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Welcome to the Virtual Typebook

Please Note : This part of the site is still under construction (November, 2009)

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The Tinglefactor Box

The Virtual Typebook was created in 2009 by Elissa MacDonald. It was created to allow online access to letterpress illustration blocks. You are welcome to use the images contained in the typebook, both of the original blocks and of their prints, as you wish (under the conditions stated below).

To see the image in its original size right click on the image and select 'View Image'

To copy an image, right click on the image and select 'Copy Image'. Then, paste the image into a picture editor of your choice.

To print an image right click the image and select 'View Image'. Then, print by going to the file menu and selecting print.

Conditions Of Use:

The blocks can be used under the conditions associated with an Australian Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial License. This means you may share or remix the images used in the typebook under the following conditions:

  1. You must attribute the images to Elissa MacDonald and the Virtual Typebook
  2. You may not use the images for commercial work without first gaining consent from Elissa MacDonald and the Virtual Typebook


All images contained within these pages have been taken by Elissa MacDonald, the author of the site. Each of the letterpress blocks on display is owned by Elissa MacDonald, and prints were made specially for the Virtual Typebook.

It is the authors understanding that all blocks are out of copyright and can therefore be used freely.