The Claude Controller


Claude Controller

The picture opposite shows my latest electronic music adjunct, the Claude Controller. I believe this is THE ANSWER to the synth expression problem.

This Mk 2 MIDI Controller has 57 wheels arranged like a 3 octave keyboard with another row behind. There are 3 reasons for this:

– It’s really easy to remember where everything is. For example, in the second octave F G A & B are mapped to A D S & R of the amp envelope (for analog synths).

-You can articulate up to 5 (5 fingers) wheels at once plus foot pedals & breath control.

-And, because it has a keyboard like layout, you can notate the movements in standard music notation.

Used in conjunction with an augmented keyboard with my ‘Vibe bar’ ,which lets you play the notes and impart pitch bend and vibrato with a single hand, the possibilities are amazing.

The top third is for FX control – reverb depth & room size, flange depth & speed, echo amount, repeat rate & speed etc. The rest are mapped to just about every synth parameter. I no longer use presets…….it’s so easy to go from a hard attack to soft, add a little mod rasp on a note, cross fade the oscillators for the next few notes……you get the idea.


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