A. C. de Freitas & Co.


A. C. de Freitas & Co. evolved out of a small trading enterprise and grew into a sizeable import/export business and one of Hamburg's most important private shipping companies by the end of the 19th century. The import/export business continued after the shipping business ceased when the last ships were sold in 1911.

In order to continue my research into A. C. de Freitas & Co. and the de Freitas family, I am searching for:

  1. Documents of any kind:
    • business and private correspondence
    • bills of lading
    • diaries
    • log books
    • advertisements
    • leaflets
    • newspaper clippings
    • photographs
  2. Portraits of the company's ships.
  3. Objects of any kind related to the family, the company or its ships.

As my main interest is in the content of documents and the appearance of objects, photocopies and photographs would be sufficient. I will reimburse any associated costs incurred including postage. I would also consider offers to purchase.

Please e-mail me at glintzer@hotmail.com or go to my contact page.

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