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thanks for stopping by.  i am a research associate professor at ICRAR, the university of western australia.   please browse below and follow the links for information on my current research (and some travel snaps)

Research Interests

● HI-rich galaxies and HI surveys. Projects include:

  1. -Future HI surveys with ASKAP, including DINGO (ref) and WALLABY

  2. -Deep surveys with current facilities, eg. AUDS

  3. -Completed works: most notably HICAT, the largest blind catalogue of HI-rich galaxies to date, containing 4,315 sources over the entire southern sky. ref1 ref2

● Large-scale structure.  I have examined the large-scale structure of gas-rich galaxies in the local universe through the two-point correlation function of HIPASS galaxies. ref

● The Tully-Fisher relation.  In particular, the near-infrared and infrared relations, examining trends in slope and sources of scatter in the relationship. ref

● Stellar cluster dissolution.  Detecting dissolving stellar clusters by using stellar photometry on resolved ACS images to identify clusters that could otherwise not be seen using surface photometry. ref ref

● The local cosmic density of HI, the HI mass function and its environmental dependence. ref

● The Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey (SINGS).  Research interests focus on the IRAC component of this project, and in particular on the nature of PAH emission.

● The Search for Ionization in Neutral Gas Galaxies (SINGG) and the Search for Ultraviolet emission in Neutral Gas Galaxies (SUNGG).  These surveys provide measurements of local star formation properties in a non-optical/NIR selected sample. ref

● Quasars from a complete spectroscopic survey.  This work is the first quasar survey to be carried out without the use of a pre-selection technique, providing an independent check on the completeness of quasar surveys and their selection techniques. ref

● Supernovae as significant producers of dust in the universe. ref




Picture Albums

Some favourite images from the nearby universe (slightly biased selection I have to admit).  Click on image for original source site:




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