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Dr Paul Swan has written a wide range of resources for primary and middle school mathematics education. OTRNet link with Paul  to provide access to his materials, to his Professional Learning packages, and to information on teaching mathematics.  From Paul's section of our web site you are able to access his materials, his knowledge, and Paul, directly through OTRNet.

Articles by Paul Swan

Concrete Maths Materials Does the use of concrete material help children learn mathematics?  The short answer is a qualified yes, but like everything it depends on how they are used.  In themselves mathematics manipulative materials do not teach, but in concert with good teaching .......(follow the link for the full article)
Mathematical Language Many of the problems students experience in mathematics are due to language.  Consider for example the code switching that must go on in a mathematics lesson. The teacher introduces a lesson on volume and the student thinks “isn’t that a control on the TV?” ........(follow the link for the full article).

Presentations by Paul Swan

Where Does Problem Solving and Reasoning Fit in the Australian Curriculum:  Paul Swan & Mark O'Brien

AISWA 11th March 2011 at The Boulevarde Centre, Floreat and 16th June 2011 at Geraldton

Problem Solving paper

Reasoning paper

Paul's PowerPoint (pdf of slides)

Mark's Investigation PowerPoint

A look at Number and Algebra in the Australian Curriculum:  Paul Swan & Mark O'Brien

AISWA: 21st March 2011 at The Boulevarde Centre, Floreat and 31st August 2011 at Albany


Algebra & Number PowerPoint AISWA March 2011

Math Magic from Motivational Maths PowerPoint.pdf

Mark's 2009 AAMT Presentation on Algebra

Paul's library of recommended resources: Paul's library


Publications by Paul Swan

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Toying with Tangrams This book shows how Tangrams may be used to develop deep knowledge of many geometric principles as well as some fractional understanding. It has a strong focus on geometric reasoning which may be applied to solve problems in geometry.
Money matters Packed full of practical ideas for teaching children money recognition this book also contains a variety of games and assessment checklists that are ready to be copied for use in the classroom. Besides providing comprehensive teacher notes and tips this book contains sections on: Money recognition, Counting coins, Coin equivalence, Setting up a class shop and Financial literacy.
Dice Games for Place Value and other maths concepts Place value is a fundamental idea in number. Many children struggle with place value. The games and activities in this book are designed to support teachers help children understand this concept.
Dice Games for Tables The games and activities in this book are designed to support teachers help children with their tables and complement the teaching ideas contained in Tackling Tables. The games follow simple rules, use basic equipment and are designed to focus on learning the basic multiplication facts.
MATHS facts, fun, tricks and trivia  This book is filled with 76 pages of unusual maths facts, trivia and puzzles. The short stories and snippets contained in this book are designed to spark an interest in mathematics.
Calculators in Classrooms  This book will help teachers integrate calculators into the teaching of mathematics. It contains teachers notes and student activities designed to support the learning of concepts such as place value.
Tackling Tables: Using A Strategies Approach Based on the highly successful book “Tackling Tables”, this book provides one of the most comprehensive explanations on how to ‘teach’ tables. A must for every middle and upper primary teacher in the school.
Domino Deductions  Activities for developing mathematics by using dominoes.
Dice Dilemmas  Activities to promote mental computation and develop thinking about chance processes.
Dice Dazzlers  Short and simple dice games to promote numeracy.
Card Capers  Activities for developing mathematics by using playing cards.
Starting Out The ideal resource for teachers starting a new career, those moving to a new year level and for anyone who is a relief teacher.
Hands on Maths  - Developing maths with Unifix This book contains a variety of ideas for making the best use of Unifix in a mathematics classroom.
Hands on Maths  - Developing maths with Base Ten Blocks This book examines the ways in which Base Ten Blocks (MAB) may be employed to develop a deep understanding of the number system.
Hands on Maths  - Developing maths with Pattern Blocks In this book mathematical ideas for developing number, space and measurement concepts from primary to lower secondary are developed.
Maths terms and tables This is an ideal reference book for teachers, parents and students in upper primary or lower secondary classes.
Patterns in Maths - Number - Upper (11 - 13 years) Investigating patterns in number relationships for 11 to 13 year olds.
Patterns in Maths - Number - Middle (8 - 10 years) Investigating patterns in number relationships for 8 to 10 year olds.
Number Grids Games and Activities to Investigate Number.
Maths Investigations: A collection of open-ended tasks Designed around a set of open ended questions, many of which are drawn from magazines, newspapers and life experiences.
Mastergrids for Mathematics Designed to assist busy teachers prepare mathematics lessons.
Check Your Work Designed to address the question of how to check the results of a computation.
Motivational Mathematics: Lesson starters and investigations Designed  to assist teachers to improve children's attitudes towards mathematics.

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