Welcome to The Advocate Museum, an online institution, dedicated to preserving the history of Hornsby Shire's (Sydney, Australia) local newspaper, The Advocate. The year in which this museum was established, 2009, marked the 90th year of operation for the paper.

The Advocate, although now simply a local newspaper, was truly the heart of the local community, and this museum is dedicated to highlighting a few aspects of the paper and its owners impact on this community.

Many of the museum images are enlargable, allowing you to read articles and see items in more detail. To enlarge an item, click on the image and to then return the image to its original size, click the image again. To swap between items on display, select the small image you wish to view and click.

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About The Museum:

This museum is entirely web-based. The items featured have been used with permission of the trustees of many collections, both public and private, Australia wide. To find out more about the rationale behind this virtual museum, please visit the 'Why A Virtual Museum' page.

To help you navigate the museum, there are a variety of characters used, each of which has a different function, from helping you in individual exhibitions to bringing you back to this home page. To learn more about them, visit the Gallery of "Museum Staff".

The museum was created as part of a Powerhouse Museum Movable Heritage Fellowship, and received support from many organisations and individuals, Australia wide. For this, I am grateful. Please, take time to visit the Gallery of Stakeholders to find out more about the people and institutions who helped get this museum up and running.