral vs Generation
Asura Buster
Air Attack / Kuusyuu
And a pile of 'junk' CD-Roms (0 Yen). These are obviously NOT junk :-)
Beatmania II Junk
Note that the CDs are not full games, just some loose items found in a pile of junk. That means that dumps of these games will be incomplete.
Among this lot are....
2 security carts (DrumMania 7th Mix & GuitarFreaks 8th Mix)
Beatmania II DX CDROM - GQ863 A01
Beatmania II DX CDROM - GQ863-JA B01 (x2) & dongle 863A02
Beatmania II DX video CD - GQ863 A04 (x2)
Beatmania II DX substream VIDEOCD - GC983 A04
Beatmania II DX 2nd style CDROM - GC985 A01
Beatmania II DX 2nd style VIDEOCD - GC985 A04
Beatmania II DX 7th style CDROM1 - B44JAA01
DDR 2nd Mix & Beatmania II DX substream Club Version 2 CDROM - GE984 A01(BM) & dongle 984A02
and lastly.....
Mobile Suit Z-Gundam - AEUG Vs. Titan DVDROM and Sony Magic Gate security dongle (Capcom/Banpresto, 2003, for Namco System 256 hardware)

I've already traded one of the Mahjong Fight Club Viper boards for this.....
Namco Super System 22
......which arrived yesterday also.
Don't know which game eh? Of course, the game is Tokyo Wars.... couldn't you see that??? ;-D

11th March, 2006
I just picked up lots of juicy stuff from my local post office....

-Rapid River (1997, Namco 'Gorgon' h/w)
Thanks to R Belmont for grabbing it for us on eBay :)

Some unwanted 'junk'....
-R Type (bootleg)
-Captain Commando (bootleg)
-Turtles in Time (Konami, 1991)
Thanks to Martijn

and a bunch of Viper games....
-Boxing Mania (Konami, 2001, Viper h/w)
-Mocap Boxing (Konami, 2001, Viper h/w)
-Mocap Golf (Konami, 2002, Viper h/w)
-Tsurugi : The Sword (Konami, 2001, Viper h/w)
-Xtrial Racing (Konami, 2002, Viper h/w)
Thanks to 'bobaruni'

10th March, 2006
I finally got around to dumping the TX1 board I have. Here you can see the pile of ROMs from the PCB....

I dumped the PROMs and you will probably see them added to MAME soon. All of the PROMs and most of the EPROMs were soldered into the PCB on this version, so the dump wasn't a simple one.
Unfortunately, two of the EPROMs were damaged (most of their microfine wires were severed from the pins to the die because the top of the chip has come loose/off) and they fell apart into 1000 pieces when they were removed from the board :-(

Double unfortunately, most of the ROMs on this PCB Ident as unknown also!
So, we're still looking for a good TX1 board that does not have Atari labels. If you have a TX-1 PCB with ROM labels like 'TX1 19B' or 'TX1 5A' and want to help out, please contact me!

26th February, 2006
Just a small update.... I forgot to mention that a few days ago I received a Mr Driller 2 English version PCB, thanks to Mr T. and also a dump of Final Furlong 2 (Namco Super System 23), thanks to 'bobaruni'

22nd February, 2006
I've been working on this today....
Mr Driller Dumping Adapter
Looks interesting, doesn't it?
It's a TSOP48-DIP48 prototyping adapter specially (and painstakingly) wired to a DIP48 socket. The ROM I'm concerned about has (unfortunately) been bastardised by the manufacturer and is hellishly custom. It's been surface mounted onto the proto adapter ready for dumping.

21st February, 2006
A few more PCBs arrived....
Gamshara (Namco System10, the game is like Cabal), purchased on eBay by The Dumping Project Team, thanks to Major Roy Fokker for the funds :-)

6 Mahjong PCBs, thanks to dyq & bnathan
Mahjong Dragon Challenge Tiger II (1998)
Chao Ji Da Man Guan II (Super Slam II,1997)
Shuang Long Qiang Zhu 2 (Double Dragon Chasing Pearl 2,1998)
Man Guan Cai Shen (Slam Plutus,1998)
Tai Shan Chuang Tian Guan (1999)
Tian Jiang Shen Bing (Supernal Weapons, 1997)

I also bought this. Sadly the old one locks up (which I discovered was a fault with running a Pentium 4 with the supplied software.... it works on my old Pentium II) and it seems I'm not the only one to have this problem
The manufacturer won't admit fault or fix the s/w (probably because that model has been superceeded by the one I just bought), so I solved the problem myself :-\

As a bonus, I get about another 1000 or so extra supported devices so I can now dump some things I couldn't do before :-)

14th February, 2006
2 packages arrived.
Crazy Fight (Subsino, 2001) - purchased by Brian T. on ebay
CPS2 USB adapter thingy, thanks to Charles MacDonald :-)
Here's a pic of it hooked up.
CPS2 Adapter CPS2 Adapter
The adapter plugs into the 64-pin CN7 on the B board. The chips on the bench are the original ROMs and PALs. ROM3 is changed and ROM10 is added. Plus 1 PAL on the A board is changed and 2 PALs on the B board are changed. Unfortunately, none of the PALs were socketed and this particular B board didn't have a CN7 connector! So I had to desolder a CN7 connector from another dead CPS2 board and solder it to this board and desolder and socket the 3 PALs as well! Luckily she still works!
It's not that exciting to look at though ;-)
Basically this USB thing is a custom serial to USB adapter and will be used to dump out test data from the real board and then sent back to the team (Nicola/Charles etc) and they will analyze it and hopefully that will lead to proper CPS2 emulation in MAME.
Update: The data was dumped out from 2 different games and was around 1GB EACH. It took about 24 hours for each game.
I had to burn the dumped data to a DVD and then post it out because uploading 2GB on a lowly 56k modem is unthinkable in 2006 ;-)
Update: With the 2 gigabytes of data I dumped from the real PCBs using the CPS2 adapter thingy, Nicola Salmoria and Andreas Naive have successfully decrypted the data. No more hacks, just real decryption of the code and clean emulation.
Update January 2007: By the time you read this, you should be able to play most CPS2 games in MAME :-)
The technical details about the decryption are available on Nicola's Blog and Andreas' Blog (starting at December 2006)

30th January, 2006

Just completed the final update to the Wanted List. If there's a game missing, let me know!
Also updated the Bad Dumps List to .103u4

12th January, 2006
A few packages arrived containing some nice PCBs....
Point Blank 2 (on Namco System 12)
Search Eye Plus v2.00
Puzzle Bang Bang
KlonDike+ (Eolith, 1999)
Don Den Lover (Korean Bootleg)
Aleck 64 cart - Tower Shaft (Azure 2003)
Crazy Wars
E-Jan Highschool (single board like Raiden 2 etc) and maybe
E-Jan Highschool 2 (not sure, both boards look the same apart from a few maskROMs with different game codes)
Dynamite Bomber (Limenko, 2000)
98 Grand Prix
Knucklebash 2 (bootleg)
Most of these came from our Korean contact and a couple came from ebay purchased by Randy or Brian T.

and these shipped from Japan....
Hot Gimmick Integral (Psikyo, 2001), Thanks to Major Roy Fokker for the funds.
Lead Angle (Seibu, 1988)
Salary Man Champ CD (Konami, 2001, on System 573)
Drummania 7thMIX power-up ver. CD
Thanks to our Japanese contact

I also got access to two other machines during the last week...
Skins Game (Midway, 2000)
Keyboardmania 3rdMIX (Konami 2001, Firebeat hardware)
Of course, they're now dumped as well ;-)

And two packages posted by Karasu....
TX1, to dump the PROMs, picked up on eBay (Thanks to Philip J Bennett for the $)
DJ Boy

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