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Guru's Reverse-Engineering Page

Guru's Reverse-Engineered Parts Page

Here you will find some schematics for parts that I reverse-engineered. Most of these were reversed many years ago and are shown on the repair logs on this site but now they are all in one place on this page to make them easy to find. A few were updated/cleaned-up recently just for this page.

I don't have time to reverse everything. These parts are just parts I needed to reverse for my own repairs.
But if you have something and you want it reversed you could send it to me and I will reverse it and make the information available here for everyone.... unlike other scumbags who take info done by others, make reproductions while telling people on forums they will share the info but actually keep everything secret and share nothing (LOL!) and then they milk the retro-gaming community at both ends with very expensive prices for PCBs that cost just a dollar or two to make LOL!

Given this info below, it wouldn't be difficult to use open-source software like Kicad to make a replacement PCB, but most of these can actually be fixed with very little effort. A lot of them fail because of a shorted SMD cap. To fix it, use hot air to soften the coating then scratch away the black coating where the big lumps are (those are the caps ;-)
Then hot air the part and remove it with tweezers then replace it by hand soldering a good part in the same place.
Problem solved ^_^

I rarely keep stock of any (I normally just fix the original part) but if you see a photo of the actual PCB I re-made then I might have some stock... you can try your luck and ask ^_^

# Description Schematic Images
001 Konami 054986A
Audio module used on several Konami arcade PCBs including Lethal Enforcers, GI Joe, Violent Storm, etc
First schematic was done in 2017. Second schematic was done in 2022 and has more detail.
Konami 054986A Schematic
Konami 054986A schematic done later with more info
Konami 054986A
002 Konami 005273
Custom resistor array used on almost all 80's and 90's Konami arcade PCBs for the inputs
Konami 005273 Schematic
Konami 005273 resistor array
003 Taito 48CR-1
Custom resistor array used on several Taito arcade PCBs for the inputs
Taito 48CR-1 Schematic
Taito 48CR-1
004 Seibu HB41
Audio module used on several Seibu/TAD arcade PCBs including Cabal, Raiden, Toki and some others like Operation Wolf, etc. The actual cost to make this was about $2.50
Seibu HB41 Schematic
Seibu HB41
Seibu HB41
Seibu HB41
005 Taito TC0070RGB
15-bit RGB DAC used on several Taito arcade PCBs including Chase HQ, SCI: Special Criminal Investigation, Operation Thunderbolt, Cadash, Ninja Warriors, Darius and many others. The legs often break off these or they get snapped in half by careless losers so it's better to just replace it with a proper solid PCB version. The actual cost to make this was about $5
Taito TC0070RGB Schematic
Taito TC0070RGB Taito TC0070RGB Taito TC0070RGB
006 DECO CPU-7
Custom potted CPU module used on a few Data East games such as Burger Time and Zoar
DECO CPU-7 Schematic
007 DD1718PA Boost Module
Small module used to get higher voltages from a lower input voltage. This will output positive AND negative voltage. Simply change R1 to get a different output voltage.
DD1718PA Boost Module Schematic
DD1718PA Boost Module Schematic DD1718PA Boost Module Schematic
  More coming soon.....    

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