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21st November, 2009
All done. If anyone has related items to loan out please contact me. I'm moving onto the next pile of stuff now :-)
Not a lot arrived over the past couple of months (I think).

Thanks to a member of Team Japump for sending out these items....
Konami network unit with 10G 2.5" HDD (for use with System 573, used on Drum Mania 7th to 10th and Guitar Freaks 8th to 11th)
Fire Trap PCB (original Japanese version with MCU for decapping)
A bunch of System 573 protection carts
A Sega Tetris NAOMI cart that I bought for my arcade cab (which I dumped and was added to MAME a short time ago)

Oh err, hang-on. I did get some other stuff. Some of it was dumped several weeks ago....
Merit Trivia security brick
Tekken 4 security cart / alt rev
Ninja Assault NAOMI cart (I paid for this one)
Hammer (Andamiro)
A broken Strikers 1945 for decapping the PIC16C57. I repaired this so I'm going to play it a while first ;-D
Midway Athens main board for decapping. This has been stripped of all chips including the PIC16C57 so it's not all that useful :-(
Fisherman's Bait security cart

Oh, my memory is coming back! I also got hold of a Konami Warzaid card and figured out how to clone it so it works on a real Konami Viper PCB. Still can't image it yet for MAME since CHDMAN can't copy some of the hidden data that the hardware looks for (the existing .CHD copy in MAME is bad and won't work on real hardware). But it's secured anyway.

Thanks to Brian Troha for a Japanese version of KOF Neowave

In other news I dumped the DTV2 that Lord Nightmare sent some time ago (it's a C64 on a single 3" x 3" PCB with games in a joystick housing) and also dumped all of the Super Cassette Vision carts that Ranger Lennier also sent some time ago. Unfortunately some of them were not readable due to bad ROMs.
Update: I figured out the SCV carts and they are all dumped now. Strange ROM types....

15th August, 2009
A H-U-G-E amount of stuff arrived over the last few weeks. I don't have a list handy ATM, but I can tell you some of the stuff that's already been dumped including a couple of Atomiswave carts (Extreme Hunting and Extreme Hunting 2 thanks to DevoDave for the loan). Some of the other stuff you probably already know about since it's in MAME now, including a new dump of Outrun, redumping all of the Konami Viper games, redumping VF3TB, dumping the 8751 MCU from Ninja Spirit, a new revision of Winding Heat, a MAME rip-off 48-in-1 PCB and dumping a couple of djmain HDDs (Pop n' Music 2 and beatmania ClubMIX, thanks to a member of Team Japump for sending them out). A 60-in-1 has just arrived too from a local friend which I'll be getting to next.
There's also a ton of stuff that has been casually waiting patiently in boxes here. The backlog of stuff to get through is quite large. I'm busy busy busy!

For your entertainment I've also uploaded a new video to my youtube page for a NAOMI game
called 'Gun Survivor 2 Biohazard Code : Veronica'

Update: The reason there hasn't been an update here for a while is because the majority of my spare time is tied up repairing arcade PCBs now... mostly Daytona and Sega Rally, and it doesn't look like that work will slow down anytime soon. That's not an entirely bad thing because many of the recent dumps have come from PCBs that came in for repair :-D
Because of the complexity of the Model 2 hardware most of the faults are VERY nasty, including failure of major custom ICs. I have at least 30 Daytona's piled up here. Some of them are damaged beyond repair because of MEGA-corrosion (the fans and PCBs are seriously in the wrong location under the pedals with no protection from water and spillage). I suggest if you own a working Daytona you get rid of it R-E-A-L  F-A-S-T before it totally stuffs up and isn't worth Jack ;-)
It's a pity Sega didn't develop a few new Daytona updates on newer hardware to keep the 'killer-app' going and cash in big-time on the success of Daytona. Well, they did Daytona 2 on Model 3 but that didn't really catch on as well as the original. Then there was Nascar Racing on Hikaru. Quite a nice game and very well done, but OH! what a total screw-up that hardware was. THE Most Unreliable Hardware On This Planet (I heard rumors it's also unreliable on Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). Sega... if you're reading this, make a Daytona EVERY year on the current hardware. Don't change the game just keep the original legend going! Dayyyyyyyyyyytonaaaaaaaaaa!
Hmmm, well, it looks like Sega lost. The new big money earner is Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 (by Namco/Bandai). It's surpassed Daytona earnings by 3X at least according to what I've seen and read and it doesn't look like stopping anytime soon.

Update Update: Ok here's a copy/paste of most of the other stuff.

From Korea thanks to gp-lee...
Quiz Punch 1988 Space Computer
Super Game 3 1996 Top Industry
LA Girl 1993 Ta Ta Electronics (Play Girls clone)
Shin Ib Sa Won - Seok Dol I 1984 Konami (Mikie's Korean bootleg)
Ddang Dda Meok Gi 1990 Inter Trading (Gals Panic clone)
Dark Edge 1992 Sega with 317-0204 FD1149
Final Tetris 1993 Jeil Computer System
Last Mission 1986 Data East USA with 8751 MCU
TumblePop 1991 Data East bootleg

From Japan from my Japanese contact (all of the backlog and probably the final package from him due to changed jobs although we can still buy items if required and given funds which we don't have any of)....
Konami Viper board x 4 (This is the final remaining 4 PCBs that we bought as a lot of 8 many years ago. I traded most of the previous ones for some other good stuff including Tokyo Wars)
Arcana Heart PCB + ver. 1.5 Flash ROM update
Netchuu Pro Yakyuu 2002
Guiter Freaks 9 and Drum Mania 8 CDROM and security carts
Mahjong Nenrikishu (IGS)
Mahjong Ryukobou
Mahjong Gekisha
Mahjong Seiryu Densetsu
Mahjong Yarou
The last few mahjong games are thanks to Dyq.

Another package from Japan thanks to Team Japump....
Hacha Mecha Fighter (to decap MCU)
NB1413M3 (Nichibutsu mahjong MCU to decap)
Winning Eleven 2003 (Pyson PCB box and CF card and dongle)
Winning Eleven (different version CF card only, no dongle required to run)
Attack Pla-Rail (Namco System 12)
Danchi de Quiz (ST-V cart)
beatmania clubMIX (HDD, dumped)
Pop'n Music 2 (ROMs and HDD, dumped)
Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix
Sukusuku Inufuku 2
Kidou Senshi Z Gundam A.E.U.G vs. Titans
Kidou Senshi Z Gundam A.E.U.G vs. Titans DX
Tekken 5 ver 5.1
and a couple of top secret items that I can't mention yet ;-)

Dirt Dash, thanks to R. Belmont. This is the final Namco Super System 22 game that is not dumped. Now the SS22 sets in MAME are finally complete. I'm proud to have exclusively dumped every SS22 game :-D
Yes, I know there's still one remaining game (Armadillo Racing) but they are not common so we'll just forget about that one for now :-)

World Series '99
Mahjong Tycoon
Final Furlong
Print Club 2 Vol.3
Print Club 2
Protection chip from High Impact
8751 MCU from Wrestle War
Protection chips from Fighter's History
14-in-1 CPS1 bootleg

I think my head just exploded! Errr, that's it for arrivals? Maybe something else will turn up in my pile of boxes ;-)

Also, those who are observant will notice more chips added to the decap page and some of them are flagged as 'posted' :-D
Note that actually decapping these will require funds. Posted <> Decapped. Funds + Posted = Decapped).

8th June, 2009
Arrived and dumped....
Ranger Mission (2004, Sammy Atomiswave cart)
Sports Shooting USA (2003 Sammy Atomiswave cart)
Thanks to Brian Troha

Chips for decapping from Chase HQ, Fighter's History, Super High Impact, Renegade (68705P5), Double Axle and Narc
Fighting Mania (Konami System 573, not working). This is a no-CD version, the program runs from on-board flash so getting a correct and complete dump might not be possible because the game won't boot up (meaning the program/flash is bad). I've dumped the on-board flash ROMs, we'll have to wait and see what RB or smf says about it.

Magicball Fighting (1994 Semicom, for MCU decapping)
Domino block ver 2 (1996 Wonwoo System)
Gondomania (1987 Data East, for 8751 MCU decapping)
Ninja Baseball Batman (1993 Irem)
Raiga / Strato Fighter (1991 Tecmo, for MCU decapping)
Super Mario Bros 3 (bootleg)
TNKIII (1985 SNK bootleg joystick version)
Shadow Force version 3 (1993 Technos)
Stadium Hero (1988 Data East)
Thanks to gp-lee

26th May, 2009
I'm doing some more wiring up today. This time something a lot easier.
security slot security card opened up security card untouched Beatmania II DX main board showing the location of the security slot Some Beatmania II DX CD's
Pic 1 shows the security slot taken from the beatmania IIDX PCB that arrived recently and wired up to a DIP8 socket.
Pic 2 shows 2 security cards opened up. The card on the left is the newer type using a ST24W02 TSSOP8 EEPROM (it's physical size is about 2mm x 3mm). The right card is the older type with an epoxy blob.
Pic 3 shows what the security cards look like untouched.
Pic 4 shows the main PCB with security slot at the front.
Pic 5 is a reminder of what arrived a few years ago :-)
The general idea is to just plug in an untouched security card and dump it out in 1 second. So far the theory worked for one card (left) but not the epoxy blob one so I guess the older ones are different somehow and more research is needed. But at least we now have one of them dumped :-)
UPDATE: Of course, I've also dumped the other required pieces like the CD's and HDD.
POST screen from Beatmania II DX (Konami Twinkle hardware)
Thanks to RB we have a nice POST screen for beatmania IIDX. No promises when more might happen but it could be a good idea to watch RB's site for an update :-D
I just dumped the security card for beatmania IIDX 4th Style too, plus the CD's. It's one of the newer types. It appears the older security cards (i.e. possibly all the games from 1999) can't be dumped (yet). There are many missing pieces still required... CD's, HDDs and security cards.
We still need the following things....

If you can help, please let me know! :-)

24th May, 2009
I've been doing a bit of work today wiring up the mask ROMs from Led Storm Rally 2011.
After 2 1/2 hours we have this....
64 pin quad flat pack mask ROM from Led Storm Rally 2011
OMG!! ;-)
1 dumped, 2 more to go. Not today though.

22nd May, 2009
Here's a technical update about the MCU's #106/#107. Most of this will go over your head. I'm hoping some of it will stick with some people and we'll have a nice solution.
There's some discussion on the mameworld forums that perhaps we can get further with the Heavy Unit and DJ Boy MCU decoding with the help of many typing monkies :-)
First of all, if you know nothing and don't know what this is for, DO NOT download this **just in case**!
I'm providing FULL sized images of #106/#107.
It looks identical to the below pic, just **A LOT** bigger. The code to do the automatic image bit identification is kindly provided by Mooglyguy. Please remember that this is not a flawless one-off process and some of the bits in the image can't be positively identified as 0 or 1 without manual intervention and decoding/assembly of the code to determine 'good' code. This is specifically tailored for #106. It will not work with #107 without modifying it. Unless you know how to program in C this will not be useful to you, so do not download it either.

Code/program to identify the image bits is here.
The two large MCU images of Heavy Unit mask ROM and DJ Boy mask ROM are on an external free hosting site (not any more, check the 'typing monkies' link for alternative locations)
These will be available for a limited time only (possibly 1-2 days). If you want to provide them for download somewhere else, that's fine. But don't use the server!

For decoding, you must read it ACROSS the image not up/down. The data-bus columns are left to right 0..7 as marked on the image of #106.
It's possible the first instruction is most likely "75 xx xx" or maybe "02 xx xx" or maybe "80 xx".
Most likely every 4 bits is an address location. The MCU is an Intel 80C51 so someone knowing that language should be able to check the code to make sure it's valid once it is decoded.

If you do have the required skills and want to help, feel free to grab the files. I look forward to seeing at least a text file of the verified 0's and 1's appearing somewhere soon.
And to all the typing monkeys, thanks for your assistance!

Please help to support this very worthy cause with either chips or donations. See my Decapping Project page for more info.

20th May, 2009
This is the ROM image of Heavy Unit (#107) which has just been decapped. You can clearly see a large part of the lower section of the ROM is unused.
ROM image of Heavy Unit 80C51 MCU (chip #107)

I've also added many wanted chips to the Decapping Project page. Please help to support this very worthy cause with either chips or donations. See my Decapping Project page for update info.

In other news a couple of weeks ago I received an FM Towns Marty PCB for dumping. Emulation of the FM Towns Marty was added into MESS 16th May and should be in the next release of MESS 0.132

9th May, 2009
The following chips have just been decapped and dumped....

This is the ROM image of DJ Boy (#106)
ROM image of DJ Boy Beast 80C51 MCU (chip #106)
You can see the full chip image over at Dr. Decapitator's Page. Of course, us devs are really only interested in the ROM ^_^
The small red marks at the top of the image (view it full size to see them) are the databus outputs (0-7 horizontally from left to right)
Please help to support this very worthy cause. See my Decapping Project page for update info.

In other news, I also dumped the remaining G-Net cards that arrived here recently (Otenami Haiken & Shanghai Sangokuhai Tougi) so they should be included in the next version of MAME. The G-Net Status Page has also been updated.

6th May, 2009
The following chips have just been decapped and dumped....

Please help to support this very worthy cause. See my Decapping Project page for update info.

28th April, 2009
I'm moving onto something good now. Thanks to RB for the initial WIP screen shots :-D
These are a little trickier because the 80-pin plastic connector has to be removed first. And of course there's a ton of ROMs on the ROM PCB too.
Namco Super System 22 CPU PCB Tokyo Wars WIP Tokyo Wars WIP Namco Super System 22 ROM PCB Tokyo Wars WIP Tokyo Wars WIP Aqua Jet WIP
Anyway, that completes the dumping of the remaining Namco Super System 22 PCBs that I have here.

25th April, 2009
Today is a VERY good day indeed! In more ways than one! Lots of interesting things happening...

The recently decapped MCU code from Hyper Pacman has been added to MAME and that will be in the next release.

Many of you will know I have been dumping ROMs for ~10 years. In that time I've tried to keep the flow constant but I've been getting banked up with too much work lately and not enough free time so I've enlisted some help to take care of the easier stuff. But there's still lots of complicated stuff to get through here. So 3 weeks ago I decided to take a month off work because I have over 800 hours of leave owing to me. You kind of get that when you've worked for a company for 20 years. Not that I'm complaining, I've been able to enjoy life to the fullest because of it. Just remember boys and girls, even though you may have a job, listen to what your parents taught you. Spend in moderation and within your means. If you don't have a job, don't go buying expensive toys and getting into activities that require large sums of money or you'll end up with egg on your face....

The recent results you see here are not an effort to release stuff on a daily frenzied schedule like some kiddie warez group that hoards tons of stuff and feeds it slowly to the public to improve their image. There are no secret items in the back room, everything is listed here openly and there is no dark motivation to slowly release it. I am a dedicated and VERY busy member of Mamedev in for the long haul. Merely the timing is right (with the recent NAOMI MAME activity) and the time is now available and I'm using my holidays to get some serious dumping done. However as a side-effect of that, it also helps to cut off issues where someone else gets hold of the same item I have here (using infomation being published on my site for a long time) and dumps it, thus making the item I bought useless and stabbing all of the donators in the back at the same time. Very nice. NOT! :-/
So I've headed most of it off at the chicane. I'm going to try to avoid buying this type of warez-kiddie attracting stuff in the future because it will probably turn up somewhere mysteriously dumped one day. Not here, but somewhere. Hmmm....
With that said, I know someone unknown wrote a program running on a PS2 + a BIOS mod that allows dumping of the Namco System 246 security carts using a PS2. Yes, we know 'who' bragged about dumping some of them, but I also know it was not that person who wrote the program and BIOS mod. I urge the 'real' skilled person to contact me and help me to dump them for the good of the emulation community and the preservation of the data and games that ran on that hardware. To not share is to not care....

In other emulation news, I'm still in a mass-dumping mood, and I've finally got around to dumping the remaining Hyper Neo Geo 64 carts. This is the aftermath of it all.
Hyper Neo Geo 64 cart ROMs piled up Hyper Neo Geo 64 carts piled up A Hyper Neo Geo 64 cart with all of the ROMs removed
This includes the recently purchased Samurai Shodown 64 HNG64 cart and the other HNG64 carts that were waiting to be dumped.

Note that all 7 HNG64 games are now dumped. Yes that's right, just 7, including the following games...
Beast Busters 2nd Nightmare
Buriki One
Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition / Garou Densetsu 64: Wild Ambition
Roads Edge / Round Trip RV
Samurai Spirits 64 / Samurai Shodown 64
Samurai Spirits II: Asura Zanmaden / Samurai Shodown: Warrior's Rage
Xtreme Rally / Offbeat Racer

Not 12. Just 7! While doing this I discovered that the HNG64 games that have alternative titles are not different carts. I have some here and the ROMs were all the same even though the cart had a different name. So that means the region setting must be on the mainboard or part of the I/O MCU (which will be decapped and extracted at some point in the future). Hopefully we will see all of those games in the next MAME release. But don't get too excited, none of them will be working. It's not a simple thing to emulate that hardware so we must wait patiently to see these games in all their glory. I'm not quite sure that SNK games can be seen as glorious, but anyway, let's just say nicely emulated and leave it at that.

Now for some wants. While all HNG64 carts are dumped, it was pointed out that 2 of them have revision B program ROMs. That means there could be an alternative revision A of Buriki One and Roads Edge / Round Trip floating around somewhere. If you have any of these carts lying around, please grab your cart, open it up and check the program ROMs at locations 81 & 82. If the printing on the ROMs says (for example) 001-PR01A or 007-PR01A then it means you have something undumped lying around that you didn't know you had, and you should arrange to get that over to old Guru ASAP! :-)

24th April, 2009
More decapping progress!
This is [a section of] the dump. Click the little arrows in the pic once it opens to see it full size.
Extracted full dump of AT89C52 MCU from Hyper Pacman (chip #186)
Note that this chip is EPROM-based ^_^
Please help to support this very worthy cause. See my Decapping Project page for more info.

20th April, 2009
A small update to the Makaron info below. This is straight from the horses mouth ;-)
Thanks to some info from Deunan Knute (author of Makaron) I was able to get the ROM cart for Virtua NBA that I just dumped working in-game!
Sega NAOMI Virtua NBA ROM cart running in Makaron Sega NAOMI Virtua NBA ROM cart running in Makaron Sega NAOMI Virtua NBA ROM cart running in Makaron Sega NAOMI Virtua NBA ROM cart running in Makaron
Sega NAOMI Virtua NBA ROM cart running in Makaron Sega NAOMI Virtua NBA ROM cart running in Makaron Sega NAOMI Virtua NBA ROM cart running in Makaron Sega NAOMI Virtua NBA ROM cart running in Makaron
The emulation crashes pretty early though, might be emulation or protection issues causing that. But this is pretty amazing considering this game was not dumped when the emulator was written. Thanks again to Deunan Knute for the info!
Just bear in mind that there was no special magic involved here. The ROM loading just needs to be correct. As I said below, the ROM carts will not work in Makaron if the security chip is present, and currently only 3 games don't use it. There's no point trying to get the other games working because they will not work unless the security is either emulated or patched out and neither of those are done by the current version of Makaron. YMMV

20th April, 2009
Now we'll look at something a little bit harder......
Sega Hikaru ROM board from Nascar Racing Sega Hikaru ROM board from Planet Harriers with ROMs removed Close-up of TSOP48 maskROM. Look Mom! No Bridges! Inset top left showing the chip at full real size (click maximize arrows to see pic at full size)
The last pic shows the real size of the ROMs (maximize the pic to see it). These are not particularly any more difficult to dump but they are a lot more fragile and require more work to prepare before reading (roughly 4-6 times longer). The actual ROM reading part takes between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

I've been messing around with Makaron again and ROM carts. While checking some things I realised what was going on. It seems it's not all that difficult to get a NAOMI ROM cart to boot but there's one big factor involved. The cart must not have the 317-xxxx security chip in it. Unfortunately only 3 NAOMI carts I know of documented on my NAOMI page don't use the security chip. They are Sega Marine Fishing, Virtua NBA and Typing Of The Dead.
It's a HUGE credit to the Makaron author that the emulator is so versatile, even in this early stage of development.
To get a cart running simply do a binary copy of all of the ROMs and make one big file, starting at IC22 and then IC1, IC2, IC3 etc

And here's a few pics of some carts I dumped to show that it's possible. They don't go in-game yet. However they will go into TEST mode.
Sega NAOMI ROM board running in Makaron Sega NAOMI ROM board running in Makaron Sega NAOMI ROM board running in Makaron Sega NAOMI ROM board running in Makaron
Sega NAOMI ROM board running in Makaron Sega NAOMI ROM board running in Makaron Sega NAOMI ROM board running in Makaron. Many items missing here!

In other news, I'm still steadily going through the NAOMI ROM carts here and dumping a few more each day.
Today's dumps include....
Quiz Ah My Goddess
Giantgram 2000
Dynamite Baseball NAOMI
Dynamite Baseball 99
Derby Owner's Club
Death Crimson OX
Ferrari F355

The Sega NAOMI Dump Status Page is also updated too. LOTS of green there now :-D

18th April, 2009
Here's a little inside info into what is required to dump a NAOMI ROM cart. See the pic below....
NAOMI Dumping
Click the little arrows in the pic once it opens to maximize it.
So here we have an EPROM programmer/reader (a quite expensive one but fast as hell ;-)
A SOP44 adapter (the small blue/black thing sitting on top in the programmer's ZIF socket). This holds the SOP44 chip in place while reading it.
A NAOMI cart or 2 (or 40)
A bunch of SOP44 MASKROMs (on the front right of the pic) taken off the NAOMI board shown at the back.
All that is required is to place them in the SOP44 adapter and select the correct settings in the EPROM Programmer software and then read it and save the binary file. It's pretty simple even a Dogg could do it.

The main issue is the ROMs usually come off with crap on them so they need some preparing or you get a bad read. This is what actually takes most of the time. The actual ROM reading takes 6 seconds per chip and a few more seconds to click a couple of buttons and save it. The other big issue is you have to repeat the process for each ROM. On this cart that I'm doing now there's 21 ROMs (20 on the desk and 1 in the SOP44 adapter). That's a time consuming task even though with my methods it only takes me around 1/2 an hour total per cart (incl. removal, prep and read/save). But there's a whole pile of stuff to get through (around 40 carts or so although many I've done already) so it can get a bit boring actually and I'm easily distracted by other stuff ;-)

I guess the other problem is when you mass-dump a lot of stuff it tends to pile up and become scrap. Well, I will probably put all the ROMs back onto the carts eventually but to put them back takes at least 4X longer than the reading process for a complete cart dump so I'm not enthusiastic about re-attaching around 400+ ROMs. Especially the weird stuff that no one would buy anyway. Of course the good stuff has already been re-assembled and is either ready for sale or is sold.

Speaking of weird stuff, I always wanted to see what Idol Janshi Su Chi Pai 3 looked like but I couldn't get it to load on my NAOMI unit. It turned out I needed to use a different I/O board. So I re-attached the ROMs and booted it up and got it running. I did a quick video and put that up on my YouTube channel. Watch closely for the naughty bits ;-)

In other dumping news, I've dumped a few more NAOMI carts including...
Guilty Gear X
Virtua NBA
Giant Gram All Japan Pro Wrestling 2

17th April, 2009
I had a spare couple of hours today so I dumped a couple more of the NAOMI titles that were waiting patiently...
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (thanks to Heywood Floyd for the cart)
Zombie Revenge (thanks to Olivier Galibert for the cart... many, many years ago :-)
Virtua Striker 4 Japan (Triforce GDROM GDT-0013E)

I have been trying to get Makaron working for some time and finally figured out the missing pieces and got it booted (multiple cryptic Microsoft errors caused by missing MSVC 2008 runtime libraries!), but couldn't get the ROM cart part of it working (since there doesn't seem to be any info around about exactly how to get the ROM carts working!!!) :-/
I would really appreciate it if someone could shed some light on that as it would be good to test the new dumps in Makaron to make sure they are good.

So I decided to look at the GDROM based games. I picked GDL-0007A that I dumped some time ago. You should all know that is 'Capcom Vs SNK 2 Millionaire Fighting 2001' right? Well I thought so too.
After hacking out track 3 from the CHD by using CHDMAN then BIN2ISO then ISOBUSTER (OMG come on guys this is 2009 now, can't we just support the official CHD and be done with all the hacking??), decrypting it (using a program that comes with Makaron) and then running it in Makaron it seems we have a new game!
Or do we? See the pics....
Capcom Vs SNK 2 Mark Of The Millennium 2001 Capcom Vs SNK 2 Millionaire Fighting 2001
It seems if you run it with a Revision D Japanese BIOS (EPR-21576D) it comes up as 'Mark Of The Millennium' and with Revision G Japanese BIOS (EPR-21576G) it comes up as 'Millionaire Fighting'. It's funny that no one realised :-D
The rest of the game is identical, of course. I wonder if any other games come up with alternative titles when run with a BIOS of the same region but different revision?

Anyway, the end result is 'Capcom Vs SNK 2 Mark Of The Millennium 2001' is dumped and GDL-0008 is now unknown?

Update: It turned out that the rev. D BIOS I was using was named wrong (it came from an old archive I got somewhere on the net). The BIOS was actually the Export version. So you can get the same results shown above by using EPR-21578

16th April, 2009
The first of the decapped chips arrived today. They were successfully decapped and the data extracted from the chips.
The chips numbers have been updated on my Decapping Project page
Updated chips are 31, 32, 75, 76, 178, 180.
This is [a part of] one of the NAOMI protection keys....
Extracted full dump of a NAOMI protection key PIC16C621A in Intel HEX format
To continue will require many, many donations. Please help to support this very worthy cause. See my Decapping Project page for more info.

10th April, 2009
A few more items arrived and a few kind donations from a few people.
Arrivals, 10th April 2009
Samurai Showdown 64 (Hyper Neo Geo 64 cart)
Konami System 573 scrap motherboard for decapping
Confidential Mission w/different PIC (unfortunately we bought this _just_ before the other dump was available! PIC seems to be the same as is already dumped?)
C/Flash cards (for some Konami Viper-related Work-In-Progress)

The System 573 motherboard is quite interesting. Here's the original pic from the auction...
A very poor example of a Konami System 573 motherboard that went to hell and died.
Looks like shit doesn't it! OMFG, some idiots thought they could fix it by removing the BIOS ROM and replacing the socket! Unfortunately they have the brain of a retarded beetle and broke a track on the board UNDER the socket when removing the old socket. Essentially they killed the board dead right there at that point! Then subsequentially put another socket in there and poorly soldered it in, then damaged that socket too. Then they removed and [poorly] resoldered the M48T58Y Timekeeper NVRAM. There's a whole mess of other user-created faults too!
What a joke, they are so far away from the [real] fault it's HILARIOUS!
So for a bit of fun I decided I'd have a look at fixing it.

First thing was to clean it up a bit, there's a lot of corrosion on many chips. I pulled off the beat-up DIP32 socket and had a look what was going on under it. Sure enough poor repair work caused a broken track from pin 7 of the bootROM to pin 6 of the M48T58Y. I repaired the broken track and replaced the socket, then burned a new 4M EPROM (the boot ROM was missing) and also removed, checked and replaced the NVRAM.

On power-up now it's trying to boot, shows some garbage on screen for 1/2 a second then resets.
I compared the PCB with one of my working System 573 boards and noticed a 16M TSOP48 ROM is missing and there's corrosion around one near it. I started to clean up the corrosion on the ROM and then it fell off! So I cleaned it up properly then replaced both 16M flashROMs. Booted it again but still no changes.
I checked the large QFP208 Sony chips and found more corrosion on them so I cleaned those too and while inspecting them found the original fault... four loose legs on the GTE chip were loose! So I soldered those back in place
Sony CXD8561 GTE repaired Sony CXD8561 GTE repair close-up
That might look easy but bear in mind the image is blown up 20X and those legs are 0.5mm apart... that's 0.019" for you imperial people.

Fired it up and the board booted perfectly, but then reset again!! Hmmm, what's going on here?
System 573 bootup screen with an error :-(
I checked the boot screen again and it said '18E BAD'

Comparing against my other working board I found that the chip at 18E is missing! It's the H8/3644 microcontroller! Argghh!! That's the whole reason we bought this piece of shit in the first place... and now you tell me it's missing???!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!
Initially I thought those S.O.B's that damaged it had stolen the MCU off it. But talking to my friend from Jomac, he says some of those boards didn't have that chip present on the board. So it seems there's another BIOS that doesn't test that location because the regular 700A01 BIOS tests the MCU. So we need a dump of the other BIOS (we've actually known about it for many years but now we have proof it exists). This PCB turned out to be from Dancing Maniax.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some. So, it works with the regular BIOS apart from a missing chip. I bet it would work perfectly with the proper one :-/
Here's a super-sized version of the mainboard. Browse around and you might actually learn something....
A nice example of a Konami System 573 motherboard, except one missing chip at 18E (H8/3644 MCU)

In other news I just dumped the following NAOMI carts....
Release #24 - Power Stone - dedicated to Lord Thierry
Release #25 - Power Stone 2 - dedicated to Lord Coy
Release #26 - Heavy Metal Geomatrix - Dedicated to Lord Belmont
Release #27 - Samba De Amigo - dedicated to Lord Gin
Release #28 - Outtrigger - dedicated to Lord Taucher
Release #29 - Spawn - dedicated to Lord Pelle
Release #30 - Gunspike - dedicated to Lord Galibert
Release #31 - Typing Of The Dead (redumped one bad ROM) - dedicated to Lord Giles

uh-hum. Can you guess which site I'm taking the piss out of? ;-)

Each one took about 15 - 30 minutes to dump.

7th April, 2009
More stuff from Japan just arrived today!
Arrivals, 7th April 2009
Otenami Haiken (G-Net card)
Shanghai Sangokuhai Tougi (G-Net card)

Plus some other items...
Hana Jingi PCB (to decap/trojan CPU internal ROM)
Mahjong Cafe Doll CPU (to decap/trojan internal ROM)
Legend of Hero Tonma 8751 MCU and PAL
Pound for Pound M85 PALs and BPROMs
Great Sluggers '94 C369 KEYCUS

Thanks to a member of Team Japump for helping to locate the G-Net cards and sending the other chips for decapping. Also thanks to Tokrot for buying my Taito G-Net Super Puzzle Bobble card so that we actually had enough money to buy the two G-Net items.

Also, here's a pic of the last Japanese haul...
Arrivals, 23rd March 2009
I forgot to mention a couple of items in the news below. In this lot were also two Konami boards that were not working that we obtained for free, Cows Boys of Moo Mesa and Mystic Warriors. It turns out that Mystic Warriors is the JAA version which is not dumped so we have a nice bonus!
The last item I want to mention is at the very top left. I purchased a Sega NAOMI Virtua Golf panel to fit my Sega Astro City cab. There's an extra I/O board under the panel containing a ROM that is currently not dumped. That should help some way towards getting it booting in MAME.

3rd April, 2009
Another one of the wanted System 246 games arrived today..... Time Crisis 3. DVD, security cart and I/O board :-)
Namco Time Crisis 3 DVD, security cart and MIU PCB I/O board
Big thanks to DevoDave for loaning this out from his working cab.

23rd March, 2009
Some more arrivals from Japan.....

Naomi 2 + Dimm board (dead cheap, but unfortunately, also DEAD DEAD.. it doesn't work)
Beatmania II DX PCB + HDD (Konami, 1999)
ZunZun Block (Taito, 1979)
Kono e Tako (Mitchell, 2003, on Namco System 10)
Moeru Casinyo (NAOMI GDROM)
Usagi 2 Yamashiro Mahjong hen (NAOMI GDROM)
Chaos Field (NAOMI GDROM)
Virtua Striker 4 (Triforce GDROM)
La Keyboard (NAOMI GDROM)
Typing of the Dead (NAOMI ROM cart)
Shikigami no Shiro (G-Net card)
Taiko no Tatsujin 9 (System 246 disc + dongle)
Taiko no Tatsujin 10 (System 246 disc + dongle)

12th March, 2009
Some more arrivals.....
Technos Double Dragon PCB for decapping 63701 MCU
Wild Riders Naomi 2 cart
Bad Dudes for decapping 8751 MCU
Virtua Tennis Naomi GD-ROM
Crisis Zone alternative rev
Status Super Triv III for documenting and measurements
Ameridarts for decapping TMS320E15 MCU
Nascar rom board (Sega Hikaru)
Black Jack/Poker (by Kramer, dump is currently incomplete)
Soul Calibur 2 English language Magic Gate security dongle
Brave Firefighters (Sega Hikaru)
Thanks to Gerald, Heywood Floyd, tokrot and krick for donations and a few other anonymous donations

From Japan....
Flip Maze (Taito G-Net card)
Space Invaders Anniversary (Taito G-Net card)
Capcom Fighting Jam Magic Gate security dongle
Namco Dragon Chronicles Magic Gate security dongle
Special thanks to my Japanese contact for loaning the G-Net cards from his personal collection :-)

4th March, 2009
Taito G-Net Super Puzzle Bobble emulated!
Check the metadata in the .png, then pinch yourself just so you're *sure* you're awake. Then look again. Then set it as your desktop wallpaper :-D

2nd March, 2009
A few more NAOMI GDROM titles just got dumped.
Psyvariar 2 - The Will To Fabricate
Puyo Puyo Fever
Under Defeat
Trigger Heart Excelica
Border Down
Thanks to tokrot

I'm mentioning this now because there's a few more not-common (and related) items currently available but of course we have no funds to snap them up.
Unfortunately several items have been missed partly because the previous call for funds on 24th February was completely ignored, but I'll forgive you because of the (unreachable) ZTNet domain issue. But there's no excuses now :-D
If you can assist with funds please visit my donations page. Thanks!

28th February, 2009
I decided to have a look at the Zoar custom CPU that was sent a short time ago.
This is the DECO CPU-7 CPU module. Here's a few pics of the uncovering process...
Data East CPU-7 exposed! Data East CPU-7 exposed! Data East CPU-7 exposed! Data East CPU-7 exposed! Data East CPU-7 exposed! Data East CPU-7 exposed!

This was more of an academic exercise than anything else, since the game works fine in MAME.
The inside of the plastic housing had segments in it that actually made it *a lot* easier to remove the epoxy as it broke off in quite large pieces.
Inside we can clearly see a 6502 CPU and a few logic chips, pretty simple stuff really. At least now we know the devs got it right :-)
This CPU-7 module is also used in Burgertime, another Data East game.
But unfortunately now that the CPU module is removed permanently, the PCB is not working so alas, the Zoar is no more :-(

UPDATE: One of the devs put in a request for a schem, and since there may be others who are wondering what the CPU module circuit looks like, here it is... DECO CPU-07 schematic revision 1.0
Data East CPU-7 exposed!
Don't try this at home though boys and girls, this thing only has 10 chips and it took 6 hours to draw! OMG!

27th February, 2009
OK, well, problem solved. All G-Net carts dumped and page updated. I wonder what we should look at next. Maybe something a bit harder next time ;-)

26th February, 2009
I think everyone on the ZTNet server pretty much concurs that we're all getting a bit sick and tired of all the BS going on with expiring domians etc. constantly happening every year. So the time has come to give ZTNet the big F-L-I-C-K!
Welcome to the new domain
Please update your bookmarks!

Also, a little bit more info on the G-Net situation. Seems no one realised.....
G-Net came out on ZN2 hardware in 1998 or something. ZN2 is emulated quite well, but do you see any G-Net dumps out there? No..... for 10 years, nothing.
Why? The protection on the cards. They look like a regular PCMCIA card but if you insert it into a laptop (etc) the card is not seen and you can't access anything on it. Just like CPS2 etc, the manufacturer succeeded in protecting it's IP to sell their product.. and rightly so! But it's now obsolete so the time has come to crack some heads together and figure it out
It's now partly understood and thus, some of the cards are dumped. There's some really nice shooters on G-Net :-D

24th February, 2009
Just a small update, that's all.
There's a few (unrelated but noteworthy) items popping up at various places. If you can assist with funds please visit my donations page. Thanks!

A'hem. In case you didn't realise, the G-Net dumping mentioned above is one of the biggest breakthroughs in emulation dumping history!

4th February, 2009
More arrivals!!
GAHAHA Ippatsu-dou (Namco System 10)
Arcana Heart FULL (Atrativa 2007)
Midnight Run (Konami ZR107 h/w)
Thanks to M.F. for the donations

3rd February, 2009
Received another H-U-G-E box today. OMG it's big! Inside is...
Teraburst complete Konami Hornet PCB in metal box with all wiring (no this isn't the one Randy bought 4th April 2005, that particular board never actually made the trip to .au and I'm not even sure it was ever dumped or where it is now)
Mocap Golf complete Viper PCB with I/O board, CF card and full wiring harness
Thanks to M.F. for the donations

2nd February, 2009
There's a lot of activity happening right now. We just picked up the following items...
Bad Dudes (for 8751 microcontroller)
Crisis Zone (complete with I/O board)
Dangerous Dungeons (it's a conversion on a Double Dragon PCB with 63701 MCU wanted for decapping)
NAOMI Virtua Tennis GDROM
NAOMI Wild Riders ROM cart
Sega Brave Fire Fighters (Hikaru hardware)
Super Heli (rare Super Cobra clone)
Sega Water Ski (Model 2C-CRX for a redump)
Update: Removed a few NAOMI titles. They were of interest but we didn't win.

There's several more really good and not-common items we have our eye on but we're tapped out again. Unfortunately there's not much time left so there's some urgency to secure the items before someone else does! If you can assist with funds please visit my donations page. Thanks!
Update: Update: We didn't have enough money to cover them so we lost all those items :-(

23rd January, 2009
Now for a bit of NAOMI WIP news. This is of course directly related to my activities too....
NAOMI emulation is getting better so there's more focus to get more of the games dumped. Particularly the ROM carts. However there's a couple of issues. Some carts use strange ROMs that are not dumpable and all of them will take serious time to dump the normal way (remove surface mount ROMs and read, then put back etc) due to the large amount of ROMs on the boards. After discussing this problem with ElSemi, he's come up with a solution which allows dumping the carts while they are plugged into a NAOMI unit using a custom PIC-based NAOMI JVS adapter linked to a PC via USB that he developed. Initial tests proved positive but more tests are required and a custom NAOMI BIOS needs to be created and extensively tested. Now the main problem.... ElSemi no longer has access to an EPROM programmer due to changing jobs so he's in need of one to continue his WIP work on creating a modified NAOMI BIOS to get the JVS USB adapter working. If anyone can help out with a few bucks to go towards purchasing a cheaper Willem programmer and 42 pin adapter I'm sure that would speed up his work which will lead to more NAOMI ROM carts getting dumped :-)
Please visit my donations page if you can help out so we can get one purchased and sent to Elsemi ASAP! Thanks! :-)
Here's a few pics of ElSemi's WIP to wet your appetite....
NAOMI ROM cart JVS to USB Adapter NAOMI ROM cart JVS to USB Adapter

Update: Thanks to everyone who assisted, we now have a solution for the above problem.

13th January, 2009
A few packages arrived yesterday...
From Japan we have:

Cafe Paradise (Thanks to Dyq)
Hanagokou Bangaihen SP (Thanks to Dyq)
Gorgeous Night

--Free Junk PCBs-- (documentation/testing/parts)
World Stadium '96
Run & Gun (broken)
GI-Joe (broken)

--System 246 DVDROM with Magic Gate Security Cart--
Kinnikuman Muscle Grandprix
Soul Calibur II Ver D
Soul Calibur III

--Naomi GDROM--
Initial D ver.2 (JP)
Virtua Fighter 4 (just a spare one)
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned
Beach Spikers (GD Only, I have PIC here dumped already)

--System Unit etc.--
Triforce (later square model) with in-built 512k SDRAM & GDROM controller
Namco System 246 Rack Ver.C + DVD drive
Namco System 256 + DVD drive

Thanks to all who donated towards the above including postage costs.
Some of you may think it's a bit too early to secure the later System 246/256 units but it's better to grab these while we can, especially when they're free. Yes that's right, you may find it difficult to believe, but almost all of the above was free apart from postage costs. We haven't won the lottery (not yet anyway)

Thanks to Brian Troha for...
Raiden Fighter Jet 2000 (single board version)
Bloody Roar 2 Asia
P's Attack

Panic Park (Namco System 23, Special Thanks to Aaron!)
Greyhound Super Poker
Black Tiger (Seems nobody except me noticed MAME is missing the 8751 MCU!)
Bloody Roar 2 USA

Also snapped up was the last of the 'achievable' Namco Super System 22 games called 'Dirt Dash'. That was picked up by R.Belmont and is currently being hoarded held until it's shipped over for dumping later on.

Also a big general thanks to all the recent donators who made some of the above possible.

11th January, 2009
Some of you may recognise this....
Toshiba Visicom (C)1978
Yes of course, it's the Toshiba Visicom that arrived some months ago for dumping.

Most of you will not recognise the following pics though....
Toshiba Visicom with case open Toshiba Visicom PCB, top side Toshiba Visicom PCB, bottom side

If you look closely you can see there's a chip missing. That's because it's here, suspended in the air on little wires....
Toshiba TMM331 2kx8 ROM chip... hella non-standard :-(

This ROM is a strange beast, made by Toshiba with part number TMM331AP and there's almost no info about it on the net. I made a quick schematic of the ROM connections and got most of the pinout fairly quickly....
Toshiba Visicom partial schematic showing ROM connections

However there were some unknown pins. After consulting with Dox, he found an obscure reference to it in a Japanese pdf, no pinout, just that it was mentioned. Gridle kindly translated it for us (yeah he's still alive!) and we got confirmation that it is 2k, meaning that it has storage capacity equivalent to a 2716 EPROM. Dox made a few more suggestions and after some small re-wiring changes I had something reading properly on my EPROM reader. I sent that to the MESS Team and from a preliminary inspection it looks like the dump is good. So the score is Guru: 1, Toshiba: 0. Good game though Toshiba, you went down fighting like a man. Maybe you'll have better luck next time.

Something still wasn't right though. All along while I was doing this, I noticed hairs growing on the back on my hands and I had a strange urge to howl like a wolf. It was only when I looked out the window that I realised what was going on....
Awwwwooooo owwww owww owww (wolf howl)
Maybe I should dump more things when there's a full moon, for good luck ;-)
Anyway, that's another job out of the way!

4th January, 2009
Want to know how to dump Sega GDROM discs for MAME? This might be your lucky day. Click 'Guru Misc.' in the main menu above and from the tutorials list, select 'How To Dump Sega GDROMs'. Here's a direct link for all you lazy asses :-D

1st January, 2009
Have you ever wanted to see the back room of an arcade in Japan? All that junk that is really treasure to us? Well, I just happened to come across these pics in my archives while looking for something else which show the arcade back room where my Japanese contact works, so now it's time for a Guru-Treat.
Behold 'El Dorado The Lost City Of Gold' (well sort-of, we call it 'the' ;-)
The Dozens of boxes! The A few carts The BEWARE the avalanche of the Model 3! The Model 3 anyone? The Holy crap! Let me in there!! The Control Panel Heaven, where all panels go when they die. The Some more control panel parts and controllers
Unfortunately all of that stuff is gone now, but we did get our share of it over the years so don't worry :-)

Now a couple of pics of one of the Japanese shops that sell PCBs. Just LOOK at all that stuff!
A Japanese PCB shop A Japanese PCB shop

While we're on treats, I was visiting my old buddy Rusty (from ex Filtek Australia / just a couple of days ago, and I came across another pile of stuff that I've had my eye on for about 7 years. Of course I just HAD to borrow it for a while. Most of it looks like instructions for cocktail machines but there's plenty of variety in there. I've hit the jackpot for game cabinet instructions, it doesn't get much better than this :-D
A nice collection of cabinet artwork and instructions, courtesy of Russ from Filtek Australia!
OK Mr Do, relax, go change your shorts and come back in a while and I'll have a few scans for you :-)

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