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20th October 2013
A while ago I was sent a Capcom Fate Unlimited Codes original version HDD and Sony Magicgate dongle. The game runs on Namco's System 246. The version in MAME is a bootleg so it's nice to have the original version archived.
The game originally came on a common Western Digital 80GB IDE HDD but only 3.5% of it is used. The actual dump is ~2.7GB
It was just added to MAME today. Thanks to Robert Sobaszek for the loan.

7th July 2013
I got hold of a Sega Lindbergh unit recently and dumped it. Here's a few pics of the hardware. Note the 40GB HDD was removed in these pics. It plugs in next to the flat IDE cable.
Sega Lindbergh red box Sega Lindbergh red box Sega Lindbergh red box Sega Lindbergh red box Sega Lindbergh motherboard Sega Lindbergh nVIDIA GeForce 7600 video card Sega Lindbergh JVS I/O board

Just a reminder, if you want to see Wyvern F0 dumped and emulated consider donating towards the cost of the PCB. Thanks!
See the below news for more info on that.

17th March, 2013
Recently a Wyvern F0 came up for auction. Someone said one would show up for $1000.
That's so hilarious I'm going to be laughing for a year.
Here's the proof these things are not cheap.
Yes you are reading it correctly. The price is over $10000. My dumping fee of $3000 is a bargain.
The donations are still rolling in slowly. Keep them coming.

If you are wondering what is going on here's a link to remind you.....

29th January, 2013
Some of you may be wondering what is going to happen to dumping now that the Dumping Union is in trouble and has the IRS on it's ass. Rest assured reliable and stable old Guru is still here. Some of you may also be wondering about Wyvern F0 that was acquired by me in 2010 with a DU re-payment pledge. For all of you losers (especially on the Mameworld forum) who think you have some ownership to this, you don't. I bought the PCB outright in Japan and had it sent to me soon afterwards. The only involvement the DU had was a pledge to pay for it. The head loser in charge of the DU (who clearly does not know what a pledge is) refused to pay hence the delay. Anyway here's a link to remind you.....

Update: 2nd February, 2013
Well well. Now I'm banned from Mameworld and my site is no longer hosted there. This is hilarious! Oh yeah delete the site and your problems are solved! NOT! Now there's a MW post about Wyvern F0 and a BS story about some other agreement where **I** was supposed to cover the costs! Of course that is just a lie to save him from being lynched by the donators. Very sad but on par for a dog that can't handle the responsibility that money brings.
Not to worry, I quit posting on MW at least 2 years ago anyway so no great loss there. If you had some pending message or business with me via MW forum PM's you can contact me via my contact page listed above in the top menu. And, oh wait, my site is still up here.... so deleting it did nothing. How about that..... a full recovery and everything is back to normal in seconds. This new-fangled internety thing is just amazing!

Even better, it appears the donators are not being fooled by the lying dog's BS story because the Wyvern F0 donations are rolling in. If you want a piece of the action click here

BTW, as far as donations are concerned this is the money that Smitdogg *should* have got donations for over the last 2 years to cover the purchase of Wyvern F0 but instead blew donations following the purchase recklessly on junk instead of putting a bit aside for these rare boards.
So keep it coming. I can almost smell the Wyvern F0 emulation. Good stuff!!

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