"The Guitar in Perth" and its successors

Date Programme name Presenter(s) Station Time Stories about this time
First broadcast 6/4/1987 The Guitar in Perth Robin Thomson
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6UWA FM 8pm Sun Studio at University of WA
Played music from my personal record collection and that of Stephan Bulmer's also. Broadcast interviews made with John Williams, Vladimir Mikulka and Carlos Barbosa-Lima from memory. May have been others. Left Perth in January to move to Denmark and founded the South Coast School of Guitar in 1989. That is when Stephan took over the show.
1988 The Guitar in Perth stephan.bulmer (18K)
Stephan Bulmer
6UVS FM " Studio at University of WA
1989 The Guitar in Perth Stephan Bulmer and Naomi Millett " " Naomi Millett commenced with uncertainty but went on to be present the show for over 20 years - has to be a record. She has said, "When Stephan Bulmer decided to go back to England for a while - he selected me - I have no idea why - to be the takeover person - not much training back then, comparatively - I had to learn on the job, and I was terrible - and terrified!"
1990 The Guitar Show Naomi Millett
Naomi Millet

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RTRFM 92.1 " Late November 1990 a decision was made by the UWA Senate to close the station and the transmitter was turned off that same night. 6UVS remained off air for six months while negotiations took place between the University, the 6UVS volunteers and the Australian Broadcasting Authority (now the Australian Communications and Media Authority).
The ABA held a public hearing in Perth, which was the point at which it was legally determined that Universities Radio Ltd (a joint company of UWA and Murdoch) could become Arts Radio Ltd with the call sign RTRFM.
? Naomi Millett and GavinLibotte263x300 (19K)
Gavin Libotte of Urban Gypsies
" "
? Naomi Millett and JamesWearingSmith2015 (4K)
actor James Wearing-Smith
RTRFM 92.1 "
1990 Naomi Millett and CraigLake2015 (5K)
Craig Lake
" " We interviewed Craig Ogden early on when he went to Manchester.
Jan 2005 The Guitar Show Naomi Millett RTRFM 92.1 " Studio move from Sanders Building at Univ. of WA to:-
1st Floor
642 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley
2006 Plucked Strings Naomi Millett, NeilFrancis (28K)
Neil Francis
Natalie (17K)
Natalie Ong
" " Natalie Ong and Neil Francis began broadcasting with Curtin Radio. When Naomi Millett decided that 20 years of presenting the show was probably enough she recruited Natalie and Neil. This was also the occasion to change the name of the show from The Guitar Show to Plucked Strings indicating a broader musical focus.
2007 Natalie Ong, Neil Francis and GHcrop (26K)
Graham Hawkes
" " In 2008, RTRFM received a grant from Lotterywest to upgrade all three studios. RTRFM now boasts one of the finest studio set ups of any radio station in Australia.
? Natalie Ong, Graham Hawkes andRebecca10 (27K)
Rebecca Burgess
" 6pm Sun Programme brought forward to 6pm. Programmes for Sunday becoming music all day.
2015 Natalie Ong, Graham Hawkes andJasonMarais (16K)
Jason Marais
" "
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The show and its predecessors are among the longest running on this station which was also the first FM station in WA.
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