Coz99NEDfest pics

*The Motley Crew Welcome Party*

Wearing our commemorative Coz99NEDfest T-Shirts designed to immortalize this blessed event.

Crusty Russ, designer extraordinaire, did a magnificant job with the t-shirts & just made it through customs I hear!

*The Viking God Trophy*

Kindly donated by - Bjorn Vang Jensen

Soyong Sellers - his lovely *better half* <VBWG>

*Scuba-L Prayers*

Reef Feesh giving the sermon? Actually he was reminding us, "just one more thing", about tomorrow's dive schedule at the Welcome Party.

Strike counting his blessings he didnt have to say Grace <VBWG>

*Stitched Up*

Danna Berger
Elisa Berger

Poor Mum had the misfortune to injure herself, requiring micro surgery, just before the NEDfest. It may have dashed her plans to dive with the group but it didnt dampen her spirits to join in the rest of the fun.

*Hagar the Terrible*

An unanimous decision by all CozNEDfest attendees saw Strike voted in as the best recipient to be crowned with the Viking God trophy.

He certainly looks the part now aye!
Definite upgrade from the Noddy cap Mate ;-)

*Our Pirate*

Chuck Hopf

Though stern looking he really aint, and has a heart of gold.

Jeannie's cuddly teddy bear wearing the Coz99NEDfest T-Shirt bearing the motto 'Cheating Death With Every Breath'

*Caught off guard*

Actually they were just warming themselves up for the big event - organising the first segment of all the lovely goodies we managed to score as Door Prizes.

Joe Childs

David Strike

*The mass exodus after wining and dining at Prima Restaurantis*

After a scrumptious meal, washed down with lots of amber fluid, we decided to make tracks to Carlos'n Charlie's

*Bonding at Carlos'n Charlie's*

Considering our various tastes in wine, music & men ... oh thats me .. sorry back OT .. err .. various likes and dislikes - some liked loud music, others didnt - some liked dancing, others didnt - we still had lotsa fun :-)

Thankfully the next days dive was scheduled in with a late start at 9am for people like me who require more than their fair share of kip.



Joe Childs - Saturday night fever here I come!

Soyong Sellers - in the cute black outfit

Sylvia Strike - twisting her little heart out!

Our own Fred Astair & Ginger Rogers team :-)


Dee Rowe

And his Saintly better half ;-)

Enjoying themselves on the dance floor


Jeff Kell

Though I was told he didnt boogiedown, look who I caught on the dance floor when he thought no one would notice :-)

*The awesome foursome*

Michael (Mika) Doelle

Lee Bell

Jayna Bell

Andy Johnson

Anyone who has met Andy knows how wicked his sense of humour is ;-)


*The good old days*

Do you recognise the lad beaming from ear to ear in the photo? Taken in England when Strike was a youngling :-)

*Lady in Red*

Brooxie Shumate

The *better half* ;-) of the Nitrox Clan

*Best of Mates*

Andy Johnson
Cheers Mate!

David Strike
Call me 'Bond' ... sorry wrong movie role ... just call me 'Strike'!

Bob Ling
AKA Reef Feesh
Known so well in Coz as Mr Miyagi ;-) 

*Hammerhead prize winner*

The proud winner - Ray Cardinale

and his cheery matette Sheila

*Birthday Boy*

Sylvia Strike

Michael (Mika) Doelle - a huffing & a puffing on his big day :-)

Andy Johnson

*All creatures great and small*

Sylvia Strike gets acquainted with Rocky the tamest and most patient iguana I have ever seen.

*Working up a tan between dives*

Ray Jones (L)

Ray Cardinale (R)

Ray-C doesnt quite look right without his cigar methinks ;-)


*Reef Feesh's Mates*

Dick and Barbara Stewart

They were so quiet .. I bet they wondered what they had let themselves in for :-)
I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as the rest of the Motley Crew did.

*Candid Camera*

Danna Berger (F)

Dive Master's back

Russ Berger

Soyong Sellers (F)

Ray Jones

Bob Ling (F)

David Strike

Sylvia Strike (F)

F = frontrow

*Buddies in & out of the water*

Danna Berger

Russ Berger
AKA Crusty Russ

Our only Father & Daughter dive buddy team at the CozNEDfest

*Grinning ear to ear*

Michael (Mika) Doelle

Andy Johnson
AKA Parrotfish :-)

Mika was a bit of a dark horse ;-) - until you got under that cool exterior ... and Andy, our Pommie Mad Hatter ;-) had the most amazing set of blue, blue eyes!

*Deadly Duo - I'll be daggered*

Ray Jones
Jeweller extraordinaire

Dee Rowe
Oh nursie, are you sure that knife is sterilized!

*Do we look like we having fun or what!*

Sylvia Strike

Jayna Bell

Lee Bell

David Strike

*Poking tongues*

Andy Johnson
AKA Parrotfish :-)

After being told not to make me laugh, as I had a cough that worsened whenever I giggled, guess what this little monkey did when I happened to glance in his direction during a wall dive!!

*Bluer than Blue*

Lee Bell biding time during a safety stop

We should have nicknamed Lee 'Bluey' coz of his blue dive suit & accessories. His *better half* inherited the nickname of 'Pinkie' coz of her dashing bright pink dive suit ;-)


Jeff Kell enjoying a quiet moment.

In fact, Jeff was so, so relaxed he forgot to end his siesta in time to join us on a dive one afternoon :-)

*Penny for your thoughts guys!*

Ray Charles

Michael (Mika) Doelle

Bjorn Vang Jensen

Chuck Hopf

*Please Explain*

Russ Berger

Now you can see why everytime I looked at him I wanted to laugh & the image of Krusty the Clown came to mind :-)

PS its not as bad as it looks <VBWG>

He's sporting one of the beautiful bandannas made by Jeannie Hopf. A very stylish head piece for those who need to take precautions against the elements. Andy you need to upgrade to one of these ;-)

*Smiles all round*

Clockwise order starting at 9:00

Danna & Russ Berger

Ray Jones

David & Sylvia Strike

Viv the Krazy Kiwi

Soyong Sellers

Bjorn Vang Jensen

*So happy to be here*

Sylvia and David Strike on the jetty right outside our digs for this event - the Bahia Hotel (in the background)


John and Brooxie Shumate

AKA the Nitrox Clan

Yellow stingray
Large crab
Shell - who's checking out who?
Moray eel

Scrawled filefish
Schoolmaster snappers
School of Margate
French Angelfish
Fish & tube sponge scene
Queen Angelfish
Juvenile Spotted Drummer
School of Porkfish