No Drama

No Drama
formed in December 2004 and consists of
Mike Alexander
Jane Laws.
They play original acoustic music written by both Mike and Jane.

Farewell Mike

It is with great sadness that I must let everyone know, Mike Alexander, my partner in No Drama, lost his battle with cancer and passed away on Tuesday 25th September 2007. The opportunity to play with Mike will go down as one of the most magical times in my musical career. Our repertoire of original songs is so large we enjoyed four hour gigs, playing only our original tunes. No Drama's songs will live on long after Mike has gone and when ever I hear one of our tunes, it will always remind me of the magic of the music we created.

I'm going to miss you Mike,
go gently,



From Makk Eenhoorn DJ for Midnight Live & Midnight Manna on Radio Fremantle 107.9 FM - Nov 2006
Jane Laws has a unique voice that may haunt you. She writes a good song too.

From Peter Bewetz organiser of the "Bigger than Ben Hur" Art Exhibition on 08-08-2005
No Drama provided live entertainment for the opening night at the "Bigger than Ben Hur" Art Exhibition on 08-08-2005. Patrons were treated to a selection of "No Drama's" unique compositions and this provided a lively backdrop to the show. The evening was attended by approximately 100 guests, who gave a resounding thumbs up. Invitation has been extended to "No Drama" to entertain at the next art show, scheduled for 2006. An event not to be missed.

Comments from The Couch on Channel 31 - 10th April 2005
Orion (DJ from 92.9) "... looking forward to this - when they were practicing they sounded awesome."
Fred Mafrica (Executive Producer and host) "... your songs are fantastic."

Review by Carmel Carlton chairman West Australian Folk Federation
Jackadders Music Club - Sunday 20th March 2005

No Drama delighted the audience at Jackadder's on Sunday with a lovely mix of original folk ballads, jazz and songs with more than a touch of drama. The interaction between Jane and Mike was brilliant. From the gentle blending of their guitars and voices on the jazz number 'Another Night With You' to the strident chords and powerful lyrics of 'No Drama' they treated the audience to some wonderful entertainment. 

No Drama - Live Demo - Sound Bites

From The Vine

I Wanna Be


Litigation Blues


Lost Lovers Hall


I've Seen Good People


We Danced The Night Away


No Drama


Another Night With You



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