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6th August, 2011
A couple of boards arrived for decapping. Slapfight A76 version and Return of the Invaders. Both have a 68705P5 MCU. Thanks to Tingoes for the donations.

30th June, 2011
After wiring up the Kong Jr. board to JAMMA and testing it I discovered it's an alternative bootleg called Donkey King Jr. It's not in MAME so it'll be added soon.
Donkey King Jr Donkey King Jr Donkey King Jr
In other news a Midway Offroad Challenge board came in to be repaired. After fixing it I noticed it was version 1.50 so I dumped it. That was added to the current version of MAME already.

12th June, 2011
Some time ago I got a call from the Supermodel devs asking for info on the Model 3 drive board. After seeing the nice work done recently it inspired me to get my hands dirty and pull my machine out to check the info exactly. I really didn't want to get behind there, mostly because the cab is so heavy and a pig to move. After some time grunting and groaning I was able to move it about 1 foot only. Then I had to crawl under my pinball machine and take pics while lying on the floor. While I was checking it out I realised I had a spare drive board (the lower one) just lying around. It's missing one chip (OKI M6253) which is also used on Model 1 and Model 2 vanilla I/O boards (it was taken to repair a Daytona USA I/O board) but the board is fine for documentation purposes so I got a HQ shot of it outside in sunlight. I dumped the ROMs too, of course! The one in my Rally 2 is EPR-20512 and the one on my spare board is EPR-19338a (probably from Scud Race). The PAL has number 315-6030 on it. I'm sure Daytona USA 2 uses a different PAL as the steering handling is different to Rally 2 so it's definitely not from a Daytona USA 2 machine. The top board contains a Mitsubishi M37704 MCU, transistors and other power-related stuff.
Can I go over? No :-( Can I go through? No :-( Under I go! Model 3 drive board Model 3 drive board Model 3 drive board Model 3 drive board

In other news I also received a Falcon Kong Junior PCB thanks to Tingoes
Falcon Kong Junior PCB

11th June, 2011
Today I worked on an epoxy block for a Merit Industries Trivia game. I can't remember the full name or what it is exactly but I know the year is 1986 and the game has 'Trivia' in the name. Here's some pics of the block in various stages.....
Merit Industries Inc. 'Trivia' epoxy block Merit Industries Inc. 'Trivia' epoxy block Merit Industries Inc. 'Trivia' epoxy block Merit Industries Inc. 'Trivia' epoxy block Merit Industries Inc. 'Trivia' epoxy block
The block contains a Z80B at 6MHz, 2816 EEPROM, 74LS245 logic chip and another chip marked SC3539.
The EEPROM dump contains some data which mostly looks like random numbers or garbage. The chip could also be blown-up and the dump is bad. Either way there's nothing more I can do with this.

9th June, 2011
I've been working on a new page for my tutorials section for a while. It's finally finished.....
How to make a MAME cab the easy way!
The link is also available via the top menu in 'Guru Misc/Tutorials'

6th June, 2011
Things are still VERY busy although you wouldn't know it by the rate of the posts here.... almost 6 months since the last post!
Slowing catching up on my backlog of dumps and repairs are always coming along too (that's where most of my time is spent nowadays).
Some items arrived, some were dumped and returned, some are still here.
The items include.....

Thrill Drive 3 (PS2-based with 40GB HDD). These PS2-based arcade games are failing quite a bit now and it's usually the PS2 motherboard that's at fault, along with the HDD. Almost impossible to repair and not easy to find another one working since they are the Japanese NTSC/J version. It's a good idea to not buy anything like this if you plan to run it privately in your home. My Sega Rally 2 built in 1998 is still going strong. This P.O.S. was made in 2005 and it's dead and unrepairable! Here's a quick tip for all you home enthusiasts.... if your arcade game has a hard drive back it up NOW!! If it's PS2-based buy a backup identical PS2 of the same type so you can switch the main board when it dies. Not if it dies.... when it dies. When the hard drive dies you'll be able to recover your backup and your game will still work. Unfortunately Konami has locked the HDD to this hardware so even with a backup it can't be fixed. Bastards!
Tekken 6 (PS3-based with 80GB HDD). Or maybe Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion, I won't know until it's repaired.
In case you were wondering, these came in for repairs and the dumps of these were free.... I hardly ever receive any donations now and those few that do come in go towards nice items like the rare System 12 game below.....

Code 1 Dispatch. I've now dumped a working NVRAM for Code 1 Dispatch and the dongle (contains a Dallas DS2430). I also dumped the standard Dallas DS2430 on the Viper main board which as helped here :-D
Special Forces Elite Training (with 20GB HDD. Hardware is similar to Johnny Nero)
Thanks to mrsinister

Slap Fight very rare alternative version with A76 ROMs and A76 68705P5 MCU
Thanks to tingoes

Techno Drive (Namco System 12 hardware) Bought on ebay for too many dollars :-/
(R Belmont and I paid for it)

Date Quiz Go Go 1998 Semicom for decapping
Gals Panic 2 Korean (Model Chat Gi) 1993 KARAM
Gals Panic 3 Korean 1995 Dong Wha
Ggot Bi Nyu 1997 Barco
Ggot Bi Nyu special 1997 SHINWHAJIN
Puzzle Bang Bang Korean 2.9. 990108
Toride 2 Bok Su Jeon 1994 Yu Jin
Ultra Champion 1995 Amed
Zero Team 1993 Dream Soft
and I think 2 or 3 Korean Mahjong games but I forget the names
Thanks to gp-lee

15th February, 2011
Back in December 2010 I mentioned I bought a Ridge Racer V Steering I/O Board. That arrived and was dumped today.
Ridge Racer V Steering I/O board Ridge Racer V Steering I/O board

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