Fraserburgh: Past and Present by John Cranna


This comprehensive history of the fishing port of Fraserburgh, was originally published in 1914. It was written by John Cranna, a former Fraserburgh Harbour Treasurer.

The book is now quite rare and it is widely considered an important reference work of the North-East of Scotland. With the copyright of the text having expired some years ago, a project to digitise the book and make it freely available to all, was initiated by volunteers from the Fraserburgh Yahoo Group. (

In March 2012, this task was completed and the book is now available for download from this site.


Fraserburgh: Past and Present by John Cranna

Latest News

Following extensive checking of the copyright status of the illustrations, we are now able to make the fully illustrated version of the book available for free download. (See Downloads Page)

The University of Aberdeen Library has agreed to include the book in their digital collection. This will ensure the book has a long term home. More details to follow...