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Jane As well as music and sailing Jane enjoys travelling on her motorbike. She has toured Australia four times by bike, and of course, keeps a journey log.

The road trips always create lots of new ideas for songs, but the guitar is hard to carry on the bike.

Three of the trips were on Jane's Yamaha Vstar 650A and the others on her BMW F650GS (800cc twin).

One of the most enjoyable experiences of my life have been the long days I have spent on the open road on my motorcycle. The idea for this song came to me when riding between Barkley Station and Daly Waters in the Northern Territory. By the time I arrived at the camp site, the tune and the first verse were set in stone. Over the next few weeks I had the pleasure of musing with the lyrics while I enjoyed riding the roads of the Northern Territory and listening and learning about Aboriginal Culture and Country.

Check out my motorcycle song "Highway Heaven." It was filmed in the Darling Ranges and the Porongurup National Park in West Australia. My Yamaha Vstar 650 motorcycle is the star in the song. I rode the Vstar across the Nullarbor three times to tour the east coast of Australia & Tasmania.