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2006 Trip Reports

10-24 November: Hiking    South West Wilderness, Tasmania.

14-15 October: Hiking/Canyoning    Wollemi National Park.

6-7 October: Hiking    Brisbane Water National Park.

11-13 August: Snowcraft Course    Near Guthega, Snowy Mountains.

10-13 August: A Sojourn South    Hobart, Tasmania.

7 July: The Walk Home Challenge    Sydney to the Gong.

24-25 June: Rover Training Course    Mt Keira Scout Camp.

21 June: Winter Solstice Canyoning    Empress Canyon.

16-18 June: A walk in the Freezer    Namadgi National Park.

9-12 June: Hiking    Barrington Tops National Park.

13 May: The Inaugural Man Vs Machine Challenge    Sublime Point to 1ASGHQ.

21-23 April: Hiking    Ettrema Creek, Morton National Park.

17-18 March: Night Tiger Walking    Nattai Wilderness.

1-10 March: Hiking    Southwest National Park, Tasmania.

19-20 February: Dragonskin site inspection    Vulcan State Forest.

11 February: Pigskin Reconnaissance mission    Wombeyan Caves.

4-5 February: Canyoning    Mt Wilson.

26 January: Canyoning    Mt Wilson.

17-18 January: Canoeing/Kayaking    Shoalhaven River.

2005 Trip Reports

26 December: Canyoning (Well kind of)    Carrington Falls.

24 December: Canyoning    Macquarie Pass.

16-17 December: Canyoning    Bungonia.

9-10 December: Canyoning    Mt Wilson.

3-4 December: Liloing    Shoalhaven River.

11-27 November: Hiking    Stewart Island, New Zealand.

6 November: Trail running    Mt Keira.

28 October: Canyoning    Newnes Forest.

11 October: Night Kayaking    Grays Point to Bundeena to Grays Point.

7-9 October: Regional Caving    Bungonia.

24 September: Hiking    Coastal Walk, Royal National Park.

22-25 September: Hiking    Blue Breaks, Blue Mountains National Park.

3 September: Day Hiking    Kanangra Walls to Katoomba (3 reports in 1!). See the front page newspaper article!

18 August: Night Kayaking    Grays Point to Bundeena.

12-14 August: Moot Olympus    Ku-ring-gai Scout Camp.

5-6 August: Hiking/Hill Climbing    Bungonia.

22-24 July: Annual Snow Trip    Combined group activity. Snowy Mountains.

8-10 July: Hiking    Kanangra Boyd National Park.

1-3 July: Regional Caving    Wee Jasper.

25 June: Bushwalking    Barren Grounds.

21 June: Night Canyoning    Macquarie Pass.

10-13 June: Hiking    Deua National Park (Wyanbene to Bendethra).

4 June: Canyoning    Tongarra Creek, Wollongong.

20-22 May: Pow-wow    Wee Jasper.

18 April: Stealth Mission to the Big Hole    Deua National Park.

10 April: 7th Annual Kings Langley Formal Maccas Regressive Dinner    Sydney.

2 April: Regional Abseiling    Mount Keira.

28-30 March: Hiking    Kosciusko National Park, Jagungal Wilderness Area.

24-28 March: Dragonskin    Belanglo State Forest.

18-20 March: Canyoning/Hiking    Kanangra Walls / Wheengee Whungee Canyon.

18-20 March: Mullet Moot    Goodman's Ford.

16 March: Abseiling    Kelly's Falls.

8 March: Queen Scout Presentation    Bulli Worker's Club.

18-20 February: "Scout Reunion" aka Fatman's Bucks Weekend    Myall Lakes National Park.

13 February: Breakfast on the Beach    North Beach, Wollongong.

5 February: Metal for the Brain    Canberra.

27-30 January: Canyoning    Newnes.

19 January: Night Canyoning    Macquarie Pass.

7-9 January: Canyoning    Katoomba.

2 January: Canyoning    Jerrara Creek, Bungonia.

2004 Trip Reports

26 December: Canyoning    Macquarie Pass.

18-19 December: Canyoning    Kanangra.

4-5 December: Canyoning    Mount Wilson.

19-21 November: Ratskin    Orange.

19 September: Rock Climbing    Mount Keira.

3-5 September: Duty Weekend    Mount Keira Scout Camp.

6-8 August: Caving    Bungonia.

31 July - 1 August: State Scout Rally    Cataract Scout Camp.

22-25 July: Annual Snow Trip    Combined group activity. Snowy Mountains.

10-11 July: Hiking    Mount Solitary, Blue Mountains.

2-4 July: Regional Caving    Wee Jasper.

20-25 June: Skiing    Snowy Mountains.

12-14 June: Hiking    Blue Mountains.

15-16 May: Caving    Wee Jasper.

7-9 May: Driving    Snowy Mountains.

8-11 April: Hiking    Snowy Mountains.

26-28 March: Hiking    Beloon Pass, Nattai Wilderness.

27 February: Night Canyoning    Macquarie Pass.

24-26 January: Canyoning    Newnes.

2003 Trip Reports

26 December: Canyoning    Macquarie Pass.

1-2 November: Regional Caving    Bungonia.