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Blundstone Arena (Bellerive Oval)

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Avalilable as part of the Tasmanian Iconic Scenery Pack. The famouse Bellerive Oval. Host to Cricket and AFL Tasmania. Located just east of Hobart and 2kms South of the Tasman Bridge.

The Pack contains this and all of the Tasmanian Scenery below.

Aspect Tamar Valley Resort - Grindelwald

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Grindelwald is a rural/residential locality in the local government area of West Tamar in the Launceston LGA region of Tasmania. The locality is about 25 kilometres south-east of the town of Beaconsfield

Bridport Airstrip (YBDP)

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Home of Flinders Island Aviation

Nestled just south of Tasmania's North East. This airstrip adds life to the existing scenery and is home to the Flinders Island Aviation Group. This is a great place to either start your flight to Flinders Island or to simply explore the natural beauty of the Tasmanian North Coast.

Batman Bridge

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The Batman Bridge is a modern road bridge that carries the Batman Highway across the Tamar River, between Whirlpool Reach, Hillwood at its eastern end and Sidmouth / Deviot midpoint at its western end, in north Tasmania

Calington Windmill - Oatlands

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Callington Mill is a Lincolnshire tower mill built in 1837 in Oatlands, Tasmania by John Vincent. It has recently been restored so that it is now in full working order and is the only operating mill of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the third oldest windmill in Australia.

Avalon Park - Colebrook

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The Tasman Bridge

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The Tasman Bridge is a bridge that carries the Tasman Highway over the Derwent River in Hobart. Including approaches, the bridge has a total length of 1,396 metres and it provides the main traffic route from the Hobart city centre to the eastern shore.

The Bridgewater Bridge

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he Bridgewater Bridge is a road and rail bridge that carries the Midland Highway and South Railway Line across the Derwent River in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The steel truss vertical lift bridge and specially-built causeway connect the Hobart suburbs of Bridgewater and Granton. The bridge was completed in 1946 and accommodates a two-lane highway, a single track railway and a grade-separated footpath. The bridge is the major connector of the Midland Highway on the eastern shore and the Brooker Highway on the western shore. The bridge is the oldest surviving lift span bridge in Australia.

Mt. Wellington Tower and Lookout

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The mountain has two main transmission towers located at its pinnacle. This tower is the 130m 1950's concrete constructed ABC Tower. It can be seen from afar and forms a major VFR landmark. It is also the iconic tower in the Tasmanian drama series "The Gloaming". However it doesn't host a flashing beacon as portrayed in the series. Mt Welling stands at a height of 1271m

The Cadbury Factory - Claremont

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Cadbury's Chocolate Factory is a working chocolate factory belonging to Cadbury and is located in Claremont, Tasmania. Despite being an active production facility, Cadbury's Claremont has a rich history with 18 heritage listed buildings on the site. The factory still features pure granite "conching" machines which are over 60 years old but are still in use. Due to its long history and the general appeal of chocolate, the factory was a major Tasmanian tourism attraction for families until its on-site visitor centre closed in 2015.

The Oyster Cove Inn - Kettering

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The Oyster Cove Inn is a local bar & restaurant located on top of the hill in Kettering looking out towards the beautiful Bruny Island & North West Bay. It is well known for our great meals & huge outdoor seating area.

Featured Videos - Tasmania


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Hobart Landmarks

Tasman Bridge, Bridgewater Bridge and Mt Wellington Tower - Preview

The Callington Windmill and various others

Full Preview to June 2021

Tasmanian Bush Tour

Warning! A very long video taking you to the South Eastern Side of Tassie. Along route we visit the major landmarks and visit some lesser known airstips.