Roger Larkin B.Ec CA
                                     Roger commenced his professional career in 1990 and has worked in small to medium size                                      chartered firms.

                                     Throught the last 17 years, Roger has worked in Business Services specialised in Small to                                      Medium Entities (SME's). He was admitted to the institute of Chartered Accountants on the                                      23rd May 1995, and has a Bachelor of Economics Degree from Latrobe University.

                                     Roger is married to Jo and has three boys, James, William and Thomas.

                                     Charles Larkin B.Com CA
                                     Charles commenced his professional career in 1985 in the Audit Department of one of the                                      'Big Six' accounting firms. After having worked for that firm for five years and achieving                                      the level of Audit Senior, Charles then moved to a small three partner firm where he stayed                                      for a period of five years as their Audit Manager.

                                     Charles in 1995 moved to a Sole Practioner's practice where he moved away from audit                                      related services to that of taxation/accounting and corporate secretarial services to,                                      primarily small to medium sized entities.

                                     Charles has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Melbourne and was                                      admitted as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1993.

                                     Charles is married to Sue and has three children, Hamish, Holly and Claire.
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