Introducing Jane Laws

Jane on steps

Jane Laws is a singer-songwriter who specialises in building images of characters interacting with each other. The songs take on the personality of the characters portrayed, and one can feel the thoughts and emotions of each personality. Musically the songs take on a soft, intimate folk-ballad style, interspersed with some more up-tempo songs.

no drama
Jane's now gigging in No Drama

In July 2016 Jane was very excited to announce the release of "Does it Rhyme?" her first album for ten years. This long awaited album has a distinctly Australian feel with five of the tracks inspired by Jane's experiences travelling around Australia on her motorcycle. Jane's original style will draw you in and make you want to listen to what she's been writing about over the last few years.

Another of Jane's videos is a maritime song, The Spell of Acrospire IV.

Acrospire IV was designed and built by Charles Peel and launched in 1929. She has an overall length of 54ft and a waterline length of 36ft. The "old girl" has been beautifully restored by her current owner, Gary Martin, Past Commodore of Fremantle Sailing Club.

The song "The Spell of Acrospire IV" was written by Jane after sailing aboard her during the 2010 Cockburn Sound Regatta.

Acrospire IV won the Fremantle Harbour Classic yacht race on the 11th November 2012 and the event was captured in this video.

Check out the video of motorcycle song "Highway Heaven" that Jane wrote & performed. It was filmed in the Darling Ranges and the Porongurup National Park in West Australia.

Jane's Yamaha Vstar 650 motorcycle is the star in the song. Jane rode the Vstar across the Nullarbor three times to tour the east coast of Australia & Tasmania.

Don't forget to follow The Adventures of Red, Dog, Devil & Bat. Jane's creative writing follows four unique Aussies touring the country on their Harley-Davidsons.

"The Moods I'm In" was released in November 2004. It contains 15 tracks inspired by everyday life in the modern world. In total, over 59 minutes of music.

In 2003 Jane released the maritime "Songs in the Key of Sea" CD. Jane's Gypsy Traveller CD, was released in December 2000. It was recorded and produced by Pocket Universe. Jane previously released the Seaflight cassette.

Jane records her own compositions and performs occassional gigs. A major focus is songwritting and thus Jane is interested in hearing from any artists that may wish to perform or record her songs. Jane is also interested in making contact with other songwriters.


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