New Australian tangos with guitar - Invitation to TANGO
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by Rosalind Appleby

by Neville Cohn
From OZartsreview, January 3rd, 2015

by William Yeoman
4 stars in LIMELIGHT Magazine

Feb 2015 edition p.71 under Chamber heading

by Chris Dumigan
in Classical Guitar Magazine, August 2015, p.76 "DISCS"

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"If we are lucky in life we experience a few extraordinarily wonderful things. All the contributors to this recording were unhesitating and positive in their response to my request for a couple of new tangos.
The result is a splendid recording of 14 new Australian tangos with guitar."

Graham Hawkes

A few samples which are also on Youtube
1 Tango Improvisation 1
2 Se baila como eres 1
4 Hungarian Tango
5 Tango para Torroba
8 Low Tide
10 Tango para Paco
13 Midnight Tango
14 Cabaret Closed

[Scores for the pieces by Bračanin and Viggiani are available at the Australian Music Centre.
Others may be available by contacting the composers.]
Invitation to TANGO - play list (677K)
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